Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Black Hermès Birkin Beauty

As every girl does, I’ve always lusted after a Birkin bag. A real one. A Hermès design in all its glory. Tan. Maybe black. I could even work with a pink one. But as much as I have tried to persuade my family that such a leather delight would be a graduate-appropriate present, they weren’t having any of it. Funny that?!

At around £5000, the pretty, oh-so-needed bag is slightly out of my price range...ok A LOT out! So I have been after a replica for aggges – with no such luck. But when you aren’t looking for something, it’s usually the time when you will find it. And hey presto! I found me a Birkin copy.

In a cute little boutique named Ella Tino, there stood my bag in tan, black, grey and pink, and it called to me from the window display. With my heart set on a tan number, I went straight for that but then deliberated over the other colours too. In the end, after realising I don’t actually own a black handbag (sinful I know!) I opted for this black beauty...and I loves it!

At £29.99 it was too good to pass up and I feel it is a great quality copy. I always check mass-produced, cheaper items like this over before purchasing to ensure there aren’t any marks, but after careful inspection, I was sold. I haven’t ever seen a Birkin in real life, and I’m sure there is no comparison in the feel, look and ‘yes this is a Birkin I’m carrying’-smile that you’d wear as you held it, but in terms of aesthetics, it's perfect.

The material is a matte ostrich skin print, the structure is rigid and it feels sturdy. It also smartens any outfit, (well maybe not pj’s) it goes with everything and is great for fitting your everyday handbag essentials in. I’m so happy with it.   

In fact, I think I’ll go back for the other colours soon.


  1. it looks great! i would love to find a quality copy as well! ;D

    <3, Mimi
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