Friday, 25 June 2010

Jobless Wonderer

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March – Went to Manpower (a job agency) to recruit and hopefully earn myself a full-time job for the summer. Was told by my consultant “Yes we should be able to get you work for sure. Most of our positions are for thirteen week periods so your time frame is perfect for that. That’s excellent that you’re a journalism student too as I can put you down for being able to do audio, which we have a demand for. We haven’t had any other students in yet either who are looking for work so when something comes up, you’ll be the first to know.”

Needless to say I left that day feeling very positive and pleased with myself for getting ahead of the game. Of course I didn’t leave it all up to them and made sure I joined the likes of Reed, Hays, The Dove Partnership, Jobsite and Total Jobs as well. So off I went back to uni for my last semester feeling pleased and hopeful that a job would arise for me from June until September.

It is now June 25th, five days away from July and I have been waiting by the phone for three weeks now.

To say I’m fed up, restless, miserable, disappointed, stressed and bored is an understatement!! This is not what I had in mind for my second to last ‘free’ summer EVER whereby working is not one hundred percent necessary and I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want before the hum drum days arrive of 9-5 with only four weeks holiday per annum. I know my unfortunate lack of work allows for such freedoms and many reading this may think ‘What are you moaning for, I would kill for a month off work!’ But all my friends are working or holidaying, I am on my own all day and there’s only so much Jeremy Kyle and so many dvds a girl can watch before actually going insane!

I have been quite good actually and prepared myself little lists each day as to what I need to do...neurotic and unnecessarily organised I know but I have to set myself things to do so that I actually feel like I’ve accomplished something. Bumming around on the sofa is not my idea of fun, not after a week of it anyway (and it’s certainly not good for my figure as with tv time comes the boredom cravings – chocolate, biscuits, sandwiches, cakes tut tut tut). So each day I have done some exercise, however mild it’s still exercise! I have been writing and trying to find new ways of broadcasting my blog so I receive more hits. (If you have any ideas on that please let me know as whatever I’m doing is making no difference whatsoever!) I’m also reading, house-working, sunbathing when the weather permits and watching my dvd series.

But seriously I have had enough now! I am at the end of my tether with being in the house and unemployed and I am at the end of my very-patient-so-far tether with bloody job agencies!!! I grant them that none have actually promised me a job or given a guarantee as they obviously can’t do that but saying, “as soon as we have something I’ll give you a call”, rather than “sorry love, I don’t think anything will be coming up in the near future” would be so much more helpful and less hopeful. Yes it would be frustrating and disappointing to hear but at least it would eliminate the crazy jumping out of my seat and sliding on the rug routine in a bid to race up the stairs every time my phone rings!

I also hate being posed with the questions ‘What have you been up to?’, ‘How has your day been?’, ‘What are you doing with yourself at the moment?’ Look people I sit all day everyday at home, on my feeling-sorry-for-myself bum, doing nothing because I’ve exhausted everything that I can possibly do already!! So stop asking! And also, ‘Have you heard anything from the agencies?’ Believe me if I had you’d hear about it. You could be in tim-buc-too and you’d hear about it because I’d be singing from the rooftops at the end of my boredom imprisonment.

It’s not through lack of trying though. I’ve applied for umpteen jobs. One that was very very hopeful, I was asking whether or not they had parking it was that promising...only to hear two weeks later (it was supposed to be two days but these job agencies are quite good at stringing you along) that they wanted someone for six months!! So I ask why an earth put me forward for the damn position and get my hopes up so high I could touch the clouds if you were aware of how long the position was for??!! I think a reshuffle is in need as I could do some of these ‘job consultant’s’ jobs better than them!

Not only has the fun-factor been eradicated from my summer so far (and I really wanted to make the most of this one as well), money is playing on my mind. The expense of my accommodation next year leaves me with next to nothing for food so I need some savings to fall back on, I need to save for my New York trip, I wanted to save for a holiday and of course I thought I might actually get to treat myself and go shopping this summer as the student lifestyle kind of robs you of that necessary luxury. But no, none of those are looking anywhere near accomplishable.

I know boo hoo me but I just need to rant and vent about the incompetence of job agencies and how misleading they can be.

You watch, my moaning has probably jinxed me even more now or I’ll get a call soon and then feel really bad!

