Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Update: Things to look forward to this A/W

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...a/w trends and colours, moving house and moving in to my new uni flat, turning 21, spending time with friends, studying for my second year of uni, christmas, parties, romance, having fun, and hot chocolates on a cold winter night...

What does this season hold for you?

Ps, Do you like the idea of me doing photo story posts with minimal writing? Do you have any recommendations for sites to find beautiful images and photography from? As always please leave a comment, I ♥ hearing from you...

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Recommendation: OPI Nail Varnish

I put my hands up. I admit it. I am a creature of habit. I always order the Pollo Carbonara at Prezzos, I always buy my jeans from River Island, and I always use OPI nail varnish.

Recently a couple of friends of mine bought nail varnishes in the nearly off-trend by now pistachio green and a hideous metallic colour from the make-up counters at Boots. The likes of Rimmel, Maybelline, and L’Oreal which I’m sure are good quality varnishes. But once you use OPI, you don’t go back.

I have been around this product for about 6 years now as my mum has a massive stock of them at home and, from my days working in a beauty salon where OPI was the only brand they used. For fellow fans of the products, they had a giant heavenly case of about 60 different colours for clients to choose from that would have left you feeling like a kid in a sweet shop. And it was my job to tidy and clean them!

Anyway you are spoilt for choice in terms of the colours they have available. There are also several different types of varnish such as Matte Finish, Suede Finish, and each season a new line of colours that fit the fashion palette for that season perfectly. For A/W 2010 we have the ‘Swiss’ collection. I love the ‘Glitzerland’ and ‘I’m Suzi and I’m a Chocoholic’ colours. They have the weirdest, wackiest, coolest names for each new colour as well. Imagine having the job of naming nail varnishes!!

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As well as a creature of habit in brands, I am also a creature of habit when it comes to the colours. Here’s me emphasising the endless amount of shades available and I just usually stick to ‘Koala Bear-y’, for my toes anyway. It’s hot pink, it’s girly, it goes with anything and I love to have a bright colour on my feet so this is perfect! I’m not a lover of neutral shades or blacks at all...I’d rather have a French any day!

So application...If you combine your new £8.50 bottle of varnish with an OPI top-coat and base-coat, or OPI start-to-finish then, you’ll definitely be getting the most out of it. I use the start-to-finish first on a clean nail, then paint two coats of your chosen colour on leaving the first to dry for a minute or two, then use start-to-finish again over the top. This gives a lovely glossy finish to your nails and helps to seal and protect your varnish. And believe it or not, by carrying out this process my varnish lasts for about 4 weeks before it starts to chip or peel!!! Now you see why I don’t use any other brand!

(This is Koala Bear-y on my toes. This was applied almost 3 weeks ago now and I’ve been swimming 3 times with it on. It still holds its shine and hasn’t yet started to chip!)

Every varnish will eventually chip, including OPI but in my opinion, it lasts the longest and is well worth paying the extra few pounds compared to the price of a Rimmel varnish. However, deciding on a colour is always so difficult. If you want to give OPI a try but really can’t decide what shade to go for, their website has a great 'Try it on' gadget on their where you choose a colour and it shows you what it looks like on a hand. You can adjust the nail length and skin tone to make it look like your own and really get an idea of which colour suits you best. Plus you can save or email the colours to yourself so you don't forget them!’re welcome!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Essentials: My Vanity Case Full Of Gold!

For many it’s their phones, their laptop or possibly even coffee but for me, I would not and could not be without my vanity case and its contents.

I own a beautiful leather Bobbi Brown make-up case that provides a perfect home for my cosmetics and hair accessories. It is actually meant solely for make-up but I needed somewhere for my accumulation of hair accessories to live too so one owns upstairs, the other down...the perfect housemates!

In the top I have an abundance of large hair bands, you-know the elastic type ones? As well as alice bands, clips, curby grips (which I don’t go anywhere without! Fellow fringe-sporters you will understand why), and regular hair-bands.

