Wednesday, 31 August 2011

One Day...I might learn to love One Day

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Given my trade what I’m about to say may come as a surprise – I’ve never read ‘the greats’. You know the classic novels, your Jane Austin, your Shakespeare, your Bronte. And the same goes for those so good they were recreated as films. Harry Potter, The Notebook, Lord of the Rings. And sure enough the latest must-read fiction book has yet to replace my beloved ELLE reads – One Day.

Perhaps in this instance I’m more of a film lover than a reader as for each and every classic read, I have watched the movie version. One Day as I mentioned last week is my latest film conquest and here’s what I thought...(if at this point you wish not to know anything about the film One Day as you are yet to see it, please look

To start bluntly, I didn’t like it :( I’m such a romantic, girly, chick-flick lover and couldn’t wait to see what has been described as “a great romantic novel” on the big screen but I was quite disappointed. I found it slow, frustrating and a little dull. I like a feel-good, happy ending and One Day didn’t have the finale that I had hoped for (I realise this breaks the predictable “and they all lived happily ever after” ending that most films live by, but I’m quite accustomed to this and don’t like change!).

Except for watching the ‘friends’ grow apart, change into two people with completely different lifestyles and then form a relationship that wasn’t quite fitting, there wasn’t too much going on plot-wise. Each 15th July that came around you would scream at the screen for them to get together, to make that over-friendly hug a kiss, or to shut Dexter up before he puts his foot in it yet again! To me they both progressed separately to a point where even friendship would have been unlikely if it hadn’t been for the fact this was a Hollywood movie.

And then once a couple, I couldn’t help but think a guy like Dexter wouldn’t choose a girl like Emma and vice versa. I believed in their love enough for the ‘event’ to have an effect on me, leaving me reeling for their future plans, saddened and shocked. But that loss only heightened my dislike for the film as the frustration from them being apart had finally been relieved, only for that to go and happen!

Aside from me loudly dropping my bag and all the contents spilling down the aisle, the cinema screen was deadly silent as the credits rolled and I could feel a sense of disappointment hanging in the air. Whereas an hour and fifty minutes ago, everyone was excited to have front row seats to this year’s greatest love story, by the end I got the feeling that we would all have been happier staying in and watching When Harry Met Sally. Or even Beauty and the Beast!

From reviews and raves over David Nicholls’ book I presume (and only hope) that the original is more fulfilling, entertaining and compelling than Scherfig’s movie. Perhaps this is where my habit will be broken and I will revert to reading the novel in a bid to believe that One Day is truly a great love story.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

My week ~ 4

Consisted of...

♥ A nightmare of a Monday morning ♥ a SATC sleepover night ♥ countless bitesize treats (dangerously delicious cookies and brownies) ♥ a very wet shopping trip to Cambridge ♥ a tongue-less drunk ♥ pretty new purchases ♥ the loss of my lash curler virginity ♥ a wee bus (and not in the little sense of the word!!) ♥ popped to Prezzos and LOL’d at The Inbetweeners ♥ participated in a DIY Come Dine With Me (despite never having watched it) ♥ saw One Day with my bff (yes two cinema trips in a week!) ♥ and a movie night in with ze mother ♥

As I mentioned beforehand my brother was off to France this Monday leaving moi on me todd. To cut a long story short taxi was booked for 4.15am, taxi didn’t show after waiting 30 mins, “Rebecca, my taxi’s not here”, leapt out of bed, pulled on a hoody, raced to the airport with an hour before the gate closed, arrived at 5.50am, gate closed at 5.55am, waited and waited and waited some more to hear if he’d made it before driving back home in pj’s, flip flops and bed hair, 6.24am “I’ve literally just made it, they let me on!”, plane due to depart at 6.25am. Don’t ask how he did it but he is one very lucky passenger – not so lucky for those whose taxis got them there on time. To say it was stressful is putting it lightly.


However my evening brightened up with a Sex and the City dvd night with my bff (four episodes in a three hour period just cos we kept nattering but the foursome are coming away with us to the spa). The following day we went to Cambridge – I have quuuiite a few new bits to show you from the past few months, I was thinking maybe a haul video would be easier, what do you think? I’m not too sure on the idea yet though – lunched in Nero’s, shopped everywhere and finished off with my poor friend sitting in something damp and unpleasant on the Park and Ride bus...(queue my fits of giggles)

Now The Inbetweeners, I love the series, I love the characters and I liked the film but it wasn’t as fabulously funny as I thought it would be. Is it just me or did it seem as though they were trying really hard when usually the comedy seems very natural? And I know the boys and crude jokes come hand-in-hand (that’s what makes them so funny usually) but I thought they pushed it a little too far – one dance floor scene is what I’m basing it on – and seemed almost a little desperate. Does anyone agree? I think I’m in a minority with this though.