So I hope you’re happy Mr.Manpower and Mrs.Hays. You have made the start of my summer utter pants. With the false hope you send out and the demoralisation you bring, no wonder so many people are choosing to stay unemployed!!

Ps. But I’m not one of them so please find me a job asap!!!!!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Leona Labyrinth Love ♥ ♥ ♥

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Ok so remember when I said that I thought the show would kick off with a ground-stomping rendition of Oasis’ ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’? Well, I was wrong. Ironically it didn’t even make the 21 song long set list. And do you also remember when I said that I’d rather listen to her sing than try and be a crowd pleaser by asking how everyone’s night is when clearly you are only going to get a unanimous response? Well I stand by that but I was wrong in that she did involve the audience and believe it or not, she danced too!!

These are highly beside the point so I’ll just skip to the fabulous details of the concert but I don’t often like saying I’m wrong so you should be honoured as my blog readers that you have witnessed such rare honesty.

So onto my review. Well what can I say other than to use a very Leona word...AMAZING.

Again as with my last Grace Kelly post, I researched some professional reviews of her concert before embarking on mine and similarly I was met with harsh criticisms but this time, I am in no agreement with them whatsoever. My huge love for her and therefore biased opinion being neither here nor there!

The show kicked off with a booming passage from the children’s film ‘The Labyrinth’, which played host to her tour due to its resemblance to Leona’s life at present – “It’s about a young girl finding her way through a mysterious maze and coming out stronger at the end of it, which is how I feel.” Spotlights then revealed stone archways, animalistic dancers and ribbon twirling acrobats, all within the smoke screen mist that the singer herself appeared from. Hidden beneath a hooded cloak, Leona appeared on stage to the beats of ‘Brave’ (not one of her most popular or moving songs but I understand her choice as the lyrics are most apt for the theme of her show and describe her lost feelings of being in the maze). The cloak was soon removed to reveal a very glamorous, sexier side to Lewis in a tight fitting black dress, embellished with crystals and punky chains, and teamed with highly fashionable over-the-knee leather boots. To complete the look a black, satin headband held back her long, curly, (what I think are extensions) locks back and studded diamontes decorated her eyes.

I was taken aback at her confidence and ownership of the stage. Although she left the dancing pretty much to the dancers (who moved so rhythmically to her songs, especially in ‘Take a Bow’), she certainly used the stage to her best and you could definitely notice huge growth in her performance abilities compared to her X Factor days. She did veer slightly more towards to left hand-side of the stage so perhaps she had family on that side (I on the other hand was on the right). But with a glistening, diamond covered mike in one hand, she did join in with the choreography at points, even if it was just a hip sway or head move, it was more than I had expected.

That was her aim of the show, “to surprise people” and she did just that. Aside from the gentle dance moves, light effects and stage set we saw sides to Leona that we weren’t aware existed. Her communication with her fans being one of them. Not that this was anything like on the scale of Robbie or involved the cringey inclusion of fans on stage, but more of, “how’re you feeling tonight London?”, “I wanna see everyone on their feet”, and small introductions to songs such as “This next song was the first song I wrote for my album Spirit”. Tame yet more than anticipated due to the shy but kindly nature of the girl-next-door character.

And her second-to-last outfit was another surprise and didn’t quite mesh with the angel, heavenly like stage persona idea that I described previously. To the more upbeat, dance version of ‘Outta My Head’ out strut Leona in a black zipped brassiere, high-waisted leggings and a repeat of the knee-high boots. Very unlike her but it worked and certainly achieved in shocking the audience.

I can see why one critic described this moment as the most effective of the whole 105 minutes as it was much more up-beat and energetic but for me, what makes Leona so special and breathtaking to watch (or hear should I say) is her voice, the control she has and the power with which she delivers it. So the most effective point for me was her rendition of ‘First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’. The emotion that this song was sung with and the simple setting that accompanied it (a lone, dark stage, no dancers, just a spotlight on her and her movement as she felt each word of the song) allowed every person in that arena to feel the tingling sensation that the beauty of her voice creates. Every single note was perfect and it was at that moment that the 23,000 fans rose to their feet in awe, not because they were dictated to but out of respect and utter astoundment at what they had just witnessed.

