Monday, 16 August 2010

Essentials: My Daily Jewellery Fix

As much as I love the sparkles, the cute charms and the quirky characters that so beautifully decorate an outfit as well as a wrist or neck, I must admit I’m not a huge jewellery junkie. However I have my three daily essentials that go absolutely everywhere with me, glittering my wrists and middle finger. They include a Return to Tiffany Heart Tag bracelet, a Links of London Sweetie bracelet and a white gold ring from John Lewis. All of which were 18th birthday presents, and the priceyest (most adored) items I own.

Going to the Tiffany shop in London was amazing, I found it so exciting and walking out with a signature little green bag was even better! As for my Links lovely, that was a complete surprise present from my dad and a very good one at that. I was lucky enough to have had three charms brought for it too and since then, an extra one for Christmas in the apt shape of a snowflake. And the ring, another chosen present (but his idea) from my uncle. It was between a gorgeous sparkler or, being the brinking on eighteen teenager I was...ipod speakers! Safe to say I’m soo pleased I opted for the jewellery. A bit more memorable don’t you think?

Apart from these gifts (that I feel are lucky as when I wore them for my second driving test, and I passed!) not many chains, beads or buttons are usually seen on me. I have five long necklaces that actually I love but just don’t wear that often. As you can probably tell from these I’m not a huge lover of shorter necklaces, however I love the new craze of short chains with a darling charm accessorising it such as a tea-cup, a rabbit or a cupcake (yes they are all Alice in Wonderland merchandise). And I’ve seen two Tiffany necklaces of a similar style that are gracing my 21st birthday list...please boyfriend, mum or dad??

The one other jewellery item I would absolutely LOVE to wear is earrings but unfortunately that’s a no go area as I’m majorly allergic to them. So everyone wear a gorgeous pair of Accessorize earrings for me please.

Ps. Where are your favourite places to buy cute jewels and accessories? Keep reading for more R U and E next one's definately for a sweet tooth...

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