Funnily enough, for the amount of hair-bands I own, you will scarcely ever see me wearing one. This is due to my unsightly, hugely unwanted widows peak...For those fortunate readers who don’t know what that is because you don’t come under the suffering minority of women who sport such a weird hair-line, it is where your forehead hair-line meets in the middle to form an owl-like point smack bang in the centre of your forehead instead of a graceful straight line...lovely!! Thus leaving me feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable with wearing my fringe off my face out in public. At home and around those I’m most comfortable with, my head is always decorated with a bright coloured head-band or sparkly curby grip to hold my fringe out the way but for the likes of yourselves, it’s fringe down all the way. Marilyn Monroe, Coleen Rooney and Ugly Betty’s Vanessa Williams share my pain.

(Images sourced from Google Images - and

And on to the bottom (bigger – and more important!) section, my make-up. I won’t go through everything here but if you would like to know in more detail which products I use, please just leave me a comment and I’ll be more than happy to include a post on it.

My favourite daily items used are a No7 concealer, No7 mineral foundation, Bare Minerals bronzer, L’Oreal Volume Millions Lashes mascara and as you can see I’m a big fan of Lancome Juicy Tubes – they’ve discontinued my favourite one though (sob!). Why does that always happen? I’ve also got a lovely Bobbi Brown brush set in there too that gets a lot of use.

The only problem my vanity case poses is I can no longer fit anything else into it! That either means no more make-up buying for me or, kick out the accessories and move my eye make-up upstairs. I think the second option is far more reasonable don’t you?

Ps, Hope you all enjoyed The X Factor start, didn’t you just wanna put a sock in Geri’s mouth? Remember if you want to know more about my make-up products just let me know and your wish is my command!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Updates: The X factor's Back And Here's What's In Store!

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Finally it’s back! The reason my Saturday night social life halts between August and Christmas, a great excuse to have a takeaway as they come hand-in-hand and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s is a must in order to get the rights to the sofa. It is of course...The X Factor!

Some may say a tiresome reality TV show by now but I say it’s the best one out there. Whilst I find the auditions the most entertaining and long for the likes of Jedward, Same Difference and The Macdonald Brothers to get the boot, I love watching the contestants throughout their journey and revel in the cat-fights between the judges, not to mention the killer outfit wars between Cheryl and Danni. And our marmite favourite Simon, well let’s say I’m a lover not a hater and believe every word he says. Unlike some little Irishman who doesn’t seem to have a clue. I don’t actually know what he’s doing on there besides annoying the other judges, the audience and myself.

I know some series seem like an utter waste as the winner is a complete flop – Shayne Ward, Leon, Steve Brookstein, and little Joe McElderry to name a few – but they gave us Leona which is reason enough for me for the programme to continue. Unlike some reality shows this one is loved by Britain and holds the highest TV ratings for Saturday night television, so good riddance Big Brother and take your little brother and big mouth with you!!

Here’s what they have in store for us this series...

Pictures have been revealed today (funny timing huh?) of how Cheryl is affected by her undetected Malaria illness during the start of the auditions. Tonight’s show will reveal to millions of ITV viewers these very first images of Mrs Cole at Cardiff auditions, merely hours before she collapsed at a photoshoot

Guest judges are brought on to fill in for poorly Cheryl and pregnant Danni including Geri Halliwell (unsurprisingly she’s booed!), Natalie Imbruglia, Katy Perry and Pixie Lott – Cheryl returns next month to pick her finalists
Certain songs have been banned to prevent repetition such as Sex on Fire and Chasing Cars, and HALLELUJAH...the cliché sob stories are a no no too (apparently)!!
The usual judge cat-fights. In the ring we have Simon VS Louis, Simon VS Cheryl and Simon VS The change there then!

Gorgeous Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger guests during the boot camp stage and someone has a little crush on her...
A fix did you say? X factor?? Never! Watch to find out what happens when one girl-band causes a stir by telling other contestants that Mr Cowell has made a deal with their manager to say they’ll get through to the judge’s houses round!

And watch out for boy band F.Y.E as they’re sported to be the favourites!
Simon’s uninhibited ex Sinitta apparently has no involvement in this year’s’s about time!
Due his well-known jam packed schedule, it is rumoured Simon Cowell pays someone to mentor his acts on the hush as he’s too busy! Now that doesn’t seem fair does it?
Aren’t we lucky we now have ex Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq as the host of the spin off ITV2 series The Xtra Factor instead of lovely Holly...Yaaaay?....

