Thursday, 30 September 2010

Recommendations: Going The Distance

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How many of you can honestly say that you’ve seen a great film this month? I love going to the cinema or having movie nights in but it does become rather tiresome seeing the same old predictable-type story lines and coming out saying, “It was ok”. Especially with the price of tickets as high as they are!!

But last week, on Orange Wednesday, I went to the cinema (more because I wanted to go than because of a particular film) and was pleasantly surprised! I picked the film a) because there was nothing else I fancied and b) because I like the actors in the film so thought it would be good. And it was!!!

‘Going The Distance’ with Drew Barrymore and the geeky guy from Britney’s ‘Crossroads’ was the funniest film I have seen in ages!! It also features Christina Applegate who I loved from her appearance in ‘Friends’ as Rachel’s sister Amy and together, the three of them make for a very amusing cast. (PLUS - Long's friend in it is actually HIL-arious!!)

The story is obvious from the title but Barrymore is in New York for a summer internship and meets Justin Long, and soon they become inseparable for her six remaining weeks. When crunch time comes and she has to return home, they attempt the long distance haul and see each other occasionally due to her living on the other side of America.

Drunken phone calls, late night phone sex and many many embarrassing moments at Applegate’s house, form some of the couples portrayal of how hard long distance relationships can be. Do they pull through? Well I won’t spoil that one for you so go along and see it for yourself.

If you’re about to part from your boyfriend due to university, this is a great mood lifter, distraction and a positive take on a huge step.

It’s silly, romantic, intriguing and literally has you laughing out loud which I think is always a good thing from a film. A great all-rounder I’d say!

Ps, Don’t forget to enter my giveaway. I haven’t had one entry yet (sad face) so it looks like I might get to keep the goodies for myself, but I’d much rather a follower have them so please enter! xx

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Essentials: University Survival Kit

Due to the nature of my week and the return to lecture theatres, library nights and hefty reading, I thought I would provide you with the key essentials for being at university.

The Book Bag – You can’t carry everything you need without one! This year I’ve gone for the popular tan satchel (Primark £9). It fits everything in neatly and can be worn over the shoulder or simply carried. Some students come to lectures with teeny tiny handbags and carry and plastic bag with their book in. Would you not rather carry everything in one lovely bag girls?

The Pencil Case – Not essential as you could probably get away with just using a pen at uni but for organised people like myself, to put it all in one cute case just makes life easier (opposed to delving into the bottom of your bag for a biro!). Mine is the same one I used for my first year but I loved the little cupcakes on it too much to get a new one (Next, £5).

The Pukka Pad – Now paper is VITAL for obvious reasons, but a pukka is not. They just work best for me as, despite being very heavy, they have section dividers (5 to be exact) and guess how many modules I have...5!!! So this works perfectly for me as all the work for each subject can all stay together (G&Ts in Dorset, £1.99 but you can buy them in any stationers or Tescos).

The Jumper/Coat – Always be prepared with layers. You never know if a lecture theatre is going to be boiling hot or freezing cold so if you have layers, you can accommodate either. And if you’re in an unpredictable area of the country like me, an umbrella is advisable. I was caught out today and so after learning my lesson, bought a raincoat to take shelter in as it drizzles (Topshop, £28).

The Post-it-notes – this colourful jems are my lifeline at uni. You will need them for marking pages, writing to-do’s and to brighten up your books when it comes to revision. Perhaps maybe put a to-do on a post-it, stick it up, make a collection and as you complete them, feel the satisfaction of taking it down and throwing it in the bin! (A present from my Dad).

The Laptop – number one on your list of things to invest in. You WILL use it everyday, without fail. Not necessarily at uni like I thought before I started but with the amount of research, Googling and essays you have to write, a lappy-top (preferably a pretty coloured one to make the worse seem less horrendous) is essential.

There are many many other essentials needed for university but these six are my top items for an ordinary day of lectures, seminars and homework. Having these won’t make the work less stressful or your deadlines longer, but they certainly help!

Ps, don’t forget to enter my giveaway!! xx

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

50 Followers Only Means One Thing...GIVEAWAY!!

I owe you all a ma-hoosive thank you!! I’ve reached over 50 followers now which only means one thing....I can now reveal my giveaway prize!!