I think I’ll post up a review of One Day in the week (based on me not having read the book), would you be interested it that at all? Tonight consists of (hopefully) a takeaway of some sort and watching Going the Distance with mum – I super love that film!

Ps, here’s a picture of my trip to Epping Forest on a rare sunny day last week – come’on weather, it’s August not November!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Mavala Magic

I’ve seen lots of posts lately on different designs that have been created with the Mavala nail varnishes given out with the September copy of ELLE. So I apologise if you have seen lots of the itsy bitsy cute polish pots around already, as I’m about to show you another...


Taking inspiration from the pic Jennifer Dickinson of ELLE posted on twitter, and from the WAH designs featured on their website, I opted for a patterned look (my first attempt at anything other than block colour). Keeping the design simple whilst I practise more daring arty strokes, I went for popular polka dots. But of course this look is all in the colours you choose!


My Mavala freebie (this is my first experience of the brand) was ELLE Grey: code 26101 which is very versatile. I thought about using it as the main colour and then topping it with glitter but I’ll save that for next time and instead opted for a magenta pink in OPIs Koala Bear-y. However after two coats this does appear as more of a berry red shade.


The bright, fun and feminine colour contrasts beautifully with the muted, masculine shade of the grey. Applying sporadic dots also breaks up the main colour nicely and makes for something a bit more interesting. I can’t wait to try this design against other shades or even reverse it and use some of my brighter, girly colours as polka dots!

Which colour did you receive with your ELLE? What designs did you create with them?

Ps, my beloved laptop is fixed – THANK GOD! – (or rather THANK G who actually fixed it) and my blogger is working properly now so I have started commenting back to all your lovely messages. Also with a bit more time on my hands I have been exploring some of your blogs too and found some new favourites :)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

15/8 - 21/08 catch up

15/8 to 21/08 saw me truly becoming a local in the village by visiting the pub (the only thing here except for houses), receive my last wage slip from my job *plus 22 hours holiday!*, do my first food shop in 3 months, wave off my mummy, organise a girly spa retreat, have a cuddle with my friend’s little bubba, and cook my second ever roast dinner (buying a prepared chicken breast with bacon wrapped around still counts doesn’t it?).


This is what I created by painting OPI Honeymoon Sweet over a pretty taupe varnish - and of course added some alternation-ing in there. You like? I do :)

It’s been a semi-productive mish-mash kinda week for me. I’m at that point where I’m finding myself with more free time to tackle my exhaustive to-do summer list yet I tend to sit and watch Youtube videos, catch up on One Tree Hill or do anything else except from work basically. Not good! I haven’t allowed myself any chill-out time between now and finishing my job though which I think has a lot to do with it but time is going so fast and I’m getting in a flap that I’ll be back at uni with all but nothing checked off my list.


At least that chill-out time (sans laptop - totally necessary) will be had as my bestest bud and I have booked an amazing girly stay at a spa hotel! We are super duper excited!! Three days of lounging in a robe and slippers, lying by the pool, eating delicious food and of course being pampered. I can-not wait!

This week I prepare to be the lady of the house as mum has jetted off to Morocco and brother has gone to France – leaving me with the house all to myself – bliss. Some may hate the thought of this but I’m one that loves my own company and doing things in my own time (also there’s no one to create mess except Molly cat but usually she’s well behaved). I already have a girly SATC night planned, a shopping day and a lunch date.


The miserable, dreary day that graced us on Saturday. An invitation from mother to daughter to Morocco isn't too much to ask for is it?

Aside from food purchases this week, I treated myself to the Charlie St Cloud and Couple’s Retreat dvds. I feel like my collection is dwindling somewhat and Zac Efron will definitely help to...well I’m not sure what but he’s pure deliciousness so why not?

How have your weeks been? Has anyone seen the Inbetweeners yet? I can’t wait to see it!

Ooh I also saw Horrible Bosses at the cinema which is VERY funny – go see it!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

And after...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I just cannot contain my excitement anymore! I have been waiting for it for months and months and I’m finally at the point where I can share it with you. Do you remember back in January I spoke about my room being decorated? Well it has taken until now to get to a point where I can unpack all my belongings, find them all homes and really feel like the room is mine.

So would you like to see it? All cream furnishings, cappichino walls and oak furniture?