And keep your eyes peeled for Mr Walsh’s fav singer Wagner, red-headed twins who receive the famous scowl from Cowell, and the expected bunch of oddballs and out-of-tune crazies whom without, I don’t think X Factor would quite manage its 13 million viewers a night

So I’ve got my Tescos curry in the fridge (that will have to do), my half-baked ice-cream in the freezer and a sofa with my name on it at 7.30pm, perfect!

Read the latest Daily Mail stories on this year's X Factor...

Friday, 20 August 2010

Recommendations: Katie Price's Celebrity Lifestyle Novels

I know I must be thinking ‘Why on earth is she posting about her?’, the woman’s become very unpopular since her split from poor ex Peter Andre and for marrying (well let’s not beat around the bush here) the biggest Z lister idiot to have walked through those heinous Big Brother doors since Ziggy. But, I LOVE her books!! Not the children’s or equestrian ranges of course but the celebrity lifestyle novels that revolve around models, singers, actresses, and WAGs, who go by the glamour star sounding names of Crystal, Angel, and Sapphire.

If you enjoy reading girly fiction about celeb lives, paparazzi, fashion, scandal and sex, you’ll no doubt love these books. There are now five in the series – all separate stories but sometimes the main characters intertwine. The newest and most recent purchase of mine is ‘Paradise’ which I picked up from Tescos at a lovely £7! Excellent considering the RRP is £14.99 (what’s with the price increase Pricey?).

Anyway, here’s a snippet of each book and the order they were released in:

‘Angel’ – ‘When Angel is discovered by a model agent, her life changes forever...very quickly the glitzy world of celebrity fame becomes her new home. But then she meets Mickey, the lead singer of a boy band...and Angel realises that a rising star can just as quickly fall...’

‘Crystal’ – ‘All her life Crystal has dreamed of making it as a singer. After years of trying...her chance finally comes when her girl band enters a TV reality show contest. But Crystal has a secret. She’s fallen for the wrong man and this one mistake could cost her everything...’

‘Angel Uncovered’ (a sequel to Angel) – ‘Angel Summer looks as if she has found her happy ever after. She’s married to the love of her life, sexy footballer Cal, they have a beautiful baby girl and Angel is Britain’s top glamour model. But when Cal is transferred to AC Milan Angel feels isolated. Her worst nightmares come to life when an old flame of Cal’s comes back on the scene and suddenly Angel is fighting to save her marriage and herself...’

‘Sapphire’ – ‘Sapphire Jones doesn’t believe in relationships anymore – not since she caught her husband in bed with another woman. She puts all her passion into running her own business – a high-end lingerie and hen weekend company. But things go wrong at the hen party she has planned for a soap star and tabloid darling. Suddenly her business is in jeopardy, her well-controlled private life falling apart and Sapphire realises that she is not immune to love after all, but has she left it too late?’


‘Paradise’ (a third in the Angel trilogy) – I won’t quote from the blurb on this book as it will give away what happens in the two previous books but basically Angel is now in California and is very much in love. However when her dad falls ill, she is thrown back into her previous life and has some very difficult decisions to make...

The storylines may sound shallow and mirror the life of Katie herself which many of you understandably don’t want to hear about but if you’re looking for a read that gives a fun, exaggerated look into the life of celebs and WAGs mixed with passion and romance, then these are the books for you. I haven’t yet read ‘Paradise’ as I’m saving it for a possible holiday read (they’re great, easy reads for sunbathing) but I will review it once I’ve read it. Mine sit shamelessly next to my copies of Hardy, Wilde and Shakespeare, but at least the boys will be entertained!

Just because they're linked with Mrs Reid, don’t knock them till you’ve tried them. I used to love her when she was with Peter and even though I think she’s a wally now (Team Peter all the way!) I wouldn’t deprive myself of her reads because of that.

And if your still not convinced, just keep this in mind...she doesn’t actually write them. A ghost-writer is the author so don’t worry, not every page is about sex, botox or getting Reid-inated...ewwwww!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Essentials: My Daily Skincare Regime

Having a mum who qualifies as a beauty therapist, the importance of CTM has forever been instilled within me. That is of course...Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise. But I think with the beauty industry as booming as it is today and the amount of endless products available to us (causing unmanageable decision making btw!) no 21st century girl has missed the boat when it comes to CTM. Everyone knows it’s as much a regular in our everyday lives as sleeping and always carrying a lipgloss!