Here’s what I have up for grabs for you (these are all reflections of my blog and mostly previously mentioned products that I highly recommend):

1. Blush Batiste Dry Shampoo (on the go size!)
2. Simple Eye Make-up Remover (cute travel size – and great as samples)
3. Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser (cute travel size)
4. Soap&Glory The Righteous Butter (cute travel size)
5. Strawberry Lipsalve
6. Rimmel Mini Make-Up Palette (including 6 eyeshadows, 1 powder blusher and 4 lipglosses)

Initially I said that I would reveal the prize once I reached 50 followers and actually open up the giveaway once I reached 100. But to everyone that have already followed me, I feel this is a little unfair on you. So I have now decided that the competition will be open from tonight BUT (!!) if I receive another 46 followers in the next four weeks (aiming high) then I will add a couple more goodies to the giveaway!!

So onto the conditions—You have to be a follower of my blog to enter and become a fan of my facebook page. In order to enter you have to leave me a comment saying which of my post styles you like to read the most so I have an indication of what is popular amongst you bloggers, and what is not. Along with your ‘response’ please leave your email address (or if you don’t want to, make sure I can contact you via your blog) so that if you win, I have a means of letting you know. If you win it is required that you write a post about my blog and the giveaway on your blog. The giveaway is open internationally.

The closing date is 29th October 2010 but if I reach 100 or more followers by then,
I will add to the giveaway
!! So get recommending WrittenandPosted everyone in order to be in with a chance of winning more!!

Please feel free to post about my giveaway on your blog in the mean time and
recommend it. That would be lovely.

Thank you again

If you have any questions about the giveaway please ask away.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Updates: Meet My New Southampton Family!

Well after the impossible amount of packing, the lugging, and the fights with many coat hangers, I made it! I am officially back in Southampton and settled into my lovely new abode.

As my room and the flat itself are still under ‘construction’, I thought as an alternative to introducing you to the house (all in good time!), I will introduce you to my new little family instead. Meet my housemates...

Ellen – Great friend, course mate and a fellow blogger! I met Ellen via facebook actually and would regularly chat to her before we started uni but we finally met after a welcome meeting during fresher’s week. We got on like a house on fire and from then we have been great friends. She is super bubbly, very smiley and is always always talking! I have never lived with her before but am so excited to be only two doors away.

Michelle – Another fellow Writing Fashion and Culture girl and creator of the fab blog Daisybutter. I haven’t known Michelle as long as either of my other housemates but am excited to get to know her more. She is so easy to get on with, is a hard worker (like me!) and has the most beautiful skin. She is also very creative and actually helped with the design and layout of my blog. It’s fabulous to have two course mates under the same roof as me for help, inspiration and someone to cry to when it all becomes too stressful!

And last but not least...Grace – She is my bestest buddy from home and was my neighbour throughout the first year of uni so it’s only right (and essential!) that she’s my neighbour for the second year too! We have been friends for almost 8 years now and I wouldn’t be without her. I’m afraid Grace is the odd one out in our flat as she’s studying criminal psychology, and is not a blogger! But we love her all the same!

And coincidently, as well as us all being fashion lovers, food-ies, and complete
girly girls, we’re all from Hertfordshire! There’s only a maximum of forty minutes between us all at home and a metre stride in the Herts House!

Keep your eyes out for interior pictures of the flat and my boudoir. I can’t wait for the finishing touches to be made to show you all!

Have any of you also started back at uni yet? How are you getting on?

Ps, I have introduced a response option at the end of each of my blogs. This will allow me to see which style posts are popular and which are not so much so I know what my readers enjoy seeing. If you could click on a response to a post to tell me what you think, it would be hugely appreciated! Thank you!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Recommendation: To-Do Lists

(Images sourced from

I am a bit of an organisational freak I must confess. Everything must have its place, work must always be done slightly ahead of schedule and I must always have a plan. Some may say neurotic, I say plain old prepared. It’s just necessary to have structure for me and something that I couldn’t live without is a to-do list.

In theory I don’t like having one because it means I’ve got so much to do at that time that I actually had the need to write it all down! But the satisfaction I get from ticking off (or as I like to, scribble it out) each job as it’s completed, is half the reason I have one in the first place.

Currently I have four lists on the go (!). One with things to do before I go back to uni, one with article ideas, one with blog ideas and one with ideas for my MRH writing commitments. Usually they’re written in my little pink (not black!) book but it’s slightly too small and getting a bit fiddley to jot things down in. So I grabbed the next best thing...a print out of information I received when last visiting the doctors! I must not lose it!!

