Tuesday, 30 October 2012

'Welcome to the team!'

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So you may know that I finished uni this year and have since been looking for a writing job, preferably in the beauty industry (in-between office temp work to fund skincare and make-up products of course!). However knowing how hard both media and beauty is to break into, I was going through the application process with a very open mind, widening my search and taking any opportunity that came my way.

Well the month's of searching, email sending and contributing free work have paid off and I've been offered an internship at a beauty PR company in Covent Garden!! I'm soo excited and cannot wait to start working with the team. My role is to help manage the social media outlets and channels for three of their brands alongside the Social Media Manager - so who knows, I may be chatting with a few of you if you are users of the products...and I'm pretty sure you are!

I'm so happy to finally be working in the industry and to be able to put all my skills and knowledge to use. It's so frustrating when you know you are perfectly capable of doing a job, and doing it well, and not being given the chance to prove that. Well now I have and I'm so grateful!! Where better for a beauty-obsessed writer to be working eh?? And who knows where it may lead...

Do any of you hope to have a career in a similar field? If so, would a 'Tips' or 'Do's and Don'ts' post help at all?

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Louella (bdellium) Mineral 5pc Brush Set

Having lusted after the MAC contour and blusher brushes for a while, I decided that I simply couldn't part with the rather large amount of money I'd spend in exchange for them - however beautiful they are.

Needing to update my powder brush and invest in a good contourer, I began to look for alternatives and decided to give the bdellium brand a whirl. I discovered them through Louise and Zoe who have since set up their own shop (Louella) selling three different bdellium sets - plus a kabuki brush - after finding the make in America and falling in love with their softer than soft synthetic bristles. And I thought 'if they love them, then they must be good!' Who better to trust for a review or recommendation than your favourite beauty bloggers, right?

So I went ahead and bought the 5 piece Green Bamboo Mineral Brush Set for £33.95 which includes a Powder Blending Brush (#959B), a Slanted Contour Brush (#942B), a Precision Concealer Brush (#934B), a Large Tapered Blending Brush (#787B), and a Large Shadow Brush (#778B). They come in a cute little tube and each is protected in a plastic sleeve. I have since got the Kabuki Brush too which comes in an even cuter little tube - a great travel brush!

I'm particularly impressed with the #942B Slanted Contour Brush, and the Kabuki - both are now part of my daily routine. The things I love about this brand are that they are of a professional quality without the huge expense, the bristles are synthetic and therefore don't shed compared to natural hair, and they are eco-friendly! Plus they wash really well and are the softess things you will ever know! Don't you just love that new brush feel?!

You can't purchase the brushes in the UK (only through American websites) so Louella saves a lot of hassle with shipping fees and delivery times. Plus they send your brushes in bright pink jiffy bags and include a personal handwritten note. Baby Glitter was helping with the orders when they processed mine and scribbled her own little message - cute huh?!

So if you are looking for a professional brush set that doesn't break the bank, I recommend bdellium. What's your favourite makeup brush brand?

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain

I was recently asked what my favourite beauty product is and whilst I could never pick just one, currently the number one contended is Revlon's Just Bitten Chubby Sticks. A brilliant dupe of the Clinique Chubbies, these crayon-like stains are my ideal lip product - I only wish I'd found them sooner!

The firm, shapely product allows for great precision and glides on smoothly, leaving a high-shine gloss. As the formula intends, this actually stains your lips, and the more you apply (the shine wears off, as does some of the colour so I tend to re-apply every 3 or 4 hours) the stronger the staining.

They have a scent which I'm not actually a lover of. It's minty fresh but reminds me of the fragrance most 'plumping' lip products hold, and I've never liked a tingly plumper! However this is really only apparent during application so don't be put-off. You won't be walking around with a chewing gum aroma under your nose all day.

Now on to the colours - DON'T go by the packaging or sticker colours, they are COMPLETELY different when actually used. Take for example Lovesick, a scarily vibrant plum package that would be way too garish for me, but when applied it's actually a purple-based magenta that I would describe as a dark-pink opposed to a bright.  So don't be fooled by the tube.

To summarize...I love a good lip stain. And these are what you call a good lip stain. Moisturising, glossy, easy to use, good staying power, smooth texture, hydrating and it comes as a chubby stick! Who doesn't love a nostalgic chubby reminding you of childhood days spent drawing with chunky crayons?!

And at £7.99, they're certainly giving the Clinique Chubbies some competition. Which do you prefer?

Monday, 15 October 2012

Ombre-ing shorter hair??