The traditional Leona if I can call it that (what you usually see and expect from her) also played a big part in the show. Two gorgeous gowns; one aqua green with an embellished bodice and removable tiered train, the other (my favourite) a nude coloured ballerina styled dress with a fitted bodice and a tulle tiered, feather skirt played home to that angel like image where by her biggest ballads were sung. Avatar’s ‘I See You’ accompanying the appropriately coloured aqua dress and several unexpected covers with the romantic gown. Those included Barry Manilow’s ‘Could It Be Magic’ sung in a tree (I know what you’re thinking - ‘A tree?!’ but it worked superbly), decorated with hanging, twinkling lights and a bare-footed Leona lying quite happily in the branches (a very pretty set), and then a grounded Leona sitting on a stump singing an acoustic version of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River’. Both sounded stunning of course.

Another favourite of mine, in the same nude dress was ‘I Got You’, which now every time I hear, I picture a Miss Lewis twirling and spinning on stage in a roped swing. Of which she seemed very comfortable with. The whole show did seem very polished, well practiced and poised (as you’d imagine it to be because what would the poor girl do if something were to have gone wrong or spontaneously changed), even down to her footsteps moving in time with the song so that within the last ten beats, she’d reached the back of the stage. But one very minor blip was that her gorgeous tulle train got caught up in the swing and to my horror it looked like Mr Dancer ripped the material (eek!) in his flurry of releasing her.

Finally an encore closed the show with, you guessed it, ‘Bleeding Love’. One critic described her dress for this song as resembling the ‘Big Purple One from the Quality Street tin’ but I loved it. Make way Balmainia, it’s not only the shoulders that can be big but the hips too!

Although slightly unsure of ‘The Labyrinth’ theme at first (mainly because I haven’t seen the film - yet) it worked unanimously with Leona and her very fairytale-esque mind-set. She was once quoted saying “I’d go into my own little world where the colour was pink...a surreal world with animals, somewhere free” and you can believe her one-hundred percent when she says that. Many would call that naive but wanting to live in a candy-cotton dream world is understandable. Luckily for her, I think her dream world has materialised but the animals have become doting fans and the colour has become bright lights on centre stage. And I only pray that her dream continues to flourish so we all have the joy of listening to her astonishing voice forever more.

PS. One of my dreams is to one day meet and interview her as having my own published article about Leona would be heaven. I don’t quite know if I’d get to the interview questions though, one due to the overwhelming effect she has on me which would probably leave me quite speechless, and two I’d just want to listen to her sing for the whole allotted time we had. I don’t know how her family and friends get anything done when she’s around because if I were them I’d want to listen to her voice 24/7. So Leona, I very much look forward to meeting you!

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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Grace Kelly: Style Icon

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One of the article structures I have yet to tackle during my degree is a review. Now although I have a module entitled ‘Fashion History’ whereby we learn all about art, architecture and of course the timeline of trends, all of which being taught by a slightly eccentric but fairly humorous lecturer, I don’t consider myself anywhere near capable of reviewing a said exhibition, gallery or art event. One, because having been taught about Egyptian clothes right through to the 60s in a matter of eight months, I don’t know nearly enough information or facts to fully evaluate, well anything in that area. And two, I am not critical enough and I think to achieve a successful, well regarded review, you need to have a critical mind (mine can be opinionated but not critical, not in the sense of critical evaluation anyway).

This was confirmed for me just a few hours ago actually. You see on my recent trip to London, I paid a visit to the Victoria and Albert museum (a place to which a visit would very much ‘compliment’ my lecturer’s teachings), to see their current exhibition of Grace Kelly – Grace Kelly: Style Icon. My thoughts were that after having viewed it, taken pictures and made notes, I could come back here and attempt to review it for you (I know you’re waiting for the Leona review too but I promise I’m working on it). Well that was until I learnt that pictures were forbidden. And once I was there, my sad little note book didn’t seem as though it could convey the beauty of the dresses with just words. And what else would I actually write about? (You see this is where a ‘How to write a review’ lecture would have come in handy).

So whilst appreciating the fine designs of such talent and the grace that they were once worn with, I made notes on each of the pieces, writing their dates and to which event they were showcased at so I could later put my faith in trusty Google.

Well I have yet to do that as this afternoon, pre-review research, I read what The Guardian, The Independent, and The Telegraph thought of the V and A’s summer display and not one of them actually spoke about the gowns and designer couture, which is what I wrongly presumed would have been the main topic of such a review. Therefore proving my lack of review writing abilities.

