Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Sunday Catch Up

This week involved a trip to the seaside, a peruse around a caravan, two flat tyres, almost two cinema trips, alotta alotta lifting, a grand finale, a festival field trek, a continuing rundll32.exe error (*sob*) and a cutey tooty mouse.

Shall I elaborate? Well as you know I spent the weekend in Dorset with my grandparents in which we had a nose around my aunt and uncle’s new caravan (who knew they could be so lovely and modern?!). Over the weekend we had a Chinese takeaway AND fish and chips – I know, I know. After a lovely time away we were literally saying our goodbyes and mum noticed a very very flat tyre. Oh buggar! Don’t worry we got it fixed and were home two hours later than planned buy what can you do? On route we went via Brookfield Farm, a shopping outlet in Cheshunt only to be met my shops shutting early, goods on display being locked away and police car after police car arriving in the car park in preparation for riot prevention. It was a very eventful day! And a tad scary.


(Remember the other day I mentioned how I live practically on a graveyard?? Well here are some snaps to show just how close we are)

As for the cinema trips, I finally saw Harry Potter! I’m not a huge fan but like to see the films and was intrigued to see how it ended. I hope I look that good 19 years on :) I almost saw the new Planet of the Apes film too but again on route, my dad hit a brick in the road (because there are always bricks in the road!?!) and got an immediate flat – they being my dad and brother, blamed me – two in one week, I must be cursed! So an hour sitting on the roadside inevitably meant we missed the film.

To keep the rest brief - after two days, seven rubbish bags, two boxes of unwanted clothes and a sore thumb, my bedroom is done!!!!! And I luurve it! (More to come on that soon). My laptop was fixed by a very kind computer whizz, then promptly broke again, fingers crossed it pulls through! And Friday night was the first official night of the Standon Calling Festival – a huge well-known festival in a teeny tiny village near me. We went with the hope of trying to sneak in but to no avail.


This week will be slightly less exciting as I have a tonne of work to do – yawn. How have your weekends been?

Oh and Molly cat decided to bring us a present, one with a twitchy nose and tail – alive. And we lost it. So yes, there is a mouse somewhere in the house. Beautiful!

Ps, I treated myself to a tripod which will not be used to its best with my little Fujifilm digital camera but it means I can start doing some outfit shots for you! What do you think? Sorry for the ramblings today.

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