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So after seeing Zoe, Louise and Lily ombre their hair to perfection, achieving a gorgeous natural fade from dark to light and creating a really pretty, interesting effect, I've decided....I want it too! I like the colour of my natural hair and therefore have never been tempted to dye it or highlight it, but I love the ombre look and feel it's a great way to have a change, trying something new that isn't too drastic.

However as amazing as it looks on the likes of those with long, luscious hair who compliment the dip-dye with pretty curls, my problem is my hair length. It is a few inches longer than shoulder-length - but is this long enough to pull of ombre??

I wouldn't want the straight-line effect but a blended look of perhaps a very light, honey brown opposed to blonde. But I'm worried that because my hair isn't as long as those who sport ombre so well, that it will look pants, I'll hate it, and either have to chop the ends off (which scares me more than spiders!?!), have an all-over colour, or wait for it to grow out. Needless to say I don't like any of those options.

Miley Cyrus managed it on short locks and looked stunning - not too sure about the new very short look huh girls?! - but I'm just not sure if it would work on me. Also, I have a full fringe so do you think this would look odd combined with ombre?

Hmmm I just can't make my mind up because once it's done, there's no going back.

Any thoughts?

Sunday, 14 October 2012

This week I'm {thinking}...positively

As everyone does now and again, I've been having a crummy time of late where nothing seems to go right. It's been a big year in terms of change and I've decided...I don't like change. It's supposedly a good thing but nope, I'm not buying it. Change is rubbish.

Because of the accumulation of said crummy things, negativity has kinda swamped me and my usual chirpy-self has been replaced with, well a much sadder, unhappy version. And I'm sick of feeling this way. Almost as much as I'm sick of job rejections, of worrying, of being disappointed, of boredom, of feelings, of thinking too much, of dwelling on the past, of missing 'how it was before', of wishing for something better, and of waiting for the next chapter to start.

This isn't a pity post in the slightest. But selfishly an inspirational outlet for me that will encourage positive thoughts when needed most. If the above doesn't emphasise it enough, I'm tired of feeling this way and so have decided to give the sad me a good shake, and be optimistic! 

Hopefully it can inspire happy thoughts for you too...

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Three things I have to look forward to:
#1 A spa day tommorrow
#2 A girl's night out next weekend
#3 Leona tour tickets in 2013

What do you do to encourage happy thoughts?

Friday, 12 October 2012

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter: Sweet Tart





We've all seen the Emma Stone ad campaign that not only made us green with envy at how pretty the American sweetheart is (I'm still getting over my jealously of her role with the beyond delicious Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love!) but it also made us lust after the 20 shades of buttery goodness that is the Revlon Lip Butter collection. Honestly, have you ever seen such a Spring-perfect array of pinks, pastels and corals that would have even the most ungirly-of-girls feel the desire to try them all?!

At first I was a little unsure of the 'lip butter' quality, thinking that this may make the lipstick a bit melty and gooey, but I couldn't resist the gorgeous colours for longer and opted for Sweet Tart, a subtle sheer peachy-pink. And boy is it delicious - a new favourite!

You see I am a lipsil addict. I re-apply my Strawberry Boots Lipsalve on average, every half-an-hour and can't bare my lips to feel dry or unmoisturised. So to mix a 'hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula that boosts lip moisture by 156%' with pops of colour...well you couldn't get a more perfect combo in my opinion.  

The smooth, creamy texture makes this a pleasure to apply and the added hint of colour means you have a lipstick AND nourishing balm in one! Plus, the glossy finish gives a glowing shine that makes lips look completely kissable - edible even! 

Sweet Tart is a a sweetheart of a colour. Not too bright, not too pale, it is what I'd call a midi-pink but you can build up your desired shade by re-applying - just be aware that because of its buttery formula, it can become slightly melted if over-used, left in a warm environment or held in your hand for too long. The amount of icky testers I've seen in drugstores that have been affected by the display lights! 

The use of quilted pink packaging sets off this collection beautifully - I can see my lip product drawer being filled with these tubes! I think they are slightly high in price for a drugstore brand at £7.99, but at the moment both Boots and Superdrug have a 3 for 2 offer on Revlon so I'm certainly going to make the most of that. I'm lusting after Strawberry Shortcake, Candy Apple, and Berry Smoothie...but I wouldn't say 'no' to any of them!

Which is your favourite shade of Lip Butter?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

DKNY Rose Gold Watch

Having finished my degree and achieved the grade I hoped for all along, my dad treated me to this gorgeous DKNY rose gold watch with a stone trimmed round dial and bezel bracelet. Isn't it puurdy?

