Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Fabulousness of Fabulous

So last time I left you, I had a placement coming up at Fabulous magazine. Well a few weeks later, a hundred tube journeys travelled and a vast improvement in the weather, brings me to the week after my placement has sadly finished.

Yes I said sadly, which means yes I did really enjoy the two weeks I spent with the fashion team (I’m being totally serious!) I may have had doubts due to my last placement not being that enjoyable but although this one entailed pretty much the same duties, the atmosphere, people and the size of the cupboard believe it or not, were all soo much better!

I won’t bore you with a day-to-day running of my time there as each day saw me completing the same tasks. These included collecting the post, opening the bags of goodies that arrived and organising them into each stylists section, sending back many many returns (that word haunts me now!), occasionally doing call ins from PR companies, and having a good old natter with my fellow work experience girls, as well as the staff – who were so friendly, approachable and gave great advice. It’s always good to chat with someone who has been in your position but now has their dream job – it just goes to show that although being in the fashion cupboard may feel like you’re getting nowhere and you’re doing jobs that don’t seem to link with helping you towards the future, it all pays off!

Whilst there I also introduced myself to the features team and helped them with some copy-editing which completely made my day –ahh heck – made my week!! It was so exciting working on something that I feel more familiar with and that is so close to what I would like a career in. Don’t get me wrong, working around beautiful clothes that I can actually afford all day and trying on lots of pretty shoes (as every show is delivered in my size, bonus!) is enjoyable, but my future still lies with writing.

The features team are even letting me come back to help so I have another week booked with them for June!! And the fashion department said they would love to have me back which is always lovely to hear so I shall be re-booking with them in the near future too! Making a good impression is so important as you never know who you will cross paths with again.

As I left on my last day, one of the stylists who I got on well with gave me a bag absolutely crammed with make-up goodies! I was so surprised and grateful as I wasn’t expecting anything at all. Everything is brand new and I can’t wait to try it all out.

(Picture to come - it's all taken but my camera lead is in Southampton, I know fat lot of good it's doing there!)

And that brings me back round to today which has been spent catching up on correspondences, writing duties and welcoming my grandparents to our new house for the first time! The only glimpse I have had of the beautiful weather that has graced us lately is on my morning runs, but tomorrow I am having a bbq with the girls so sunbathing, here I come!

If you would like to know more about my work placement just let me know via a comment, formspring or email me. Enjoy the sunshine!