Sunday, 20 March 2011

Next time I'll be braver...

In-keeping with the gorgeous weather we’ve had this week, I bought a couple of summer purchases ready for my nearing four months off from uni! I only got to enjoy the sunshine through my window as I slogged away at the computer having felt like somewhat of a recluse these last two days, but it paid off as that’s a bit more work done and a couple more to-do’s crossed off (don’t you love that feeling?).

After another busy week I treated myself to a new bikini for my holiday in July. It’s a cute red polka dot strapless from Primark. The bottoms were £4 and so was the top – bargain! I only like strapless bikini tops as you don’t get strap tan lines, but this comes with a string tie too to make swimming a little more safer!

I’ve wanted some cut-off frayed denim shorts for ages now and came across these in Topshop. They are a stone-washed denim and are actually high-waisted but I got a slightly bigger size so they sit just on my hips (I don’t like them super tight as when you sit down you feel like you’re bulging out a bit!). These were £30 but £27 with my trusty student discount. I can’t wait to wear them!! For now I want to team them with bright tights with a print tee tucked in and a knitted cardi – it’s warmer here in Southampton but not quite leg-bearing weather!

These tights that I picked up in New Look for £2.60 (student discount again!) will go will with them actually. I love their burnt orange/camel tone. I saw a pair very similar in Topshop a while ago but am glad I waited as these were almost a quarter of the price!

I’ve taken on a couple more roles lately that will keep me busy, busy, busy! I’m slightly concerned I’ve taken on too much what with uni work too but we’re on countdown to the summer break now where I will be able to concentrate more on these little extras. I’ll update you more on them as they develop.

Anyone else super excited for the return of The Only Way is Essex tonight?? Role on 10pm and a big dose of Mark Wright hmmmm...


  1. Soooo looking forward to The Only Way is Essex.

    Love the bikini and cut off's I have been buying Levis off ebay to cut off into shorts xoxo

  2. oh my god...i bought this bikini yesterday too! haha :) its soo nice isnt it?! I already had a red polka dot one , but i liked the frill on this one and halterneck! =) xxx

  3. It was good to have it back on our screens wasn't it?? :) That's a great idea, or cutting up old jeans to make shorts works quite well x x

    Emily - Really?! It's so nice, I love it, and it was good that they came separately then you can get different sized top and bottoms :) It's really cute, can't wait to wear it! x x x


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