Also where as I would have written about the interesting history of each garment, the well presented manner that Grace Kelly’s wardrobe was displayed in, and the enjoyment that I felt whilst browsing the exhibition for an hour or so, the ‘real’ reviews from the nationals, the experts if you will, spoke of its ‘morgue’ like appearance with many headless mannequins, the ‘scraps’ and ‘fragments’ of Grace Kelly that didn’t exemplify her sex-appeal, and the poor displaying of garments and accessories that looked ‘scruffy’ and ‘scuffed’, as though they’d come from ‘a high class Oxfam shop’. Well I never!

I was shocked at how they had interpreted the exhibition and at how critical they were of it but after reading their views and getting a feel for what a professional review should be like, I did begin to agree with parts of them. Now if I were writing this for a print publication I would most certainly have to brush up on my knowledge of the actress turned princess as I only know the basics. And watching some of her films would be a must! But even with my little knowledge of the blonde beauty, thinking about it now with a slightly more insightful and professional mind, I must agree that what made Grace Kelly was her appearance. But it wasn’t just her clothes that created this polished look. It was her natural beauty, her way of always looking her best, her style, her elegance, her demeanour. All of which were created by her personality, mannerisms and natural features as well as her fashion choices.

So what the exhibition couldn’t capture was the true essence of the princess. That is what the critics were getting at, that a room full of empty garments, faceless glasses and well-worn shoes interspersed with reels of motion films (a contradiction to all the still life possessions of Kelly’s) screamed nothing other than these once worn items were a part of what made this timeless woman just that.

Although in part I agree with that statement, as a viewer I still found it fascinating to see her fashion choices, to look at 1950s garments and recognise traits and trends that can once again be deemed fashionable in 2010. To follow a timeline chart from her acting days, her bridal duties and the smooth transition between Hollywood to Royalty that she made seem so effortless. To be surrounded by the beautiful silks, chiffons and tailored suits of an all-time classic fashion icon was quite something. And that isn’t down to my course or future career choices as my mum enjoyed the exhibition just as much as I did, falling in love along the way actually with the black silk chiffon Edith Head dress worn by Grace in Rear Window.

My favourite was the Dior embroidered coral silk jersey dress she wore to DÎner des Tétes in March 1969 with an outrageous yet glamorous beaded plait headdress. Not only because I have a major love for coral but because this dress goes beyond her semi-rigid, conservative dress of tailored jersey dresses, suits and stunning ball gowns. This is a perfect example of Grace Kelly’s ability to balance classy, chic, accessible fashion whilst tastefully testing the boundaries with more unconventional outfits too.

So as much as the exhibition needed a bit of life inserted into it to escape from the slightly morbid tendencies of gazing at a deceased style icon’s wardrobe, it achieved its purpose in displaying to London the importance of this angelic, impossibly photogenic princess’ contribution to fashion.

And I must question those said newspapers as to how they would rather have seen the clothes. Other than adding a Grace Kelly head to each of the mannequins or having them modelled by 21st century look-alikes (which would be impossible due to the garments age) how else do you propose they are displayed? Unless worn, clothes are still-life, they are limp and lack movement so without the owner there to parade them teamed with signature brooches and white gloves, how would you make them less morgue like huh Guardian, Telegraph and Independent art reviewers??

And what I learnt and love most about her is the fact that beautiful, well-crafted clothes were important to her. We all know she was never short of Chanel, Dior, Bohan, or Yves Saint Laurent to choose from but once she had a magnificent garment, she would wear it again and again, regardless of whether she had been seen wearing it at a previous event, (that is why some of the items on display were a little worn and torn). This reveals her true appreciation for gorgeous couture pieces because a dress such as her High Society number should be paraded for all eyes to see again and again, not discarded because cameras had already caught her wearing it like the unappreciative celebrity world we have today.

And who can blame the girl for having worn out her infamous Hermes Kelly bag. If a woman is lucky enough to own such a rarity then wear it every day with pride.

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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Leona Love

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Whilst for most this weekend is significant for the patriotic sporting links to that of the World Cup (of which I am somewhat lacking in ‘the know’ I must ashamedly admit - although I do love the new song that has come with this hyped up event, I’m a big James Corden fan!! Not so much the Dizzy though). So yes for most this weekend means the kick off to what is (fingers crossed) going to be a successful summer for the boys, the beginning of jam-packed pubs and embarrassing shouts to the telly by millions of dedicated fans. But for me, and my mum, this weekend means London. Not just London, but the Hilton. Not just the Hilton but (best bit of all!) LEONA LEWIS!!

