Sunday, 31 July 2011

Bye Bye July Catch up

Ok so this week and me involved work (blah, blah, blah), another extension until next Friday (wahoooo!), a loss of a fair few pounds in exchange for some pretty clothes, getting lost, three takeaways, a ‘fake orgasm’ (!), two weddings, one rubbish movie and the birth of a floral headband obsession.

After the monotonous 9-5 I went for a drink with my work buddies on Friday in a little village near Cambridge. On the way back my friend’s sat nav promptly failed us and we ended up, well just lost, I’m not entirely sure where but it meant me back on the M11. Second time in two weeks (she says proudly).

In the evening our new neighbours were having a get together so I had a nose around their perfect show-room of a home and discovered my new fav drink – apparently it’s called a fake orgasm so you can only imagine the jokes that came with it – but it was amaretto mixed with Baileys and ice. Needless to say it was a glass full of creamy, deliciousness, and my neighbours weren’t shy with their amounts so very strong!

Saturday was spent in Cambridge shopping (my purchases are up and coming in other posts) followed by a Chinese takeaway and a really crap film. WARNING: Don’t watch Nights in Rodanthe! Wedding songs also accompanied our film watching as a party celebrated in a field near our house. I have a church on my doorstep (literally) and we’ve had two weddings held their recently followed by receptions in tepee tents. So mum and I watched from the kitchen window and were probably in some of the pictures we’re that close – much to the photographers delight I’m sure!

Then I finished the weekend with a pub meal, an article submission and FINALLY the ordering of my bedroom furniture that has been out of stock for weeks!! Ooh and the floral headband obsession, well you’ll just have to wait and see for that one...

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

Ps, I apologise to anyone that has left me comments lately. I haven't replied because blogger won't let me comment! Is anyone else finding this and do you know how to fix it? It is soo annoying!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I Heart Lindsey Kelk


Whilst peruby-ruising the book shelves of Smiths at Gatwick I came across The Single Girl’s To Do List in the charts. Now I am ashamedly one to choose a book by its cover (not judge, choose) purely because there are sooo many books out there, that it makes choosing one a little hard – and I’m indecisive at the best of times.

This was my first Lindsey Kelk book but will most certainly not be my last. As an aspiring writer I can be quite critical when reading other people’s work but her style, flair and ability to make me laugh out loud (earning me a few strange looks around the pool) was admirable. She is fast paced, comical and a little daring. Combine all three and you have the perfect girly, holiday read.

So what was it about?? So not to spoil your read I’ll give a brief overview – Rachel is a newly single, play-it-safe kinda girl whose outlook on life is completely overturned by the creation of The Single Girl’s List. In order to help their friend overcome her break-up, best friends Emelie and Matthew encourage Rachel to complete ten to-do’s including getting a makeover, visiting a new country and buying something completely extravagant. Upon completion, she will truly be a single gal but the list takes her to old loves, new crushes and extreme heights (literally!).

I couldn’t put this book down and finished it within two days – yes I was fantastic company on holiday! Don’t you just hate that feeling when a great book ends? Fortunately as a Kelk reading-virgin, I have yet to read her trilogy; I Heart Paris, I Heart Hollywood, and the first on my book list, I Heart New York. These are all about a fashion journalist whose job takes her to the greatest cities in the world – perfect for moi!

Have you got any great holiday reads you recommend?

Ps, also been reading August’s ELLE and was horrified to read that Confessions of an ELLE Girl columnist is pregnant and leaving, meaning no more MADEMOISELLE confessions (sob!). Plus the talented Prada loving writer unveiled her identity by finishing with an inclusive byline. See if you can spot it.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

24/7 Week Catch Up

This week has been pretty average as weeks come. Although alongside the usuals which consist of work Monday to Friday, cleaning the house (my other weekend job!) and writing articles when I can, I did get two exciting pieces of news. The first, my results! After a mammoth three day wait after their release I finally received my results on Sunday and was really pleased with them. All the stress and hard work does pay off! 

Secondly, out of the forty-odd people I work with, about fifteen of us were asked to stay on an extra week this week. I’ve been so lucky with this job as it was only supposed to last five weeks but I have now been there two months. So I have another weeks work which means another weeks pay - Yay!!