Chest of drawers and bedside table – Tescos
Floor lamp and table lamp – Argos
Wardrobe handles – John Lewis
Heart ornament – Homebase
Oak wardrobe – fitted by a friendly carpenter :)
Oak mirror - Tescos
Fairy lights – a boutique in Devon
Baskets - Homebase
Photo frames - a little shop in Highcliffe, Dorset

And I’m head over heels in love with my wardrobe!! Ahhhh it’s so pretty and big!! Not quite a walk-in but it’s so much bigger and better than any I’ve had before. And I designed it myself (she says proudly). Would you be interested in a separate post showing its interiors and fittings? That makes it sound really boring doesn’t it but I’m so excited! If you would like a nose, let me know...

Ps, I have soooo many things to get rid of that I don’t wear/need/can’t fit in my room anymore so I was thinking of doing a blog sale – does this sound like something you’d like??

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Sunday Catch Up

This week involved a trip to the seaside, a peruse around a caravan, two flat tyres, almost two cinema trips, alotta alotta lifting, a grand finale, a festival field trek, a continuing rundll32.exe error (*sob*) and a cutey tooty mouse.

Shall I elaborate? Well as you know I spent the weekend in Dorset with my grandparents in which we had a nose around my aunt and uncle’s new caravan (who knew they could be so lovely and modern?!). Over the weekend we had a Chinese takeaway AND fish and chips – I know, I know. After a lovely time away we were literally saying our goodbyes and mum noticed a very very flat tyre. Oh buggar! Don’t worry we got it fixed and were home two hours later than planned buy what can you do? On route we went via Brookfield Farm, a shopping outlet in Cheshunt only to be met my shops shutting early, goods on display being locked away and police car after police car arriving in the car park in preparation for riot prevention. It was a very eventful day! And a tad scary.


(Remember the other day I mentioned how I live practically on a graveyard?? Well here are some snaps to show just how close we are)

As for the cinema trips, I finally saw Harry Potter! I’m not a huge fan but like to see the films and was intrigued to see how it ended. I hope I look that good 19 years on :) I almost saw the new Planet of the Apes film too but again on route, my dad hit a brick in the road (because there are always bricks in the road!?!) and got an immediate flat – they being my dad and brother, blamed me – two in one week, I must be cursed! So an hour sitting on the roadside inevitably meant we missed the film.

To keep the rest brief - after two days, seven rubbish bags, two boxes of unwanted clothes and a sore thumb, my bedroom is done!!!!! And I luurve it! (More to come on that soon). My laptop was fixed by a very kind computer whizz, then promptly broke again, fingers crossed it pulls through! And Friday night was the first official night of the Standon Calling Festival – a huge well-known festival in a teeny tiny village near me. We went with the hope of trying to sneak in but to no avail.


This week will be slightly less exciting as I have a tonne of work to do – yawn. How have your weekends been?

Oh and Molly cat decided to bring us a present, one with a twitchy nose and tail – alive. And we lost it. So yes, there is a mouse somewhere in the house. Beautiful!

Ps, I treated myself to a tripod which will not be used to its best with my little Fujifilm digital camera but it means I can start doing some outfit shots for you! What do you think? Sorry for the ramblings today.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Scented Varnish


Thanks to the kind treats the team at Fabulous Mag handed me on my last day there this April I discovered something I didn’t know existed. Scented nail varnish! Now as you know I have somewhat of a penchant for varnishes at the moment and have been experimenting with new colours and looks.

One of Rimmel’s new scented range was amongst my goodies and what a gorgeous colour it is. As a coral lover Mad About Mango is officially my new fav, and it’s a perfect shade for the summer. Colour aside though (which is a light, pinky coral) its scent is amazing! It only releases the tutti-fruity flavour once applied to the nails so sniffing the bottle is certainly not recommended, unless you like the potent smell of nail varnish that is! The only downside is that you do look a tad strange when your nails smell so good because if you are like me, you will find it hard to resist smelling them.


Unfortunately the scent doesn’t last more than a couple of days but I was very impressed with the quality of the varnish and its consistency. It needs two or three coats as most do but it lasted about five days before any chipping appeared. A good brush and thin-ish varnish makes for a really good finish I find, especially topped with a glossy top coat.

I loved the idea of a scented varnish so much that I bought another last weekend called Passion Fruit. It’s a lovely plum, berry shade with a (yes you guessed it) passionfruit scent! There were other colours in the range which included a lime green, a metallic blue and a hot pink. I guess they all come with their own scent too. You could even mix two together and see what you can make.

As gorgeous as they are, just be careful you don’t smell your nails too much as you may draw a few odd looks! Ooh and they retail at £4.99 which is more affordable than buying my usual OPI treats. SO that equals a happy me!