I don’t think you know yet but I am a self-confessed Leona lover. She is AMAZING. She actually is the definition of the word. Amazing = Leona Lewis. And mum and I are lucky enough to be going to see her Monday night at the O2!! I am beyond excited!!!!!

I have loved her from the very start of her stint on X Factor in 2006. Yes she was super shy and although very sweet, not greatly entertaining to listen to speaking but singing, well that’s a whole other story. The power behind her, the grace she executes each and every song with and the control of all notes from beginning to end astounds me. Now I’m not a great music whizz, in fact it was my worst subject at school so I won’t pretend to know which notes she hits and in which key because I will just embarrass myself. But I know that from the minute she begins the likes of ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ or ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ she just locks me in. I don’t want her to finish the song and chills are sent down my spine.

Not only does she knock every other artist out of the water (or off the stage) with her vocals, earning her the well-deserved title of ‘The Voice’ but she is in another league to every other music star out there in her performances. Now I know what you’re thinking, “But voice aside, she doesn’t actually perform in an entertaining manner”. Yes she’s no Cheryl with her dancing or Robbie with her crowd gearing but who cares? Her voice is all that is necessary to carry this girl, and it’s worked so far hasn’t it?

Also have you noticed how clever her manager/stylist/PR company have been in creating an almost angel like stage persona for her? When she glides out in countless enviable ball gowns, curls tumbling down her shoulders and the standing delivery of songs she uses to compliment the heart and soul that goes into each performance, you feel as though you are viewing something other-wordly, almost heavenly. Compared to the bumping and grinding of not so shy Rhianna or the booty shaking of Beyonce, Leona could be deemed, dare I say it, boring. But I think that is what separates her from the rest of these untalented just lucky performers.
I’d much rather pay to listen to someone stand there and sing note-perfect and not be as great a crowd-pleaser than all the corny ‘Is everybody having a good time?’ malarchy.

To say that she is my favourite artist to listen to would be an understated truth. I LOVE her music. I’ve always heard music mad people speaking of the escape they feel listening to so and so. How a song or an album can help you feel that little bit better or more clear-minded. Well I always thought that was pretty much nonsense to be honest. But now I understand. I’m not saying that when I’m feeling miserable and homesick at Uni or stressed with work, that listening to Echo or Spirit, or even the CD I made of all her X Factor songs (yes, I did!) that it magically cures all my worries and I’m suddenly happy as larry. I’m not that naive! But it’s a slight comfort and the enjoyment I get out of listening to her rubs off on my mood and raises it. Ta-da!!

So, back to Monday. I have had my ticket since December so a six month wait has been somewhat agonising. Each journey mum and I have been on where we’ve listened to Miss Lewis we’ve discussed which songs we hope she sings, how she will be with the audience (cos let’s face it, the girl’s gotta move a bit more to keep tens of thousands of fans pleased as some might expect more than just ‘The Voice’ in return for the price paid of tickets), and how the stage will be set. It’s a Labyrinth Tour so I’m intrigued to see how it all looks and how the diva herself will look! Beautiful I know but I can’t wait to see her outfits too. Beauty and an amazing voice, I think she’s hogging quite a lot there girls don’t you?

We’ve also envisaged how she will be introduced to the audience. Imagine...lights down, everyone waiting anxiously, expectantly, and the music starts, you hear ‘Hold ooooonnnn’ from the Oasis tune (that she nails in comparison to their version – sorry Noel!), a spotlight from the shadows will reveal a made up, fairytale-esque Leona and the crowd cheers hysterically. Now if that spotlight was moved slightly to the left and up it would reveal a blubbering me standing next to an overwhelmed mum as I just have this feeling I’m going to get really emotional for some reason! (I cried when I got to the Capital Jingle Bell Ball last year as I was late and had missed one of Neyo’s songs! But who can blame me for that?!)

So, after unknowingly the longest post to date, I will now cease my obsessive fan love (is that clapping I hear?) and end with a promise to you that after my London break and fabulous night in the dome, I will be straight back to review for all the first ever Leona Lewis Tour. To say I’m excited just does not cut it.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Sex and the City II...or Abu Dhabi and not much else II

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The long awaited SATC2 has finally reached our screens. For the umpteen amounts of ‘Sometimes you just have to get away with the girls’ trailers I heard/saw and the annoying wines of Alicia Keys ‘Let’s hear it for New York’ that I endured each time,
I expected something spectacular.

