Thursday, 24 March 2011

Right as Rain...

I have become somewhat of a product hoarder in the last few months. If it isn’t Benefit products, then it’s lovely Lush treats! I have been a fan of the sweet-smelling store for a good few years now and have always adored their ma-bars (great alternatives to bath bombs which angrily fizz but provide no bubbles – whereas ma-bars smell fabulous and make for a VERY frothy experience - and I’m a bubbly bath kinda gal). But recently I’ve discovered a few new beauties...

After receiving a gorgeous Lush gift box for Christmas filled to the brim with goodies, I have become hooked on Snow Fairy shower gel. Not only does it smell like candyfloss but it sprinkles you with iridescent sparkles as you wash! Shame it’s only around at Christmas time, booo.

In my candy cane box filled with pink delights also came the snow fairy lip tint. Teamed with the bubblegum lip scrub which is of course pink too, you are left with kissabley, soft lips (although be warned, they are NOT edible no matter how delicious they smell!).

My new favourite product however and one that I now swear by thanks to a friend’s recommendation is the Cupcake natural face mask – notice how all of my favourites have sickly sweet names :) Yes girls, these are the way forward! With over ten masks to choose from there is one to suit everyone. Cupcake is actually for teenage, oil-prone skin but due to my oily t-zone and occasional break-out, this suits me perfectly! Just pop the little black pot in the fridge and use two or three times a week. You get six or seven uses out of each pot and at £5.20, I think it is pretty good value. This started as a little treat to myself but now it is a monthly essential! (Note these have an expiry date of approximately 28 days after day of purchase).

A couple of other treasures that I will leave you with are the candy cane ma-bar and Honey I shrunk the kids soap, which is seriously the best smell in that shop by far! You can only imagine how yummy my bathroom smells right now, hmmmm......

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Next time I'll be braver...

In-keeping with the gorgeous weather we’ve had this week, I bought a couple of summer purchases ready for my nearing four months off from uni! I only got to enjoy the sunshine through my window as I slogged away at the computer having felt like somewhat of a recluse these last two days, but it paid off as that’s a bit more work done and a couple more to-do’s crossed off (don’t you love that feeling?).

After another busy week I treated myself to a new bikini for my holiday in July. It’s a cute red polka dot strapless from Primark. The bottoms were £4 and so was the top – bargain! I only like strapless bikini tops as you don’t get strap tan lines, but this comes with a string tie too to make swimming a little more safer!

I’ve wanted some cut-off frayed denim shorts for ages now and came across these in Topshop. They are a stone-washed denim and are actually high-waisted but I got a slightly bigger size so they sit just on my hips (I don’t like them super tight as when you sit down you feel like you’re bulging out a bit!). These were £30 but £27 with my trusty student discount. I can’t wait to wear them!! For now I want to team them with bright tights with a print tee tucked in and a knitted cardi – it’s warmer here in Southampton but not quite leg-bearing weather!

These tights that I picked up in New Look for £2.60 (student discount again!) will go will with them actually. I love their burnt orange/camel tone. I saw a pair very similar in Topshop a while ago but am glad I waited as these were almost a quarter of the price!

I’ve taken on a couple more roles lately that will keep me busy, busy, busy! I’m slightly concerned I’ve taken on too much what with uni work too but we’re on countdown to the summer break now where I will be able to concentrate more on these little extras. I’ll update you more on them as they develop.

Anyone else super excited for the return of The Only Way is Essex tonight?? Role on 10pm and a big dose of Mark Wright hmmmm...

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Rumour has it...

What a week it’s been! I’ll be glad when it is over and can cross it off in my cupcake diary as though it never existed. But before that I have a delightfully dull weekend coming up which consists of two features, interviews, and web designing as I mentioned previously that I also can’t wait to see the back of.

On a more positive note, I had my very first ‘London business meeting’ on Tuesday. Ok, it wasn’t exactly ‘business’ and was held in a quirky bar instead of an office but surely that’s much better right? I was meeting with the creative partners of the site InsideUni that I write for. It’s a cool little student site that has lots of potential, especially with what they and in turn I, have planned for it. You can pay it a visit here.