However when I’m back at uni I have a gorgeously cute cupcake white board to write all my uni work down on and it can be wiped off when it’s competed! Fabulous! This was a Christmas present from my mum last year and is from New Look.

I have had so much going on this week and sadly I’ve had to bump things off my list that were to be done before Sunday  and will therefore not be completed in time which makes me feel rubbish actually (I like finishing what I’ve set out to do, again some may say controlling, I say sensible!).

Here’s what my to-do list was like in preparation for returning to uni:

Mon – Blog, Write Agony Aunt Post
Tues – Blog, Write an Article, Think of Article Ideas For a Publication
Wed – Blog, Think of Article Ideas For Another Publication, Submit Ideas
Thurs – Blog, Write Next Week’s Tips and Tricks Post, Write & Schedule Friday’s Blog, Pack For Weekend
Fri – Away in Thetford
Sat – Away in Thetford
Sun – Blog, Write and Schedule Monday’s Blog, Do Collage, Ring Uni
Mon – Shopping all day in Cambridge
Tues – Blog, Hair Cut, Write Agony Aunt Post for Next Week, Start Packing Room into Boxes, Ring Uni
Wed – Blog, Write Press Release for MRH, Write Article for MRH, Ring Car Insurance
Thurs – Blog, Pack Room Up, Pack for Uni, Write Press Release for MRH, Cancel Car Insurance
Fri – Blog, Write Article, Finish Packing Up Room, Pack for Uni
Sat – Pack for Uni, Out for Afternoon and Evening
Sun – Moving in Day!!!!

Busy busy bee. And there’s also having a social life around all these tasks...but I’ve nearly got there minus a few things.

I wouldn’t have got through this mound of tasks without my trustee lists so I highly recommend you try them when you’re next faced with a mountain of to-do’s!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Essentials: Philosophy's Spiced Apple Cider

I have committed a product crime. We all know it’s a rule to change your mascara every six months, your tooth brush every three and to always use your creams, lotions and potions by their expiry date (or when the little picture of an open lid stating how many months the product lasts for once opened is present).

But I have hoarded one particularly delicious 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash for almost 5 years now!! A sin I know. But I cannot seem to part with it, neither by using it, or throwing it in the bin.

My imprisoned, probably gone-off product is ‘Philosophy’s Spiced Apple Cider’ and it is the most heavenly scent I have ever smelt, washed with or bathed in. A quick flip of the cap instantly transports you to December, with a Christmas tree twinkling in the corner and mince pies baking in the oven...amazing!

It also holds great significance to me for I bought it during my trip to New York when I was sixteen. The four day shopping break was a gift from my mum, the best gift I have ever received believe it or not!! And I picked up this Philosophy beauty in Sephora, another little heaven in its own right.

I started off just using it for occasions when I got home as I wanted to save it, and then it just ended up living in my drawer and never being shared with water. Terrible! But it’s not a product you’ve just picked up in Tescos and are willing to share with the rest of the bathroom users! This is a transatlantic gift to myself all the way from New York, and was the only beauty related item I bought bar an eyeliner!

But I realise now me not using my ‘Spiced Apple Cider’ is like having a dog and not walking it, like owning a Berkin bag and not carrying it on your arm with pride, like being Coco Chanel and not sharing your designs! A complete and utter waste! So I vow now to use it, perhaps not everyday and maybe it’s not to be left unsupervised in the bathroom. In fact I think it would be much safer moving with me to Southampton!

Ps, please don’t forget to leave your comments and any questions on Formspring, I just love to hear from you!! Is there anything in particular you would like to see more of? x

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wardrobe Additions

Another trip to Cambridge on Monday has resulted in another ‘Wardrobe Additions’ post. I love these posts, one because I like to show you my outfits and hear what you think, and two, me having to write this post means I have new goodies to play around with and look forward to wearing!!

I didn’t go with an idea of what I wanted particularly but it was these items that jumped out and came home with me. (Ps the camel colour cardigan is a complete copy of the Topshop version as Lizzie pointed out in her fab blog Quite Quaint. They are literally identical but have a massive £35 price difference!!)

