Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I Heart Lindsey Kelk


Whilst peruby-ruising the book shelves of Smiths at Gatwick I came across The Single Girl’s To Do List in the charts. Now I am ashamedly one to choose a book by its cover (not judge, choose) purely because there are sooo many books out there, that it makes choosing one a little hard – and I’m indecisive at the best of times.

This was my first Lindsey Kelk book but will most certainly not be my last. As an aspiring writer I can be quite critical when reading other people’s work but her style, flair and ability to make me laugh out loud (earning me a few strange looks around the pool) was admirable. She is fast paced, comical and a little daring. Combine all three and you have the perfect girly, holiday read.

So what was it about?? So not to spoil your read I’ll give a brief overview – Rachel is a newly single, play-it-safe kinda girl whose outlook on life is completely overturned by the creation of The Single Girl’s List. In order to help their friend overcome her break-up, best friends Emelie and Matthew encourage Rachel to complete ten to-do’s including getting a makeover, visiting a new country and buying something completely extravagant. Upon completion, she will truly be a single gal but the list takes her to old loves, new crushes and extreme heights (literally!).

I couldn’t put this book down and finished it within two days – yes I was fantastic company on holiday! Don’t you just hate that feeling when a great book ends? Fortunately as a Kelk reading-virgin, I have yet to read her trilogy; I Heart Paris, I Heart Hollywood, and the first on my book list, I Heart New York. These are all about a fashion journalist whose job takes her to the greatest cities in the world – perfect for moi!

Have you got any great holiday reads you recommend?

Ps, also been reading August’s ELLE and was horrified to read that Confessions of an ELLE Girl columnist is pregnant and leaving, meaning no more MADEMOISELLE confessions (sob!). Plus the talented Prada loving writer unveiled her identity by finishing with an inclusive byline. See if you can spot it.


  1. I love the book I Heart New York, got it free with a magazine but I read it in about a day and went to buy the rest of the set the next day :)
    Definitely worth getting, they're so funny!


  2. Oo i got this for my birthday the other week - glad it's a good read! Her I heart books are amazing..I still need to read the Paris one! xx

  3. Oooh my mum gave me I Heart New York and I loved it! Sadly I completely forgot about it, now I know who wrote it, and also that there are more! Double win x


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