Ps, I was so excited when I saw ELLE featuring Mad About Mango and at the time I was wearing the colour whilst flying to Skiathos!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Before...


Prepare to be shocked by the sheer, unexpected state of my bedroom. It is messy, unorganised, higgledy-piggledy, unmatching, bomb-site-looking chaos and if you know me, you’ll know that this is totally the opposite of my character. I couldn’t be further from any of these descriptions so living like this was somewhat of a challenge to say the least!


The walls, the bed and the bedding are here to stay but the rest of the crap (that’s to put it politely!) is going, going, going!

I think it’s so important to have a bedroom that you’re happy with, a little sanctuary to call your own and somewhere you can relax in after a busy day. And this was not one of those places!


However things take time as I keep being told but things have finally started progressing...well one thing but THE most important! My fitted wardrobe (squeeeee!!)!! After several designs, talks with the carpenter and alotta lotta waiting, it’s finally been started. Here are the before pictures (awful I know) and the nows (not quite afters yet but we’ll get there soon).


Can’t wait to see and show you the finished room!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake

2011-07-30 14.07.58

Gosh can you believe we are back to a Sunday catch up post again already! Is it just me or did Monday to Friday get skipped this week?! Oh yes I remember they were days when glorious 30 degree weather graced us here in England and where was I? In an office. With the air con blasting. In a chunky knit cardi. Wearing a scarf. Because that makes perfect sense!

Seeing as I am scheduling this post for Sunday and actually writing it on Wednesday (off to Dorset for the weekend to the land of no internet) I can’t actually say for sure if I have a job still next week or not as I find out tomorrow (Thursday, in case your lost) whether I am being extended! So after that babble, I DID have work this week in which I had to say bye to my work chum Chloe as it was her last day...sad face.

2011-07-30 14.12.45

This week saw me on the brink of a mental break down too which was very pleasant. To cut a long story short – FINALLY (!!) have my bedroom furniture, only Tescos (it’s not tacky I promise!) decided that at 8.30am my delivery was delayed and wouldn’t arrive until the next day, but at 3pm it magically appeared. Anyway trying to get through to the store the confirm whether or not I needed to collect it was needless to say a nightmare and followed with six “I can’t get through, I can only suggest you call back in ten minutes madam”’s. ANYWAY, got there, got the furniture. “Where’s the mirror?” “Oh, I don’t know, it’s not here”. Perfect!

And to top it off my laptop has a mahoosive bug which means it won’t open anything. If anyone knows anything about rundll32.exe errors, please could you help me?? I’ll cry if it is broken.

2011-07-30 14.07.07

Aside from a much needed drink with my friend, carpenters in and out of the house and a high consumption of chocolate buttons, my week has been reasonably dull.

Cheer me up with exciting tales from your week...?

2011-07-24 14.28.43

Ps, here’s a sneak peek at some of the items I purchased last weekend – I have a whole post coming up on the soon.

Pps, discovered Kavita’s blog this week and it’s a new favourite of mine. Check it out, although be warned she is super gorgeous and will make you very envious. Enjoy!

2011-07-24 14.25.34

(the title is from a picture my friend sent me once as she thought I'd like it)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pretty Paints





I have a new obsession that many girls have crazed over for years. You may think I’m a late bloomer but I have my reasons. I’ve discovered a love for painting my nails (queue your laughing). This may sound silly and of course I have had my nails painted before but never do I do them myself. When I was younger I worked in a beauty salon so I had them done there and when I wasn’t there, my mum is a trained beauty therapist so never have I had to think about doing my own nails.

I never understood how women painted their own so perfectly as I thought it would be near on impossible to do my right hand with my left. But I had a go, managed it and now I’m getting more a bit more creative.

Never before had I branched away from OPI but I have also realised that highstreet cosmetics brands offer great varnishes! There’s one in particular that I heart but I’ll save that for a separate post – keep your eyes peeled.

My current paintwork is OPI’s (I could never turn my back on them altogether) Koala Bear-y to match my toes. To jazz it up a little though, and taking inspiration from Louise at SprinkleofGlitter, I added sparkles! This is great for when your varnish is looking a little tired and really brings it to life again. Instead of layering on my usual OPI topcoat to re-gloss, I used a basic clear glitter varnish and used it on alternate fingers. This looks lovely over any colour and I’ve had so many compliments!

I’ve used it on a coffee cream colour which looked fab but I’m dying to try it over a dark purple black. However not very summery, so maybe I’ll wait until the winter months for that one.

Do you get creative with your nails? Are there any patterns or artwork that you recommend trying?