(In order of how they appear - not all items pictured are new, I have only listed the new purchases below)

Bow cotton tights, Primark, £3
Grey cotton tights, Primark, £2
Black bow tights, Primark £2
100 denier black tights, Primark, £2
Khaki peg leg trousers, H&M, £19.99
Maroon baggy t-shirt, Topshop, £15
Purple off the shoulder top, Topshop, £16
Camel scarf, a scarf stall, £3
Camel cardigan, Primark, £7
Grey horse jumper, Primark, £11

Please let me know what you think of my outfits. I’m not the best at piecing clothes together but like to think I keep on-trend.

I have had the busiest week so far and it’s not about to slow down any time soon, stay posted for what I’ve been up to and what is to come during the rest of my week!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Update: The Saturdays New Video Release!

Wahooo!! It's here! As a dedicated viewer of The Saturday's 24/7 reality tv show I've been waiting almost a week now to see the full video for their new song 'Higher'. After hearing an exclusive perfomance of it on their show about three weeks ago, I fell in love with it. And last weeks final episode showed the filming of 'Higher' so I couldn't wait to see the finished version. And as of yesterday, it's here!

Fellow 24/7 followers will know the ins and outs of the filming of 'Higher' but for the rest of you here's a few sneaky secrets...

-The video was filmed at Fox Studios in LA and was the The Sats biggest video yet
-They wanted the New York set to be a cross between Fame and Sex and the City
-Frankie had dyed her hair two days previous to shooting and here her new blonde locks are revealed for the first time
-This was the first time that the girls danced (partly) freestyle, not everything was choreographed
-They were all blown away by the set, the amount of people that were there for them and the fact they were filming a music video in the Fox Studios in LA, as Molly described it, 'It's so surreal!'

I love love love this song and think the girls look amazing in the video. I can't wait to hear them sing this in February! Oh the excitement!! Any other fans?

Ps, does Molly remind you of anyone? A slight alikeness to Will Young at all?? I think it's the way she talks and her mouth reminds me of him too. No, just me? By the way I don't mean that in a bad way, she's one of the prettiest members...x

Monday, 20 September 2010

Just to say...

Just a quick add on from today's post. Coincidently my blog was featured in the 'Student Blogger's Alliance' profile of the day post!

Here's what yours would look like if you joined too...

Recommendation: The Student Blogger Alliance

Calling all student bloggers! Have you been thinking of inventing a site/space/forum where by student bloggers can share their blogs, stories, contacts and work??

Well stop that thinking because someone’s beat you to it!!

Introducing ‘The Student Blogger Alliance’, ‘a blog designed to unite student bloggers, to network their work and generate some interesting content and debate!’ The blog features daily posts of various student bloggers and of course their blogs, making it a great place to seek out new reads (and there are short descriptions of what they write about so you can see whether it interests you) but also a fab way to network.

As well as another means of advertising your blog and directing traffic straight to you, SBA is a way for students to interact, get to know each other and to share great opportunities for keen bloggers and writers.

I joined about a week ago and have yet to have my blog mentioned in a daily post meaning they must have a lot of students who’ve joined already! If this sounds like something you might be interested in, it’s really easy to join. Just click on ‘Join Us’ on their blog and fill in a few details including your name, email, blog address and some information about the blog, and voila!

They also host a forum to make interacting with other members easier. I think SBA is a great idea and love that the concept is simply to unite all student bloggers, and we all know there’s a hell of a lot of us!

Check out their Facebook page as well as the blog itself. And I’ll see you all on there!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Essentials: Gift Shop Love Discovery

As well as coming away from Thetford forest rested, happy and a few pounds heavier, I also took from my trip a new found love of gift shops. Although labelled as ‘gift shops’ under the yellow pages despite each shop actually being its own individual un-franchised boutique, I say ‘interior design accessories’ is a more accurate way of describing the products they offer.

The first time I came across these gorgeous items was actually in a PDSA charity shop in a small, quirky town called Diss (very pretty). They held a small collection of hand-made wooden decorations for the home such as wooden painted photo frames, door hangings reading ‘Home Sweet Home’, cute animal doorstops and trinket boxes to house your most treasured possessions. From this first encounter, I was like a dog seeking out treats (accept I’m a girl and I was seeking ‘interior design accessory’ shops!). And surprisingly there were loads! Granted we did do quite a bit of town hopping in search for them but what can I say, I was on a mission!

( - how the shop displays look - gorgeously cute don't you think?)

These little boutiquey shops are so gorgeous. The way everything is displayed makes for a very wary customer but the stock is amazing and everything is hand-crafted so although there might be a couple of each item, there are all slightly different. I like the thought of having unique items in my bedroom.

