Thursday, 10 March 2011

Rumour has it...

What a week it’s been! I’ll be glad when it is over and can cross it off in my cupcake diary as though it never existed. But before that I have a delightfully dull weekend coming up which consists of two features, interviews, and web designing as I mentioned previously that I also can’t wait to see the back of.

On a more positive note, I had my very first ‘London business meeting’ on Tuesday. Ok, it wasn’t exactly ‘business’ and was held in a quirky bar instead of an office but surely that’s much better right? I was meeting with the creative partners of the site InsideUni that I write for. It’s a cool little student site that has lots of potential, especially with what they and in turn I, have planned for it. You can pay it a visit here.

It was slightly daunting wandering around Hackney trying to find this bar in rush hour but I found it fine (with the help of my touristy Google map – and a kind man!) and was the first to arrive. Subsequently I was the only girl there the whole time but everyone was lovely. Wandering around the city makes me feel so grown up and independent – and to be walking around the area where Leona lived before her fame made it even better!! Yes I know, I’m a sad crazy fan, but I love her.

After my ‘meeting’ I then met my dad for drinks and dinner in this ultra swish bar/pub in Bank. I love the atmosphere of an evening in London and how everyone goes for a drink after work in their smart attire, they all look so sophisticated! As much as I loved the place with its dim lights and loud music that made it feel like midnight opposed to 7 o’clock, it was not the best for having a catch up, with dad and I shouting across the table to eachother. A definite must-go-there-with-friends place though!

Gosh I can’t wait for my working in London days and being part of that bustling night crowd!

Sadly though, this did mean I missed out on pancakes...oh and I had to stand for an hour on my train back – note to self: the motion of a moving train and a burger is not a good combo!

Ooh I also had a photoshoot today for a magazine that I’m being featured in.Exciting huh? I’ll post the pics as soon as I receive them.

Hurry up Sunday so I can bask in the delights of Dancing on Ice (yes I am 21) and say a long farewell to this crummy week!

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