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Leona Love

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Whilst for most this weekend is significant for the patriotic sporting links to that of the World Cup (of which I am somewhat lacking in ‘the know’ I must ashamedly admit - although I do love the new song that has come with this hyped up event, I’m a big James Corden fan!! Not so much the Dizzy though). So yes for most this weekend means the kick off to what is (fingers crossed) going to be a successful summer for the boys, the beginning of jam-packed pubs and embarrassing shouts to the telly by millions of dedicated fans. But for me, and my mum, this weekend means London. Not just London, but the Hilton. Not just the Hilton but (best bit of all!) LEONA LEWIS!!

I don’t think you know yet but I am a self-confessed Leona lover. She is AMAZING. She actually is the definition of the word. Amazing = Leona Lewis. And mum and I are lucky enough to be going to see her Monday night at the O2!! I am beyond excited!!!!!

I have loved her from the very start of her stint on X Factor in 2006. Yes she was super shy and although very sweet, not greatly entertaining to listen to speaking but singing, well that’s a whole other story. The power behind her, the grace she executes each and every song with and the control of all notes from beginning to end astounds me. Now I’m not a great music whizz, in fact it was my worst subject at school so I won’t pretend to know which notes she hits and in which key because I will just embarrass myself. But I know that from the minute she begins the likes of ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ or ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ she just locks me in. I don’t want her to finish the song and chills are sent down my spine.

Not only does she knock every other artist out of the water (or off the stage) with her vocals, earning her the well-deserved title of ‘The Voice’ but she is in another league to every other music star out there in her performances. Now I know what you’re thinking, “But voice aside, she doesn’t actually perform in an entertaining manner”. Yes she’s no Cheryl with her dancing or Robbie with her crowd gearing but who cares? Her voice is all that is necessary to carry this girl, and it’s worked so far hasn’t it?

Also have you noticed how clever her manager/stylist/PR company have been in creating an almost angel like stage persona for her? When she glides out in countless enviable ball gowns, curls tumbling down her shoulders and the standing delivery of songs she uses to compliment the heart and soul that goes into each performance, you feel as though you are viewing something other-wordly, almost heavenly. Compared to the bumping and grinding of not so shy Rhianna or the booty shaking of Beyonce, Leona could be deemed, dare I say it, boring. But I think that is what separates her from the rest of these untalented just lucky performers.
I’d much rather pay to listen to someone stand there and sing note-perfect and not be as great a crowd-pleaser than all the corny ‘Is everybody having a good time?’ malarchy.

To say that she is my favourite artist to listen to would be an understated truth. I LOVE her music. I’ve always heard music mad people speaking of the escape they feel listening to so and so. How a song or an album can help you feel that little bit better or more clear-minded. Well I always thought that was pretty much nonsense to be honest. But now I understand. I’m not saying that when I’m feeling miserable and homesick at Uni or stressed with work, that listening to Echo or Spirit, or even the CD I made of all her X Factor songs (yes, I did!) that it magically cures all my worries and I’m suddenly happy as larry. I’m not that naive! But it’s a slight comfort and the enjoyment I get out of listening to her rubs off on my mood and raises it. Ta-da!!

So, back to Monday. I have had my ticket since December so a six month wait has been somewhat agonising. Each journey mum and I have been on where we’ve listened to Miss Lewis we’ve discussed which songs we hope she sings, how she will be with the audience (cos let’s face it, the girl’s gotta move a bit more to keep tens of thousands of fans pleased as some might expect more than just ‘The Voice’ in return for the price paid of tickets), and how the stage will be set. It’s a Labyrinth Tour so I’m intrigued to see how it all looks and how the diva herself will look! Beautiful I know but I can’t wait to see her outfits too. Beauty and an amazing voice, I think she’s hogging quite a lot there girls don’t you?

We’ve also envisaged how she will be introduced to the audience. Imagine...lights down, everyone waiting anxiously, expectantly, and the music starts, you hear ‘Hold ooooonnnn’ from the Oasis tune (that she nails in comparison to their version – sorry Noel!), a spotlight from the shadows will reveal a made up, fairytale-esque Leona and the crowd cheers hysterically. Now if that spotlight was moved slightly to the left and up it would reveal a blubbering me standing next to an overwhelmed mum as I just have this feeling I’m going to get really emotional for some reason! (I cried when I got to the Capital Jingle Bell Ball last year as I was late and had missed one of Neyo’s songs! But who can blame me for that?!)

So, after unknowingly the longest post to date, I will now cease my obsessive fan love (is that clapping I hear?) and end with a promise to you that after my London break and fabulous night in the dome, I will be straight back to review for all the first ever Leona Lewis Tour. To say I’m excited just does not cut it.

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