Thursday, 24 March 2011

Right as Rain...

I have become somewhat of a product hoarder in the last few months. If it isn’t Benefit products, then it’s lovely Lush treats! I have been a fan of the sweet-smelling store for a good few years now and have always adored their ma-bars (great alternatives to bath bombs which angrily fizz but provide no bubbles – whereas ma-bars smell fabulous and make for a VERY frothy experience - and I’m a bubbly bath kinda gal). But recently I’ve discovered a few new beauties...

After receiving a gorgeous Lush gift box for Christmas filled to the brim with goodies, I have become hooked on Snow Fairy shower gel. Not only does it smell like candyfloss but it sprinkles you with iridescent sparkles as you wash! Shame it’s only around at Christmas time, booo.

In my candy cane box filled with pink delights also came the snow fairy lip tint. Teamed with the bubblegum lip scrub which is of course pink too, you are left with kissabley, soft lips (although be warned, they are NOT edible no matter how delicious they smell!).

My new favourite product however and one that I now swear by thanks to a friend’s recommendation is the Cupcake natural face mask – notice how all of my favourites have sickly sweet names :) Yes girls, these are the way forward! With over ten masks to choose from there is one to suit everyone. Cupcake is actually for teenage, oil-prone skin but due to my oily t-zone and occasional break-out, this suits me perfectly! Just pop the little black pot in the fridge and use two or three times a week. You get six or seven uses out of each pot and at £5.20, I think it is pretty good value. This started as a little treat to myself but now it is a monthly essential! (Note these have an expiry date of approximately 28 days after day of purchase).

A couple of other treasures that I will leave you with are the candy cane ma-bar and Honey I shrunk the kids soap, which is seriously the best smell in that shop by far! You can only imagine how yummy my bathroom smells right now, hmmmm......


  1. OMG Snow Fairy Shower gel is my absolute favourite! I stock up on it every xmas!!! :) XxX check my blog out if u fancy,

  2. I know it's gorgeous isn't it :) I already have a regular browse my love and I've become your latest follower! x x x

  3. Mmm me too they are delish! :)


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