So, with a rather large bedroom in Southampton to decorate and a new bedroom at home to kit out (oh by the way, I’m moving house very soon!) I bought a few bits...

For Southampton --

A hand-crafted wooden heart door hanging (£3.99 in PDSA, Diss)

A strawberry flag bunting (£5 in a shop in Diss)

A fairy doorstop (£9.50 in Elveden Estate shops, Thetford)

I’m going for a mish-mash of all colours but all cute items for my new flat room. Anything to brighten it up and make it look homely, which I think these new purchases will do nicely!

For home—

A brass heart hook (£5.95 in Elveden Estate shops, Thetford)

I could have bought so much more for my room but I thought I better wait until we’ve actually moved! Plus they make for lovely presents so I’m hoping to get bits for my birthday. The look that I’m going for is minimal/modern with a brown and cream colour palette. This will be my last room at home I’m guessing so I want to make it very adult. I’m having my first double bed (!!), new wooden furniture (hopefully), and well pretty much new everything and I thought a few little hand-made pieces will give it character and an oh so personal touch. I thought these little ‘gifts’ will make the rooms different and doesn’t involve too much imagination on my front.

I can’t believe I have only just discovered an appreciation for these beautiful shops! And I cannot wait for both rooms to be completed and show them off on here!

What do you think? (Sorry for the looong post today).

Friday, 17 September 2010

Update: Guess what??!

Just a quick post before I'm off to the land of trees and deer! Guess who I'm going to see next February in Bournemouth...??

(Images from

Have you guessed yet?? : ) Have a nice weekend...x

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Recommendation: 'Julie and Julia'

(Images sourced from Google Images -,,

If you’re a blog lover, a film lover and a food lover, I have just the thing for you...the movie ‘Julie and Julia’.

A unique film in that it’s based on not one but two true stories and as you watch, you realise that the stories are told separately from different times however link and relate throughout. One half is told by Julia, an American in Paris during the 1950s who discovers a love of cooking. After excelling in her classes and thinking of food every minute of every day, she teams up with two French women to write a cook book. You see her journey, her life and a very eccentric, slightly odd but hilarious character played by Meryl Streep (and an appearance from Glee’s Coach Sue!).

Over in 2002 America we see Julie, a young married writer who’s stuck in a miserable job answering calls from the 9/11 victims having never made it in her dream career. To relieve her from boredom and to keep her sanity intact, she embarks on a task of cooking every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’. A somewhat hefty task with 542 recipes which are to be cooked in no less than a year! She keeps a blog to document her progress and to allow her to write again. Unbeknown to me before watching, this character is played by Amy Adams whom I fell in love with from her role of Giselle in ‘Enchanted’- *ahaa, ahaa, ahaa*...

What struck me most with this film (and I’ll try to tell you with a minimal amount of spoilers) was the reaction to Julie’s blog. She started off very slow with no followers, just like you and me but then interest started developing and she would be so happy and excited when a comment popped up or she received a parcel from a follower. Gradually it took off and she came home one day to have received 65 answer phone messages from some very important people!

This was my favourite part because I was watching a scene that I hope will occur in my life in the future. The way she was so unsure of herself and bewildered at the interest in her was quite inspiring and made the ending that much more powerful.

I know how amazing the feeling is to have your work accepted and appreciated, even wanted but cannot imagine how it would have felt to be the real-life Julie when she pressed that answer phone button. I bet words cannot describe it! Hopefully one day I’ll find out...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Essentials: Weekend Breaks

(Images sourced from

Taking a break is so important. I’m not talking about elevensies or a kit-kat break those of you workaholic readers! Time away, a chance to recuperate, rest and relax. Whether it’s a spa day, a holiday in the sun or simply an afternoon on the sofa with a book, a break does you wonders.

My boyfriend and I go on regular weekends away, just to get away from everyday routine and spend time together where it’s not necessary to say goodnight at the door, or divide time between his house and mine.

We’ve covered York for our first valentines, Southend for a cheesy weekend, Milton Keynes for a Christmas shopping spree, Oxford for a Cambridge-esque trip, Dorset to visit my family, Portsmouth to escape from the confinement of my first year uni room and Norwich for New Year. A fair few but do you know my secret to a lovely yet inexpensive trip...?