After becoming an ultimate SATC fan, addict to the series (of which 1 through 3 I have yet to view) and a serial “player” of the first film, I was super excited to see what other adventures the foursome got up to.

Well my cinema experience got off to the worst possible start. No they hadn’t sold out (buddy and I were sensible and keen enough to pre-book), no they didn’t give me rocky road ice cream instead of gold medal ribbon, and no there wasn’t chewing gum on my seat. The pre-booked ticket collection machine BROKE!!

Okay so maybe it wasn’t THE worst possible start but after two phone calls and three confirmation email checks later, the tickets were in the palm of my hand. Not before I mentioned to the woman in a stir crazy, annoying customer manner (sorry if you’re reading this!) that we were indeed going to be forced to sit in the front row now and look towards the ceiling throughout the two and a half hour long film! But I was driven to this stress through the fashion, sex, drama and killer heels that were awaiting me just metres away through door number 1 and these people were getting in my way. So it was indeed a crisis, right?

Anyway in we went (thank god we had arrived half an hour early) and there were still plenty of good seats left. We even bagged a love-seat...much comfier. And surprisingly enough the cinema stayed empty even through the trailers and adverts. Where were you all women of Britain? This is SATC2 you know, the ultimate feminine, girly movie featuring women you have grown up knowing and who have shared all the same life problems as you! Had you all been let on to a secret that hadn’t yet brushed past my ears???

Well I think that you had, so much for letting the rest of us in on it. Where’s your sisterhood solidarity huh?

Ok maybe that’s a bit much but why oh why do we let ourselves be sucked into the media frenzy behind every sequel/prequel to films that were fabulous first time round and greatly deteriorated when it came to film number two or three? Bring It On, Legally Blonde, even the classic Disneys! If they ended well and you made millions from it, leave it alone people!! You only set us fans up for disappointment.
You wouldn’t have thought this little ruby of a series could flop as a movie though, especially as first time round it completely delivered and more. Will they get married? Will they get back together? Will Charlotte lose the baby? Will Miranda take Steve back? Drama, drama, drama and Vivienne Westwood. Fabulous!!

But second time around girlies, not so good. I admire them for trying and for gracing us with more goings on from the four ladies but did they have to make it dull? I feel ashamed for speaking badly of them because I truly love everything about SATC and no one expected a sensation of a comeback this year more than me but if you had to write down three major big events in the film, what would you write?

They went on holiday?? Yawn. Samantha almost got arrested?? Yawn. Carrie accepted a wedding ring after having been married for two years?? Even bigger yawn!!

There were good parts. I loved the wedding in the opening scenes and Liza Minnelli’s rendition of ‘Single Ladies’ was priceless. Ooh the karaoke night was funny too. And when Samantha shamed the women by revealing her sex life in the middle of the market surrounded by veiled Arabs was hilarious! But then they went on holiday, came home and then rolled the credits. I wanted to see more about their family lives, their work or social lives like we’ve always seen. I know the films are very different to the series but there wasn’t even any shopping in it accept from in an Arab market. There were two steamy scenes, nothing about their careers and nothing that gave you anymore information than in the last film. Honestly, did you learn anything new? I didn’t.

I hate to criticise you Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda, I wanted to love it, really I did. But you didn’t deliver in my eyes I’m afraid. Although I did rather like the glittery, diamonds for the title!

Maybe it’s because since seeing the first film, I have watched the series which is somewhat different. Perhaps I have learned to love the series much more than the movie and therefore the sequel just didn’t quite compare. If that’s the case why continue parading new film trailers in front of our highly expectant eyes and make more of the series instead? At least then there won’t be anymore quabbles over who’s being paid more than others huh Miss Cattrall?

Even though I was kept in the dark about the how good this film was, I’m still pleased I saw it. Because honestly even if I had been warned that it wasn’t up to the designer standards we can all say we expected, I wouldn’t have believed it until I saw with my very own flutterers.

I mean it is Sex and the City after all, and that name comes with a ‘guarantee to be fabulous’ sticker. I guess it must have fallen off with this sequel though. A 2.2 star rating from Movieweb really doesn’t warrant a special guarantee of fabulousness sticker does it now?