But they’re honestly more products out there than decent men, I’m sure of it! For every man that has left you waiting, left your newly styled hair unnoticed or forgotten your birthday, there is a new hair mask, a night cream or an oatmeal and honey infused body butter that is screaming your name. This is great as it provides a small compensation for a bad date and adds a new friend to your collection but when it comes to choosing which one’s right for you, it’s like deciding between The Hills and One Tree just can’t do it!

Fortunately for me and I’m sure many others, my financial situation and lack of a job dictates which products are in my price range. This narrows it down to about 25% to choose from. Oh yeah, and of course my skin has some say in it too! So with a budget of a say £5 per product (give or take and with Liz Earle being my exception, we all have one!) these are the five that made it through the fight at Boots and on to my shelf:

‘Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish’- I won’t repeat myself here as I have mentioned how heavenly I find this product in a previous post but I use this of a morning. It deeply cleans your skin of any excess oil that has appeared over night and the hot cloth method really helps to wake you up and rid you of those sleepy eyes.

‘Simple Eye Make-Up Remover’ – Simple is my friend as I seem to have quite sensitive skin and with their claim of ‘no perfume, colour or oil’, it leaves my skin un-irritated (and this one’s great if you have semi-permanent lashes in as its oil free). I use this every night to remove my eye make-up and it lasts me a good 4-5 months which is a bonus. It retails at £2.99 and is on offer in Boots at the moment as part of a 3 for 2!

‘Healthspan Soothing Cream Cleanser’- I was introduced to this brand by my mum, as usual! At the time I was using Garnier Cleanse and Toner but they really irritated my skin and brought me out in spots so mum suggested I try this and I’ve stuck with it since! That was about 9 months ago now. I use this cleanser every evening to remove my skin make-up. It’s smooth and refreshing, has a subtle smell and leaves my feeling soft and fresh, not at all oily which is very important to me as I suffer from an oily T zone. This retails at £4.45 on the Healthspan website.

‘Healthspan Gentle Toner’- Again this product was to replace the harsh Garnier Toner I was using at the time. I love Toner no matter what brand as it feels so soothing, cool and refreshing on your face. Although my personal favourite will remain Liz Earle’s ‘Instant Boost Skin Tonic’, uni days call for less beauty expenditures and so this toner is a cheap and cheerful alternative. It smells lovely and helps to revive my skin whilst removing any excess make-up or dirt that still remains after cleansing. I use this immediately after cleansing of an evening. I like this brand because like Simple and Liz Earle for that matter, they use all natural products. This also retails at £4.45 on the Healthspan website.

‘Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser’- Another Simple product which is a cheap substitute for my usual purchase of Liz Earle’s ‘Skin Repair Moisturiser’ (not that the two can be compared but this product does its job). There is a Light version of this moisturiser but I find that although I have an oily T zone, my cheeks can get very dry, especially in wintery weather so I went for the Rich one. I use this in the mornings after washing my face with the Cleanse and Polish, and of an evening after my shower or after cleansing and toning. It hydrates my skin which is what I ask of it, but it can make me slightly oily too. But what moisturiser doesn’t? After all that’s its job. This retails at £2.99 in Boots and is also in their 3 for 2 offer.

And there you have it. These are my skincare dailys and I wouldn’t be without them (cheap versions or expensive). I wonder what our skin would be like without these everyday routines...I like to think the ten minutes spent each morning and evening applying products helps in preventing or slowing down the aging process, or even preparing our skin for the inevitable! I have additional products such as spot fighters, blemish healers and skin exfoliants that I couldn’t live without but I’ll save those for another Essentials post.

Ps, Again apologies for a long post today! I’ll try to be better. What are your favourite daily skincare products? Are there any that you recommend?