Also...I dined out twice this week, went on the M11 for the first time by myself, popped to Cambridge to register with yet another job agency, cooked minted lamb kebabs, roasted veg and halloumi for dinner with a friend, and started watching Laguna Beach Series 1 that I got for Christmas but haven’t got round to watching. I have also finally caught up with One Tree Hill and am absolutely loving the new series. A little steamier than usual don’t you think, but I’m not surprised with all the attractive couples that are in it!

Plus, I am an avid follower of Louise’s SprinkleofGlitter blog and youtube and decided to email her this week, and to my surprise she emailed me back which was very exciting! I thought she must get hundreds of emails and wouldn’t have time to get back to me but she did which was lovely.

Hmmm I think that sums me up for the week. Today I am interiors shopping again for my bedroom but more of that another time. Hope you had lovely weekends.

Ps, As I’m writing this there is the prettiest sky outside. The clouds have formed wispy, rolling shapes and are filled with shades of mauve and orangey-pink. It reminds me of those art galleries that have really high ceilings covered in clouds and angels. You know the ones that are super impressive but give you neck ache? I’m sure that’s not the description the artist was hoping for!


I didn't have any pictures for the week so here's a silly one from this week's surplus instead :)

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Pallazzo Pants



I wouldn’t normally do an outfit of the day as I really don’t like myself in photos – I don’t suppose headless OOTDs would be acceptable? – but on this occasion I made an exception. In spite of my unphotogenic self, the purpose of these photos is to show you my lovely new palazzo trousers. I have been on the hunt for a perfect patterned pair (alliteration non intentional) for an absolute age and I finally found them last weekend. Promptly teaming them with a white vest, tan belt and a cardi to protect me from the fierce air-con in the office, I wore this to work on Monday.

Where did I find them? Does F+F mean anything to you? That’s right...Tescos! For the bargainous price of £16. They have an elasticated waistband and sans belt, would sit on my hips but I love the high-waisted palazzo look so encouraged mine to sit higher up with the help of my trusty belt. The fit is lovely and they are seriously THE comfiest trousers I own! Yes comfier than my pj’s, if that is possible. Now if only they had belt loops.

This week I have been wearing OPI’s Koala Beary on my toots and have just extended this to my fingers tonight. I’ve been a fan of this brand for years and thought the hot pink would compliment my bronzed (albeit fading) tan courtesy of my holiday.

I’ll be back with an end of week catch up post and also have some make-up and book reviews lined up for you. Are these the kind of things you would like to read?



Saturday, 16 July 2011

Dior Delight



A week of pure relaxation, over indulgence and a lot of zzzzzzzzzz in Skiathos last week was kick started at the airport with a little "I deserve this" treat. Having exhausted my usual L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara (Extra Black) I was on the hunt for a newbie, and what better place to make a purchase than duty free!

I chose Dior's Diorshow Iconic High Definition Lash Curling Mascara for two reasons; one, for the brush. For me, since converting to a silicone wand there is no going back. As well as the incredibly soft feel of the Dior brush, its teeny bristles are so fine and I thought this would be ideal for successfully separating each lash. Secondly, it is blacker than black and as a falsies (well extensions) fan this is the look I love!

I've also never used Dior cosmetics before and although a little pricey at £18 (VAT free price, normally retailing at £21) I was on holiday and what harm does a splurge every now and again do?!

So what did I think? This is officially my number one favourite mascara! I never curl my lashes but using this creates a great curling effect, helped by the products' unique lifting formula that holds and defines each lash - I did some research if you couldn't tell :) It is also really easy to reach and cover all lashes, even the tiny ones in the corners, and the application is so soft you can barely feel it (opposed to mascaras that catch your lashes or feel gloopy and clumpy when applying). The dark tone creates a glamorous look that completely transforms my eyes from drab to fab. It is the closest masacara to creating that 'false-lash effect' all the celebs harp on about in the adverts.

The only downside is that I have been used to the excess wiper feature with the L'Oreal product and find that a fair amount of the product collects on the nib of the wand. This can obviously be removed via tissues or a cotton bud but sometimes leaves a lovely blob around my eye instead! This can certainly be avoided though.

Hope you find this useful if you are aimlessly pondering the hundreds of mascaras out there!

Ps, I have no affiliations with Dior nor have I been asked to do this review, I simply found a fabulous make-up bag essential and thought I would share it with you.