Premier Inn’s £29 a night deal! Booking more than three weeks in advance is the easiest condition to comply with when you’re getting such a good deal at the end of it! They are lov-arley hotels! Some may say basic but a huge comfy double, a flat screen tv, a bubbly bath or power shower and a restaurant right next door all make for a very happy stay in my opinion.

But this weekend coming we are trying to manoeuvre away from Premier and try somewhere different. We are off to Thetford Forest and staying at a beautiful B&B called The Glebe Country House. For £65 a night including a big breakfast, and only 3 miles from the forest, we snapped up quite a bargain (not a patch on £29 a night but I’m sure the surroundings, character and stature of the house will make the extra pounds well worth it). Bike rides, pub lunches and walks in the forest are what I have in store.

I’m hoping I can practise what I preach and the time away will help me to relax a bit. As I mentioned before, when it comes to turning off the light my head buzzes with article ideas and the like and I’m finding it soooo difficult to sleep of late.

Let’s just hope the natural surroundings and forestry air don’t have the opposite effect and inspire me, I’m not sure whether that would be good or bad?!?

Ps, If you'd like any destination or accommodation recommendations don't hesitate to ask and I'll do my very best...x

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Recommendation: My Retail Heaven (MRH)

(Images taken from

How exciting is it standing in a glass dome full to the brim of all your favourite shops whether they be highstreet or designer, or even a bit of both! Nothing can beat that experience and nothing can challenge the pleasure felt when casually making your way around each level and each shop. Yes, I am talking about shopping centres, malls, Westfields...whatever you call them, they are a dream!

So let me introduce you to a new shopping website - ‘My Retail Heaven’. They aren’t an individual store selling their own clothes and labels like our Topshop and River Island.coms do, they are the first online virtual portal for UK retailers, meaning you have the diversity of all your favourite highstreet shops under one ‘e-roof’ (and not just clothes shops). Basically girls, the malls have come to you!!

‘The beauty of this site is that not only does it bring together the best names on the high street, it also enables shoppers to login once, check out once and pay once - irrespective of how many online stores they shop at.' (Quote from MRH’s Facebook page)

What more could you ask for? Well a MRH magazine perhaps?? **Ta da**!! Your wish has been granted. Not only have we now been graced with the beauty of an online shopping mall, they’ve only gone and given us an online magazine as well crammed with the latest fashion trends, news and events, beauty tips and tricks, reviews, travel destinations and even an agony aunt page!

And I am proud to say that I am their weekly ‘agony aunt’ and ‘beauty tips and tricks’ guest writer! I love having the weekly commitment, knowing that someone is relying on me to write a piece for them, and seeing work published with your name attached is the BEST feeling!! (Perhaps even better than the feeling of entering a shopping centre can give you, dare I say!)

So please have a browse of their website
here, and their magazine here. My weekly published posts can be found on the ‘Aunt Lou’ and ‘Tips and Tricks’ sections of the magazine but also on my ‘Writing Portfolio’ page right here on my blog...

Such a simple yet original idea huh? Why didn’t I think of that?!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Essentials: A Bed Notebook and Pen!

(Images sourced from

Of late I've had so much on mind, mainly things I need to do before I go back to uni in two weeks but also how I could improve my blog, how to increase my portfolio and published work, the need to sort out more work experience and basically always being one step ahead of myself to get everything done. I've even got a pile of magazines I want to have read before I go back. How sad is that? And since when did my enjoyment of reading YOU and Elle turn into super speedy reading in order to tick another completed one off my list?

The worst thing about times like these is that when I go to bed, a time to unwind and rejuvenate ready for tommorrow, my annoying mind won't stop racing and frustratingly my best thoughts and ideas seem to surface at a time when I really need a rest from it all. It seems to come so easy to me at 1am though and I have to grab my trustee notebook before the thought is lost within my dreams of the night.

But more ideas just add to my forever spinning mind. Do you ever feel like your brain is just working constantly and you've got a million and one things to do with so little time to do it in?

I suppose I better get used to this because if I find it hard to control and compartmentalise my article ideas and contacts now, imagine what it will be like when I'm actually in a journalism profession with deadlines and a team that's relying on me?? Ughh nightmare!!

I'm not a great coper when it comes to stress and worry, as when I'm feeling like that I only think of more things to add to my reasons of panic! I should really concentrate on the good things but with writing, I feel like every minute of the day counts and should be used and that I've already wasted way too many! I look at articles and think 'why didn't I think of that?'. And that I should be writing features and articles much more frequently...but what do I write about? Who would want to publish it? Will a publication ever want to pay me for my words???