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Updates: Elle's Top 10 Key Pieces for A/W...The Highstreet Versions

Together with my fashion bible that is the wonder of ELLE (my secret source to all the hot new trends!) came a fab little accessory named ‘The Runway Edit’ in the current September issue [BUY IT HERE]. A pull-out filled to the brim with all the trends and shows that the team loved for this A/W along with sneak-peeks and juicy stories from the catwalks! Ahh ELLE, how you make fashion lovers lives so easy....

I like learning of the new season’s must-haves in an easy ‘picture-title’ manner, displaying an image of what the piece is, how to wear it and its description...simples! And ELLE masters this every month in an oh so adored collage-style layering of catwalk models donning the latest desirables and a big look-at-me heading.

And once again they have put a smile on my face by including a very plain, no-fuss-needed double page spread on ‘Top 10 Key Pieces for Autumn/Winter 2010’. With a chic and stylish image and numbered trend titles, ELLE has provided me and thus you with a perfect low-down of what we should be buying this season. And here they are...

1. Hold-ups
2. Long skirts
3. Chunky knits
4. Tapered Trousers
5. Aviator jackets
6. Camel coats
7. Teddy-bear coats
8. Lace
9. Capes
10. Evening trousers

(Listing taken from ELLE’s ‘The Runway Edit’)

So what are we gonna do now we know that seductive hold-ups, floor-grazing skirts and Chloe styles capes are the essentials to be wearing?? Well we’re going to empty our purses and scour the shops of course! But for those of you who join me in not yet being quite affluent enough to say hello to the shop assistants at Burberry or Prada (one day...) I have pulled out the best high-street versions from ELLE’s top ten list. No need to thank me...♥

(Images taken from websites 1. Topshop £6, 2. Miss Selfridge £20, 3. River Island £34.99, 4. Topshop £38, 5. Oasis £150, 6. Topshop £80, 7. Topshop 85, 8. Miss Selfridge £20, 9. Warehouse £75, 10. River Island £29.99)

Let’s just hope we don’t bump into each other wearing the same key pieces (cringe!)!

Ps, Does anyone know where I can find a nice tan belt and a black one too? I'm in desperate need of them! Keep your comments coming, I love love love hearing from you...

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Recommendations: Scrummy Swirly Marble Muffins

Never one to like waste and with a pack of 6 eggs that were about to expire, I decided to make our home-made recipe of chocolate and vanilla marble muffins yesterday. My mum is usually the perfector of these when she gets the time but recently I made a batch that actually excelled her little muffins in that they grew ginormously in the oven and overflowed onto the baking tray – my secret...put them in the main oven mum! Yes the piddley little thing on top has a light and saves from heating the bigger oven for one tray of cakes but they don’t cook as well, and everyone likes a big muffin top.

But instead of hoarding these beauties all to myself, I’m going to share with you our recipe so you can make your very own ‘Fordham Family Marble Muffins’. What an honour! Now I’m no cake or cooking expert but this recipe works wonders for us and if you’d like to try it, this is how I make them:

I made a 12oz batch yesterday just because I had 6 eggs to use up and however many eggs you have, you double that amount to determine how much flour, sugar and butter to use. I usually do a 10oz so let’s base this recipe on that (however if you want to do more just remember – however many eggs you’re using, double that amount for the other ingredients. 10oz makes 12 muffins)
• PRE-COOKING – Pre-heat the MAIN oven to 180°C and place your muffin cases into a muffin cake tray (this is deeper than a fairy cake tin, don’t get the two mixed up)
• Sift 8oz of self-raising flour into a mixing bowl (it will become apparent why only 8 and not 10 at this point but basically it’s to leave room for the chocolate powder)
• Add 10oz of cooking butter
• Add 10oz of caster sugar
• And finally crack your 5 eggs in the bowl too (...I know usually you’re advised to cream together the butter and sugar first before adding other ingredients but this is just how we make them and it works very well, however alter as you may wish...they’re your cakies)
• Sprinkle in a teaspoon of baking powder and 4 drops of vanilla essence
• Use an electric mixer (and a bowl cover might be handy if you have one) and whisk it all together until it’s smooth, creamy and there are no visible bits of ingredients
• Spoon the mixture into the muffin cases but only filling them half way. Once this is done you should have, and need to have, half your cake mixture still in the bowl
• Then add 2oz of cocoa powder and mix together until the mixture has gone chocolatey
• Fill the other half of each muffin cases with the chocolate mix, filling them almost to the top, and using all your remaining mixture
• Then with the end of a teaspoon or a skewer, swirl each muffin case mixture slightly, just enough so that you can feel the two colours have entwined but that the top is still very much just chocolate, not vanilla