So if you’re like me and couldn’t wait to see it, my deepest sympathies and for those that have yet to view it, I’ll spare you the heart-ache---DON’T!!

--If you haven't seen the film and are taking my advice not to, you must just watch Liza do Beyonce here--

a href="">

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Top of da mornin to ya!

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England – known for its fish and chips, bad weather, cockney accents and dirty city.

But whenever I go abroad I am always quite happy to return to the familiarities of the pound, my bed and good old Tescos. Yes I wish I could pack the 28 degree weather in my Louis Vuitton suitcase and laze by the pool until I’ve browned to perfection everyday but as they say ‘There’s no place like home’.

Well actually, there is!

The land of leprechauns, four leaf clovers and Guinness. Yes you’ve guessed it...France! No I’m only joking...IRELAND!!

I have just returned from a week in this beautiful country and it’s safe to say, I was very impressed.

'Why Ireland?' I hear you and many friends ask. To be quite truthful when I got on that plane there was a teeny tiny part of me thinking ‘I wish a sunny beach holiday was awaiting my arrival at the other end of this flight’ but after experiencing Irish life, I am very pleased I surpassed another predictable beach holiday for something a little bit different. So, why Ireland? Well we actually stayed in County Wicklow and I chose this location not because of the rave reviews I had heard and not because of the spectacular scenery it boasted but because of PS I Love You. Not the sweet nothings, romantic signing at the end of a love-letter but the hit film starring dishy Irishman Gerrard Butler. Anyone that loves their rom-coms will know what I’m talking about.

The film was set in County Wicklow and when I watched the scene where Gerry and Holly met, I taught it luked amazin I did (bad attempt at writing in an Irish accent there!) The rolling hills, the vast amount of greenery, the little old cottages. What a romantic setting. Of course Holly and Gerry’s fairytale romance having occurred in Ireland had nothing to do with my holiday decision at all. The thought of my being on a walk or drinking in a pub and meeting a handsome Irishman didn’t influence me at all. Not one bit. Honestly...

But as soon as (ahem) boyfriend and I picked up Percy, our little Nissan hire car, and drove down to Ashford, passing through Dublin, stopping at Tescos and taking in the pretty surroundings, we decided that Ireland is exactly like England---but better!! It’s cleaner, everyone there is so friendly and they have the best accents ever. I couldn’t help but giggle as we sat and drank in a pub, listening to the locals gossip.

And although they actually experience more rainfall than the UK and County Wicklow encountering 170-200 days of rain every year, we had perfect 22 degree weather all week!! Minus the last day but I was coming home anyway so I really didn’t mind. Between all the walking, driving, shopping and site seeing, we even squeezed in a day at the beach where I got away with sunbathing in a bikini!! I wouldn’t have believed it either!

I appreciate that this holiday isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and especially as we’re a young couple you’d think we’d rather be abroad sunning ourselves and drinking cocktails but to have your very own house for a week, cooking together, dining out, and doing something different everyday opposed to the monotonous routine of breakfast, pool, lunch, pool, dinner, drinks, bed, was really enjoyable.

I would be completely fibbing if I said that I’ve gone off beach holidays now and am opting for quieter, country holidays in England or elsewhere from now on because hello, I’m only twenty and have plenty more time for those once I’ve outgrown the sunbathing til I fry weeks away. But it was just a taste of something different.

And this time when I flew home, there was of course the excitement of seeing family and friends again but not one part of me was pleased to be leaving and returning to the comforts of England, because Ireland had all my home comforts and more.

Beautiful, picturesque scenery, breathtaking views, warm weather (I know it just happened to be our luck that week but it still counts!), no aggressive drivers on the roads, lovely little villages, right-hand drive still, good portions of food (they’re certainly not stingy over there like us Brits-the Irish aren’t shy with their helpings), delicious food at that too, Irish beers and ciders, amazing shopping in Dublin (I loved this city, there’s everything that London offers but more, and it’s way cleaner), friendly people, great accent, and not forgetting our gorgeous little cottage with balcony...all loves of mine and the little green country.

I would even go as far as saying I’d move there. Home to Louis Walsh, Westlife, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Farrell, and Jedward, so what’s stopping me?

Hmmm...I think it would be more the above reasons that encouraged my move though don’t you? No offence John and Edward.