Monday, 7 March 2011

Everybody in short skirts, shorts and shades...

Today is the first time this year I have felt summery. Those small, fizzy bubbles of excitement are starting to appear at the thought of warm weather, being home and a highly craved break from uni work. Don’t get me wrong, it is still as cold as my melted but now re-frozen tub of Ben and Jerry’s here in the South! But the sun is shining as bright as it can, filling my living room with warmth and light and making the view so much prettier than on a drab, grey day.

I’m on the HOME-ward (!) stretch to this time now, it is finally in sight. But before then I have a disgusting amount of work to do and a very busy agenda. This week I have a meeting in London to go to tomorrow meaning I’ll have to miss uni and catch up on another day. Then Wednesday I am meeting my mum for a desperately needed cuddle, chat and pick-me-up (I just couldn’t wait another four weeks and as she’s so close, I couldn’t miss the opportunity!). Meaning another uni day will be missed – but sometimes it’s necessary.

My stepping stones that lead to a fun filled summer also include four more features (totalling about 6000 words!!), a website creation, being editor of my own magazine, finishing a review on the ‘Future Beauty’ exhibition at the Barbican – go see it!! – and three work experience placements! Phew! And in-between all of that I need to keep up my writing commitments, blog, pack up my room, oh and have a social life!

What a lot to do in less than two months...

But I have these to keep me company, and these little fellas to keep me amused – courtesy of my Nan, aren’t they cute?

Also, I'm letting myself in for controversy here and some critical comments but my first debate piece was published today about the student life - if any fellow students want to have read you can here (I'm hoping it will encourage comments and further debate).


  1. Mmmm they're yummy :) believe it or not they are left from christmas! And I'm supposed to be a chocoholic!


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