Sunday, 14 October 2012

This week I'm {thinking}...positively

As everyone does now and again, I've been having a crummy time of late where nothing seems to go right. It's been a big year in terms of change and I've decided...I don't like change. It's supposedly a good thing but nope, I'm not buying it. Change is rubbish.

Because of the accumulation of said crummy things, negativity has kinda swamped me and my usual chirpy-self has been replaced with, well a much sadder, unhappy version. And I'm sick of feeling this way. Almost as much as I'm sick of job rejections, of worrying, of being disappointed, of boredom, of feelings, of thinking too much, of dwelling on the past, of missing 'how it was before', of wishing for something better, and of waiting for the next chapter to start.

This isn't a pity post in the slightest. But selfishly an inspirational outlet for me that will encourage positive thoughts when needed most. If the above doesn't emphasise it enough, I'm tired of feeling this way and so have decided to give the sad me a good shake, and be optimistic! 

Hopefully it can inspire happy thoughts for you too...

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Three things I have to look forward to:
#1 A spa day tommorrow
#2 A girl's night out next weekend
#3 Leona tour tickets in 2013

What do you do to encourage happy thoughts?


  1. I have been feeling exactly the same :( Change is awful xx

  2. Ahhh sorry to hear that Hollie, at least we can feel blue together! Hope things pick up soon for you x x


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