Sunday, 21 August 2011

15/8 - 21/08 catch up

15/8 to 21/08 saw me truly becoming a local in the village by visiting the pub (the only thing here except for houses), receive my last wage slip from my job *plus 22 hours holiday!*, do my first food shop in 3 months, wave off my mummy, organise a girly spa retreat, have a cuddle with my friend’s little bubba, and cook my second ever roast dinner (buying a prepared chicken breast with bacon wrapped around still counts doesn’t it?).


This is what I created by painting OPI Honeymoon Sweet over a pretty taupe varnish - and of course added some alternation-ing in there. You like? I do :)

It’s been a semi-productive mish-mash kinda week for me. I’m at that point where I’m finding myself with more free time to tackle my exhaustive to-do summer list yet I tend to sit and watch Youtube videos, catch up on One Tree Hill or do anything else except from work basically. Not good! I haven’t allowed myself any chill-out time between now and finishing my job though which I think has a lot to do with it but time is going so fast and I’m getting in a flap that I’ll be back at uni with all but nothing checked off my list.


At least that chill-out time (sans laptop - totally necessary) will be had as my bestest bud and I have booked an amazing girly stay at a spa hotel! We are super duper excited!! Three days of lounging in a robe and slippers, lying by the pool, eating delicious food and of course being pampered. I can-not wait!

This week I prepare to be the lady of the house as mum has jetted off to Morocco and brother has gone to France – leaving me with the house all to myself – bliss. Some may hate the thought of this but I’m one that loves my own company and doing things in my own time (also there’s no one to create mess except Molly cat but usually she’s well behaved). I already have a girly SATC night planned, a shopping day and a lunch date.


The miserable, dreary day that graced us on Saturday. An invitation from mother to daughter to Morocco isn't too much to ask for is it?

Aside from food purchases this week, I treated myself to the Charlie St Cloud and Couple’s Retreat dvds. I feel like my collection is dwindling somewhat and Zac Efron will definitely help to...well I’m not sure what but he’s pure deliciousness so why not?

How have your weeks been? Has anyone seen the Inbetweeners yet? I can’t wait to see it!

Ooh I also saw Horrible Bosses at the cinema which is VERY funny – go see it!


  1. love your blog :) xx

  2. Ahh thank you Bethany. I've just checked out yours, I love your header! x


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