• Pop in the oven for 15mins (the bigger mix you do the longer it will need)
• You know when they are done because if a skewer is poked through them, it comes out clean, they are firm when shaken and springy when touched (when you take them out, if there have been any spillages onto the baking tray, try them, they are delicious especially as they’re still warm and crunchy from the oven!)
• Leave to cool for 30mins


Sift 6oz of icing sugar into a bowl (remember if you’re making a larger batch you may want to increase this amount)
• Add in 2oz of cocoa powder (sometimes I do a little less as this amount can make it quite a rich icing)
• Add in 3oz of cooking butter (however much icing sugar you choose to do, always half this amount for the butter)
• Cream together manually with a spoon – this can take a while and it looks as though there is too much powder for the butter to make creamy but trust me, persevere with it, it will come together so don’t add water or milk or more butter out of makes a gooey mess!
•Once your butter icing looks like icing – fairly thick, creamy but perhaps slightly lumpy (don’t worry about the lumps) – it’s time to ice your muffins! Do this in whichever way takes your fancy. I usually just cover the entire muffin tops with no fancy decoration but then afterwards add chocolate drops, sprinkles or’s completely up to you.

And hey presto! You have yourself 12 (maybe more) delicious marble muffins! When you eat them you’ll notice how the two different mixes entwine as they cooked to create a marble what are you waiting for, go and offer them round.

Ps, Let me know if you make them and how they turn out, I love receiving your comments. Would you like to see more recipes on here at all?

(Sorry for a long post today but you can't really make a recipe post short!)

Monday, 16 August 2010

Essentials: My Daily Jewellery Fix

As much as I love the sparkles, the cute charms and the quirky characters that so beautifully decorate an outfit as well as a wrist or neck, I must admit I’m not a huge jewellery junkie. However I have my three daily essentials that go absolutely everywhere with me, glittering my wrists and middle finger. They include a Return to Tiffany Heart Tag bracelet, a Links of London Sweetie bracelet and a white gold ring from John Lewis. All of which were 18th birthday presents, and the priceyest (most adored) items I own.

Going to the Tiffany shop in London was amazing, I found it so exciting and walking out with a signature little green bag was even better! As for my Links lovely, that was a complete surprise present from my dad and a very good one at that. I was lucky enough to have had three charms brought for it too and since then, an extra one for Christmas in the apt shape of a snowflake. And the ring, another chosen present (but his idea) from my uncle. It was between a gorgeous sparkler or, being the brinking on eighteen teenager I was...ipod speakers! Safe to say I’m soo pleased I opted for the jewellery. A bit more memorable don’t you think?

Apart from these gifts (that I feel are lucky as when I wore them for my second driving test, and I passed!) not many chains, beads or buttons are usually seen on me. I have five long necklaces that actually I love but just don’t wear that often. As you can probably tell from these I’m not a huge lover of shorter necklaces, however I love the new craze of short chains with a darling charm accessorising it such as a tea-cup, a rabbit or a cupcake (yes they are all Alice in Wonderland merchandise). And I’ve seen two Tiffany necklaces of a similar style that are gracing my 21st birthday list...please boyfriend, mum or dad??

The one other jewellery item I would absolutely LOVE to wear is earrings but unfortunately that’s a no go area as I’m majorly allergic to them. So everyone wear a gorgeous pair of Accessorize earrings for me please.

Ps. Where are your favourite places to buy cute jewels and accessories? Keep reading for more R U and E next one's definately for a sweet tooth...

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Update: Transitioning from S/S to A/W

With September fast approaching, the highly anticipated a/w full lines are nearing ever closer. As a sale-hater (I know it’s strange but I just can’t stand all the mess and rummaging in predominantly last years old rejects) and a winter lover (again strange but hey!) I cannot wait to walk into shops and be graced with the presence of non-sale, new season items everywhere.

