Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Essentials: Top 5 Rescue Products

Every girl needs a little help now and again. Why else are we bombarded with the latest almond oils that will take 10 years off your complexion or the new monkey poop that’s great for nourishing your skin? The billions of products Boots, Sephora, John Lewis and Selfridges offer are there only to enhance what is already ours and help us to make the most of our beautiful potential...or so they would have us believe.

But there comes a time when you’d feel happier if you really MUST leave the house, to do so paper bag style. Anything’s better than displaying that huge spot, dry flaky skin, or split ended locks! Well for those days (which come around too often) I have 5 rescue treatments that I wouldn’t be without and that have saved me from several near paper bag moments...

For those horrific spotty moments-

‘Garnier Pure Active Roll On’ is my spotty day saviour. It is made especially for spot-prone skin and helps to reduce the appearance of those inevitable volcanoes! With a roll-on ball applicator, it is ever so easy to apply. Just roll on and around the affected area and it dries within seconds. I use mine at night time as if you wear it under make-up, your foundation, concealer or powder can tend to stick to it. But it definitely makes a difference in the morning. And at £7.49 for a 15ml amount at Boots (which has lasted me 6 months and I still have half left) what’s not to like?

For absolutely anything and everything-

Having an all purpose-fixer product is an essential for a woman. Mine comes in a little pot form (perfect for taking everywhere) and was ordered from Healthspan. It’s called ‘Nourishing Rescue Balm’, convenient huh? The name speaks for itself! This little beauty is a thickish, slightly oily balm and only needs the tiniest amount to work as it spreads quite far. You could have absolutely anything and see great results after an application of this. Spots, rashes, sunburn, bites, eczema, dry skin, sore skin, anything! It holds all natural products and a 25g pot will last you about a year, depending on how often you use it. It’s £7.95 but is well worth it. I swear by it.

For unsightly chapped lips-

Boots Essentials Lipsalve is the cheapest, most basic product I religiously buy but it is my lifeline. When you’re asked that silly question of ‘If you were stranded on a desert island what would you take with you?’, well Boots strawberry lipsalve would be the only item in my suitcase. I don’t particularly suffer from chapped or dry lips except for perhaps during the winter but I have gotten so used to using the product (having worn it for about 9 years) that if my lips are without its smooth, scented feel, I cannot bear it! For 99p it is my bargain comfort and I wouldn’t be without it.

For ‘my hair is greasy but I really don’t want to wash it’ days –

Introducing Batiste! This dry shampoo comes in three flavours now; Original, Tropical and Blush. I currently have ‘Blush’ which is a delicate floral fragrance. This is a great substitute for lather, rinse, repeat and just requires a shake, a spray to the roots and a good old rub in. Make sure you do remember to rub it in though because it comes out white and you could look like you’ve developed grey hair overnight otherwise (mmm attractive). This retails at £2.30 in Boots (I think the Original is slightly cheaper) and it lasts for about 10 uses, so not that long but it is so good for those lazy days or when your hair needs a bit of a pick-up in between washes. Highly recommended!

For terribly over-straightened dry hair-

Now a regular hair treatment of some sort is a must. Whether that be a chemical treatment in a salon or a DIY hair mask at home but if you’re anything like me and fully take advantage of the fabulousness that are straighteners and use them everyday, then a once a week fix should really tame those locks. My hair becomes dry, spilt and damaged if left untreated after the abuse it takes so I use ‘Botanics 3 Minute Deep Conditioning Hair Mask’. I use this after shampooing and coat all my hair in it. Although not directed to, I then comb the mask through and leave it for about 5 minutes. This really helps to maintain my hair, strengthen it and give it back its lustre. A 450ml pot is £4.99 at Boots which would easily last for 15-20 uses.

Hope you have found my top 5 rescue remedies useful. Do you have any products that you swear by and couldn’t live without?

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