I've never had a watch before and thought it would be the perfect graduation present - something I can use everyday, keep (hopefully!) forever, and it has a special meaning.

I originally wanted the Marc Jacobs watch, but although it was super lovely, it looked quite chunky on my wrist and I wanted something a little daintier. I had my heart set on one with a rose gold finish though as I think it's slightly different, elegant, and it goes with everything. So when I spotted my little beauty in the cabinet display, I was sold! A shopping trip that I thought would last hours was over in just one, and I skipped away pleased as punch with my new toy.

The shine on this thing is pretty impressive! As well as the diamontés that rim both the clock and dial, the face is pearlised opposed to plain white which I love. In the light, not only do the strap and little stones shine bright, but the face gives off pink and blue tones that give it a slight antique-effect. It really is a beautiful present.

It's a fabulous 'first' and I'd highly recommend it if any of you are hoping to unwrap a watch this Christmas. That's right, I mentioned the C-word...in October! Don't hate me :)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

This week I'm {reading}...Lindsey Kelk

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Welcome to a new feature on my blog! Every Sunday I will post a This week I'm...{and will then insert the appropriate word for whatever it is I want to share with you}. This could be reading, loving, hating, feeling, enjoying, wanting, wishing, missing, dreaming, wearing etc etc - I'm sure you get the picture. I hope you like them :)

So this week I'm reading Lindsey Kelk. CORRECTION: actually I've read (past tense) Lindsey Kelk. Yes this week, after a year long love affair I finished her fabulous I heart...book series which saw me through the stress of my third year at uni, accompanied me on two trips abroad and is responsible for furthering my desire to hop ship and live in New York even more! Trust me, once you've read them, you'll do an Angela (main character), grab your passport and jet off to Manhattan before your ex realises you've tiddled in his wash bag. Oh yeah, maybe not the last bit - I'm making you want to read it non?

Anyway, the final installment of the five-book series is I heart...London. I bought it a week ago and finished it on Friday because, despite not wanting to ever reach the end of the Angela/Alex saga, I could not put the thing down! But where am I going to get my I-haven't-got-the-guts-to-move-to-New-York-by-myself-so-I'll-live-vicariously-through-Angela's-adventures-instead fix?? Maybe I'll actually have to move there. For real...

Alternatively I'll have to beg Lindsey (we're on first name basis, as you know, she tweeted me?!?*) to write another book in the series. That shouldn't be too hard, should it?

What books have you been reading this week? Any great recommendations out there?

*No joke, she - as in one of my favourite writers - did actually tweet me back the other day...much to my excitement as you can imagine!!! But the first name basis thing is a joke, obvs...

Thursday, 4 October 2012

OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection: I'm all ears


OPI never disappoint with their huge array of shades, not to mention the quirky names. But my gosh have they achieved brilliance this time. My love of hot pink Koala Bear-y has been completely overturned and replaced with this new beauty. Yes The Vintage MinnieMouse Collection has utterly blown me away in a breeze of pretty pinks, classic Minnie reds and heart confetti (CONFETTI!!).

At the moment I only own I’m all ears, but after falling head over heels for the magenta pink – a shade that has the finest, most subtle flecks of blue and purple glitter, reminding me of sparkly pink cupcakes and fairies every time I look at my nails - I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want need the whole set.

The varnish in all its pretty glory is quite transparent, and weak in pigment. But where it lacks in colour strength, it makes up for in sparkles! This is not a negative in my opinion as it just means you have to ensure two coats are applied, perhaps even three. But the formula glides on beautifully and dries very quickly for an OPI polish.

Each colour retails at £11 but I cheekily got mine at the airport and therefore paid a VAT free price of £9.25. I so should have got more shouldn’t I?!

Have you tried anything from Minnie Mouse’s gorgeous collection? 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Black Hermès Birkin Beauty

As every girl does, I’ve always lusted after a Birkin bag. A real one. A Hermès design in all its glory. Tan. Maybe black. I could even work with a pink one. But as much as I have tried to persuade my family that such a leather delight would be a graduate-appropriate present, they weren’t having any of it. Funny that?!

At around £5000, the pretty, oh-so-needed bag is slightly out of my price range...ok A LOT out! So I have been after a replica for aggges – with no such luck. But when you aren’t looking for something, it’s usually the time when you will find it. And hey presto! I found me a Birkin copy.

