Friday, 25 June 2010

Jobless Wonderer

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March – Went to Manpower (a job agency) to recruit and hopefully earn myself a full-time job for the summer. Was told by my consultant “Yes we should be able to get you work for sure. Most of our positions are for thirteen week periods so your time frame is perfect for that. That’s excellent that you’re a journalism student too as I can put you down for being able to do audio, which we have a demand for. We haven’t had any other students in yet either who are looking for work so when something comes up, you’ll be the first to know.”

Needless to say I left that day feeling very positive and pleased with myself for getting ahead of the game. Of course I didn’t leave it all up to them and made sure I joined the likes of Reed, Hays, The Dove Partnership, Jobsite and Total Jobs as well. So off I went back to uni for my last semester feeling pleased and hopeful that a job would arise for me from June until September.

It is now June 25th, five days away from July and I have been waiting by the phone for three weeks now.

To say I’m fed up, restless, miserable, disappointed, stressed and bored is an understatement!! This is not what I had in mind for my second to last ‘free’ summer EVER whereby working is not one hundred percent necessary and I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want before the hum drum days arrive of 9-5 with only four weeks holiday per annum. I know my unfortunate lack of work allows for such freedoms and many reading this may think ‘What are you moaning for, I would kill for a month off work!’ But all my friends are working or holidaying, I am on my own all day and there’s only so much Jeremy Kyle and so many dvds a girl can watch before actually going insane!

I have been quite good actually and prepared myself little lists each day as to what I need to do...neurotic and unnecessarily organised I know but I have to set myself things to do so that I actually feel like I’ve accomplished something. Bumming around on the sofa is not my idea of fun, not after a week of it anyway (and it’s certainly not good for my figure as with tv time comes the boredom cravings – chocolate, biscuits, sandwiches, cakes tut tut tut). So each day I have done some exercise, however mild it’s still exercise! I have been writing and trying to find new ways of broadcasting my blog so I receive more hits. (If you have any ideas on that please let me know as whatever I’m doing is making no difference whatsoever!) I’m also reading, house-working, sunbathing when the weather permits and watching my dvd series.

But seriously I have had enough now! I am at the end of my tether with being in the house and unemployed and I am at the end of my very-patient-so-far tether with bloody job agencies!!! I grant them that none have actually promised me a job or given a guarantee as they obviously can’t do that but saying, “as soon as we have something I’ll give you a call”, rather than “sorry love, I don’t think anything will be coming up in the near future” would be so much more helpful and less hopeful. Yes it would be frustrating and disappointing to hear but at least it would eliminate the crazy jumping out of my seat and sliding on the rug routine in a bid to race up the stairs every time my phone rings!

I also hate being posed with the questions ‘What have you been up to?’, ‘How has your day been?’, ‘What are you doing with yourself at the moment?’ Look people I sit all day everyday at home, on my feeling-sorry-for-myself bum, doing nothing because I’ve exhausted everything that I can possibly do already!! So stop asking! And also, ‘Have you heard anything from the agencies?’ Believe me if I had you’d hear about it. You could be in tim-buc-too and you’d hear about it because I’d be singing from the rooftops at the end of my boredom imprisonment.

It’s not through lack of trying though. I’ve applied for umpteen jobs. One that was very very hopeful, I was asking whether or not they had parking it was that promising...only to hear two weeks later (it was supposed to be two days but these job agencies are quite good at stringing you along) that they wanted someone for six months!! So I ask why an earth put me forward for the damn position and get my hopes up so high I could touch the clouds if you were aware of how long the position was for??!! I think a reshuffle is in need as I could do some of these ‘job consultant’s’ jobs better than them!

Not only has the fun-factor been eradicated from my summer so far (and I really wanted to make the most of this one as well), money is playing on my mind. The expense of my accommodation next year leaves me with next to nothing for food so I need some savings to fall back on, I need to save for my New York trip, I wanted to save for a holiday and of course I thought I might actually get to treat myself and go shopping this summer as the student lifestyle kind of robs you of that necessary luxury. But no, none of those are looking anywhere near accomplishable.

I know boo hoo me but I just need to rant and vent about the incompetence of job agencies and how misleading they can be.

You watch, my moaning has probably jinxed me even more now or I’ll get a call soon and then feel really bad!

So I hope you’re happy Mr.Manpower and Mrs.Hays. You have made the start of my summer utter pants. With the false hope you send out and the demoralisation you bring, no wonder so many people are choosing to stay unemployed!!

Ps. But I’m not one of them so please find me a job asap!!!!!

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