It was slightly daunting wandering around Hackney trying to find this bar in rush hour but I found it fine (with the help of my touristy Google map – and a kind man!) and was the first to arrive. Subsequently I was the only girl there the whole time but everyone was lovely. Wandering around the city makes me feel so grown up and independent – and to be walking around the area where Leona lived before her fame made it even better!! Yes I know, I’m a sad crazy fan, but I love her.

After my ‘meeting’ I then met my dad for drinks and dinner in this ultra swish bar/pub in Bank. I love the atmosphere of an evening in London and how everyone goes for a drink after work in their smart attire, they all look so sophisticated! As much as I loved the place with its dim lights and loud music that made it feel like midnight opposed to 7 o’clock, it was not the best for having a catch up, with dad and I shouting across the table to eachother. A definite must-go-there-with-friends place though!

Gosh I can’t wait for my working in London days and being part of that bustling night crowd!

Sadly though, this did mean I missed out on pancakes...oh and I had to stand for an hour on my train back – note to self: the motion of a moving train and a burger is not a good combo!

Ooh I also had a photoshoot today for a magazine that I’m being featured in.Exciting huh? I’ll post the pics as soon as I receive them.

Hurry up Sunday so I can bask in the delights of Dancing on Ice (yes I am 21) and say a long farewell to this crummy week!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Everybody in short skirts, shorts and shades...

Today is the first time this year I have felt summery. Those small, fizzy bubbles of excitement are starting to appear at the thought of warm weather, being home and a highly craved break from uni work. Don’t get me wrong, it is still as cold as my melted but now re-frozen tub of Ben and Jerry’s here in the South! But the sun is shining as bright as it can, filling my living room with warmth and light and making the view so much prettier than on a drab, grey day.

I’m on the HOME-ward (!) stretch to this time now, it is finally in sight. But before then I have a disgusting amount of work to do and a very busy agenda. This week I have a meeting in London to go to tomorrow meaning I’ll have to miss uni and catch up on another day. Then Wednesday I am meeting my mum for a desperately needed cuddle, chat and pick-me-up (I just couldn’t wait another four weeks and as she’s so close, I couldn’t miss the opportunity!). Meaning another uni day will be missed – but sometimes it’s necessary.

My stepping stones that lead to a fun filled summer also include four more features (totalling about 6000 words!!), a website creation, being editor of my own magazine, finishing a review on the ‘Future Beauty’ exhibition at the Barbican – go see it!! – and three work experience placements! Phew! And in-between all of that I need to keep up my writing commitments, blog, pack up my room, oh and have a social life!

What a lot to do in less than two months...

But I have these to keep me company, and these little fellas to keep me amused – courtesy of my Nan, aren’t they cute?

Also, I'm letting myself in for controversy here and some critical comments but my first debate piece was published today about the student life - if any fellow students want to have read you can here (I'm hoping it will encourage comments and further debate).

Friday, 4 March 2011

'But sometimes it hurts instead...'

Well hello there, long time no speak. I haven’t blogged in four months now due to lack of inspiration, a tonne of uni work and simply because I wasn’t enjoying it as much anymore. But after having a break, I do believe the bug to blog has kindly returned.

Now a lot has happened in the four months I’ve been absent, some good, some bad, some hideously ugly but I’m ready for a fresh start now. And this means a new header (as you can see, with thanks to Sarah), a revamp of my blog style (bear with me on this one, it will be trial and error as to what works best), and possibly a new hair style in the pipeline!

So aside from having an emotional few months, what have I been up to whilst I’ve been on blog vacation?

*I turned 21!!
*I moved house
*I took on my first paid writing position
*I designed my own magazine (still in progress)
*I was published in print for the first time...eeek!!
*I threw my first New Year’s Eve party
*I branched out on my make-up products and have now become somewhat of a Benefit freak
*I had my first spa day experience
*I saw The Saturdays!!
*I started running

So you see I have been a busy bee but I will really try hard to schedule in a few precious hours a week to blog and update you all. I’m not going to stick to a rigid posting schedule like I did previously and will simply write what I feel, when I feel like it. Writing is a great way to express yourself when you can’t say what you really want to, so blogging will be a vent for me as it is for many others.

I’m really excited about starting up WrittenandPosted again and hearing from you all!!