In a cute little boutique named Ella Tino, there stood my bag in tan, black, grey and pink, and it called to me from the window display. With my heart set on a tan number, I went straight for that but then deliberated over the other colours too. In the end, after realising I don’t actually own a black handbag (sinful I know!) I opted for this black beauty...and I loves it!

At £29.99 it was too good to pass up and I feel it is a great quality copy. I always check mass-produced, cheaper items like this over before purchasing to ensure there aren’t any marks, but after careful inspection, I was sold. I haven’t ever seen a Birkin in real life, and I’m sure there is no comparison in the feel, look and ‘yes this is a Birkin I’m carrying’-smile that you’d wear as you held it, but in terms of aesthetics, it's perfect.

The material is a matte ostrich skin print, the structure is rigid and it feels sturdy. It also smartens any outfit, (well maybe not pj’s) it goes with everything and is great for fitting your everyday handbag essentials in. I’m so happy with it.   

In fact, I think I’ll go back for the other colours soon.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Why I love Autumn

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As my tan is fading faster than I can reach for the moisturiser, and the nights are drawing in – it’s now dark when I leave my zumba classes at half 7?! – my autumnal love is starting to surface. There’s something about the season that makes me feel happy. As much as I enjoy the sun and wearing pretty summer dresses, I’m very much an Autumn/Winter lover...

Perhaps it’s having an excuse to wear cosy pj’s, fluffy slippers and curl up with a hot chocolate alllll the time (I promise I haven’t aged scarily quick, I am still 22!). Or maybe it’s the gorgeous colours I’m met by when I open the curtains each morning. Not to mention A/W wear – it’s SO much better than S/S in my eyes. Chunky knits, warm scarves, tights and cute coats, not to mention boots, hats a pretty rosy cheeks.

Aside from the aforementioned, and of course the obvious of hibernating in on a Saturday night with a dose of X Factor and more Chinese food than you can stomach, I thought I’d compile a list of the reasons Autumn is my fav seasonal chum!

#1 Waking up to a blanket of frost that’s settled in overnight, making everything glisten outside
#2 Wearing my A/W clothes! Jumpers, scarves, cosy knit tights, boots, coats, and mittens...
#3 The colours of the leaves – and hearing them crunch underfoot on a cold but beautiful welly-walk
#4 Coming home and feeling that relief as you enter the warmth, shutting out the cold
#5 Home-cooked meals. Roasts, soup, pies and casseroles always taste better at this time of year
#6 Blankets. Slippers. Cosy socks. Pyjamas. Top-knots. Jumpers. Hoodies. Bed!
#7 Watching films curled up on the sofa with friends, snuggling with a boyfriend
#8 Shopping: walking into the warmth from the chilly outdoors, and seeing everyone all wrapped up – plus retreating into Starbucks and giving in to their seasonal delights!
#9 Candles – Yankie Candle’s Christmas scented treats never disappoint and cosy-up a room instantly
#10 The promise of Christmas!! (AND my birthday...I love being a November baby)

Of course there are a few things I don’t favour as much, like de-frosting the car early in the morning, or covering a great outfit with a coat ALL the damn time. But the good outways the bad, and the season always comes up trumps. What do you love about Autumn?

Thursday, 27 September 2012

MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick





I’ve been meaning to blog about this beauty for a while now...as you may remember me mentioning a fair few months back, I was super eager to get my hands on MAC’s Watch Me Simmer lipstick from the S.H.O.P MAC collection. Well after checking the site daily and wishing and hoping, it came back in stock!!

What better way to introduce myself to MAC’s lipsticks than with this gorgeous coral with pink undertones?! It’s actually much brighter than it seems upon application – I’d almost describe it as a fluoro-neon shade, so one slick achieves a strong coral-pink colour on my lips (I have quite naturally dark lips and I think the red in them brought out the pink in the lipstick moreso than the coral). Although different to what I expected, I’m so impressed with the quality. I love the slick, black packaging that MAC houses its lipsticks in, and the scent of the product is gorgeous! As a newbie to them, I’m not sure if all of their lipsticks share the same formula and therefore scent, but if they do I’m definitely investing in some more!

The smooth texture reminds me of a butter lip balm – with an added pop of colour – and the staying power out-does any of my previously bought drugstore lippies.

Every lip shade will take differently to each wearer so for some, it will come out as the perfect pink-coral (sans brightness!). Perhaps I will try basing my lips with a little foundation to combat the natural colour altering Watch Me Simmer’s loveliness.  

I can’t wait to try more. **Both birthday and Christmas are fast approaching** hmmmm.....