But for this awkward in-between stage where we’re faced with the dilemma of dressing summery to accommodate the warm weather...unless you’re in England enjoying the heavy, unwanted rainfall that is (and I didn’t even get to wear my maxi dresses, sob!)...and suppressing cravings to adorn the new season’s delights, we are all left slightly baffled. Do we go with knits and tights to keep warm but ensure they are layered so we can easily cool down? Or stick with the floral tea dresses and squeeze as many days out of our summer wardrobe as possible?

Enter the high-street’s summer meets autumn pieces that make the transition between seasons easy and bearable. No more hiding indoors on a rainy day for lack of appropriate clothing girls! Here are just a few key pieces that I fully intend on treating myself to...after-all, there are only so many outfits you can create with leggings, jeggings and harem pants!

(Images from, and

From top left-bottom right (descriptions taken from websites)–
Caramel knitted twist hem top - Topshop £28
Cream bow jumper – River Island £34.99
Knitted cocoon shrug – Topshop £38
Karl print t-shirt – River Island £19.99
Long sleeve tri marl tee – Topshop £16
Dark grey peg leg turn up trousers – River Island £29.99
Black peg leg soft trousers – River Island £29.99
Tan leather shorts – River Island £59.99
Knitted bunny ear pom pom hat – River Island £12.99
Brown embossed barrel bag – River Island £79.99
Cream masculine lace up brogue shoe – River Island £24.99
Brown leather slip on loafer shoe – River Island £29.99
Brown leather ankle boots – River Island £29.99
Praline high loafer shoes – Topshop £80
Black suedette bow wedge - Miss Selfridge £50

Now I know there's a lot of shoes on this wish list and there not gonna be great for those transitional warm days or freezing evenings but I couldn't help but include them! Aren't they gorgeous? Obviously all these beauties will total up some hefty receipts so maybe I'll have to be a bit more stringent...oh the woes of being a student! However, handy birthday ideas fellow friends and family!!

Ps, How did I do with my first fashion post? Likey or no likey? Let me know and I can post more, or not...

Friday, 13 August 2010

Recommendation: YOU magazine

As a fashion journalism student (and a girl) I love reading magazines. My favourite glossy is Elle, as you can tell from my profile but I also enjoy the occasional secret peek at the hybrids...Closer, Heat and Reveal being among some of them but sshh don’t tell!

But my favourite one of all would shock a lot of my fellow course mates as it’s not a regular among our reading lists, or a regular among the fashion shelves for that matter, actually it doesn’t even cost a penny (unless you count the big mark up from buying the Daily Mail on a Sunday compared to every other day of the week!). Yes you’ve guessed it, I’m a self confessed YOU mag junkie.

(There's beauty...)

I adore this magazine and was shocked to find that some of my friends had never even heard of it! So in my first Recommendation post, I give you YOU.

Now don’t be put off by its link to the Daily Mail (which is another favourite of mine). Although there are some story links between paper and mag, the supplement is completely established enough to hold its own audience and win the title of ‘Best Supplement of the Year’ repeatedly. It houses everything your favourite magazine does (unless your fav mag is sporty, or photography/car orientated).

(...there's great feature articles...)

There is always a top A lister celeb on the front and a full double-page interview with them inside. The fashion pages are always crammed with the latest trends (albeit slightly pricey products but no more so than those featured in the likes of Vogue, Harpers Bazzar or Marie Claire), and they have a little fashion gem there who goes by the name of Mimi Spencer. Her weekly fashion column is genius and an all anticipated read of mine.

(...there's fashion...)

I also love how they feature articles about real life people, issues and problems and not just on celebs, the ultimate body or fashion, fashion, fashion! The reason I like it so much is because the creators are the type of writer I aspire to be, and they write about the topics I dream to write about.

(...there's lifestyle...)

It may be deemed an older woman’s magazine by some, and they would be right. A twenty-year old student is not the intended reader of a wealthy, conservative woman’s magazine but all the same, I adore everything about it and I’m sure as fashion conscious, open-minded young women, you would too.

(...and food.)

PS. If you have a family member who regularly buys the Daily Mail, just ask them to save the supplement for you. Or simply read it online! There, you have an enjoyable read that didn’t cost a often does that happen!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Essentials: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

I’m so excited about starting my new three blog topics, and these are just some of my daily Essentials that I'll be sharing with you (don't worry it's not just products that I have on my agenda). So that leads me on to my very first Essentials post.

