About me

I'm a successful feature columnist at ELLE - well not quite yet but I'll get there - as for now I am a fashion journalism graduate and freelance journalist, seeking an in to the editorial world - so I am heading in the right direction!

Written and Posted is a place where I can write whatever takes my fancy, and being the beauty obsessive that I am, this usually involves posts with a big helping of cosmetics, a cup full of skincare, and a spoonful of nail art. Plus a sprinkle of lifestyle for good measure! I like to share with you my current passions, the things I take an interest in and those that make me smile. I hope you enjoy reading my words as much as I love writing them.

"Not quite a beauty blog, not quite a lifestyle blog. But an outlet for my passions. A place for notes, thoughts, loves and progression."

Welcome to my world... ♥