Aghh it's just one of them days...

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Highstreet Hankerings

Another new post displaying my fashion desires for the season...(I just can't stop wanting! Who can blame me though, the a/w offerings are A-mazing!!)

(Click pictures to enlarge)
(All images are sourced from their own websites -,,


Basic Speckle Sweat - £25.00
Silk Printed Blouse by Unique - £90.00 (in my dreams!)
Knitted Aran Cardigan - £48
Slubby Breton Stripe Tee - £16.00
Doily Printed City Shorts - £32.00
Mix N Match Heart Print Shorts - £32.00
Knitted Button Leggings - £22.00
Denim Look Leggings - £20.00
120 Den Berry Tights - £8.00

Black 120 Denier Opaque Tights - £8.00

River Island...

Cream Chiffon Printed Pussy Bow Tunic - £29.99
Black Chiffon All Over Bird Print Blouse - £34.99
Blue Skinny Jeggings - £39.99
Black Peg Leg Soft Trousers - £29.99 (still REALLY want these!)
Navy Short Padded Jacket - £39.99
Light Brown Woven Lace Up Ankle Boots - £34.99
Black Patent Slip On Loafer Shoes - £29.99
Brown Snake Textured Satchel Handbag - £24.99

Miss Selfridge...

Pussy Bow Long Line Shirt - £32.00
Ruched Clog - £45

Ps, Please let me know what you think of my new post styles and whether you like having something different mixed in with my RUE posts...thankyou x

Friday, 10 September 2010

My Exciting Blog Giveaway...!!

Just a quick post today to remind you lovely visitors of my blog giveaway which is to be revealed once I hit 50 followers. I am currently 13 away from the unveiling so please help my existing dedicated followers by also following (sorry for the repitition of that word there!) so that they can see what's instore for them to win.

Once I reach 50 I will reveal my bag of goodies that I have in mind but don't let that stop you following as the giveaway entries will open up once I reach the big 100.

I love seeing a new face pop up on my dashboard and appreciate everyone of you liking my posts enough to follow but it would be incredible to increase my readers just a tad into three figures.

So please, if you pass by and have a browse, 'click' on follow if you like what you see and help to bring my giveaway prize nearer...

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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Update: New Launch of YOU ads and New 'Inspire' Magazine

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You probably all think I bang on way too much about YOU magazine and its fabulousness but last month the Mail on Sunday’s women’s supplement launched a tv ad for the mag which I’d like to share with you. You may or may not have seen it but it promotes the importance of ‘YOU time’; both the time by yourself and free moments indulging in all that YOU mag has to offer.

If you’re an avid reader like myself you’ll have noticed the print form ads in the weekly read and an introduction to them in the week they launched through an editors letter, a real rarity as you’ll know.

Although the advert shows older women enjoying the read and the fact that they are its main target, as I have stressed before it is my favourite and please don’t be put off it by the age intentions. It holds everything your favourite magazine does and more.

The chief marketing officer at the Mail on Sunday, Roland Agambar said of the new ads, “"The Mail on Sunday's YOU is an outstanding product, holding a unique relationship with its readers. We recognise that it's this relationship that makes it stand out and magical.

"The campaign is a celebration of the intimate indulgence of reading You."

So go on girls, whether yours would be by the pool, soaking up the sun in Barbados or simply relaxing in a bubble bath with a glass of wine, indulge in your own YOU time...


It has also been revealed today that YOU mag will now run a biannual spin-off magazine called ‘Inspire’. The first issue will be released this weekend (excited!) and ‘will be aimed at a more premium and aspirational market’ according to

It’s first issue is timed with London Fashion Week and advertisers in the first edition include Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Max Mara, Biba and Ports 1961. Exclusive interviews with shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood and international designer Diane von Furstenberg will also feature in the first edition.

An Associated Newspapers spokesperson said: "You Inspire will show readers how to put together the key looks of the season, along with the jewellery, watches, bags and sunglasses needed to accessorise them."

The second issue of You Inspire will be published in March 2011.

So my absolute haven of a magazine has been created. With the content of YOU combined with the high-end quality and glamour of Elle, I think I’m in store for a new favourite mag. You can’t tell me your not an eensy bit interested in the supplement now girls...??

Ps, How would your perfect ‘you’ time be spent? Hi there new followers and welcome, please make yourself at home and leave a comment if you wish...x