It was through QVC that my mum actually discovered the Isle of Wight born Liz Earle and her (then) small array of naturally active skincare products...thank god for the creation of boring shopping channels on sky! After a phone call, an order and a prettily wrapped delivery, I was introduced to my friend ‘Cleanse and Polish-Hot Cloth Cleanser’. At the time I was a spotty little teenager so my mum thought the natural ingredients of Rosemary, Chamomile, Cocoa butter and Eucalyptus oils would be good for my skin. I’m now twenty and this unique cleanser has never left my product shelf.

It comes in a pump form and has quite a thick texture but is easily applicable to the face, even in a hurry. Once applied, you warm the provided muslin cloth in warm/hot water (I use hot personally as I feel it open my pores and cleanses more deeply) and gently remove the product from your face. Then simply splash with cold water to seal those pores back up again and prevent dirt from seeping in.

I use this in the morning and before bed once I have removed my make-up, although if you don’t mind dirtying the muslin cloth, this can also be used to remove make-up. It leaves your skin feeling fresh, soft and smoother as the removal with a cloth gently exfoliates too. A three-in-one hey girls! It is great for the skin too and for me, it really helps when I have break-outs or blemishes.

At £13.00 with two muslin cloths included, this beauty is a bargain! And you can always find it in double packs or on offer at QVC. A 100ml bottle lasts me about two months too if used twice daily.

To compliment this product use Liz Earle ‘Instant Boost Skin Tonic’ (it smells delicious!) and the ‘Skin Repair Moisturiser’ which comes in two types. Liz Earle is now avaiable at John Lewis for those that would rather shop instore opposed to online. If you would like me to post about these, just leave me a comment and I will be happy to!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Fresh Start Take Two - the R U E philosophy!

Ok so no one likes failure, especially me. Trust me if I’m criticised or don’t succeed at something it makes me feel miserable. I openly accept constructive criticism and am all ears on how I can improve but when it’s just plain wrong, the sad face comes out, and stays there, and stays there...

That is how I have come to feel about my blog. Clearly my initial idea of writing a wide variety of topics and article shapes has backfired on moi so I am going to try a new approach. An article I recently read in ‘YOU’ mag encouraged an ‘If you don’t succeed, give up!’ attitude and that is what I am going to do. Not give up completely; because as well as hating failure, I am also very determined and unlikebly stubborn so I am going to persist with slow moving ‘Written and Posted’ and aim to make it a fast moving traffic magnet!

So after (another) unsuccessful bid to improve my blog with a questionnaire, the few that responded have opened my eyes to the fact that simply A) my posts are toooooo long, and B) there needs to be more fashion.

I 100% agree, my posts are too long so from now on I will save my ramblings on certain matters for my articles rather than on here. But although the majority of the most successful blogs in the blogosphere are fashion based, I am quite reluctant to follow the crowd. I really hoped that a fashion based blog could be avoided just because there are already so many amazing ones out there and I wouldn’t be able to compete with their quirky styles or NYC lifestyles. And for once, I wanted to be different.

So I think a compromise is in order. I have a new idea for my blog that will give it a better structure, more of a theme and hopefully a larger following. The R U E idea.

Recommendations. Updates. Essentials.

Each week I will bring you my top recommendations for just about anything from gift ideas, weekend getaways and the best buys. Teamed with regular updates, whether they be news from my life or the latest media frenzy, plus my can’t-live-without everyday essentials.

This will mean my blog is more tailored instead of my running riot with topics from here, there and everywhere, and still allows for me to cover a variety of topics from beauty products, fashion (I’ll try my best!), media alerts and foods, which will all sit very nicely under the fashion, beauty, lifestyle umbrella of the female blog-society.

So there you have it. All that’s left is for me to put my plan into action and keep my fingers crossed it works!

Let me know – what do you think of my blog-makeover idea? What type of things would you like me to write about under my new R U E blog-style??

PS. Once I have established a solid writing technique under R U E and determined whether or not reader’s like the new theme, I will open up a GIVEAWAY so keep checking for updates!