Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Recommendation: My Retail Heaven (MRH)

(Images taken from myretailheaven.co.uk)

How exciting is it standing in a glass dome full to the brim of all your favourite shops whether they be highstreet or designer, or even a bit of both! Nothing can beat that experience and nothing can challenge the pleasure felt when casually making your way around each level and each shop. Yes, I am talking about shopping centres, malls, Westfields...whatever you call them, they are a dream!

So let me introduce you to a new shopping website - ‘My Retail Heaven’. They aren’t an individual store selling their own clothes and labels like our Topshop and River Island.coms do, they are the first online virtual portal for UK retailers, meaning you have the diversity of all your favourite highstreet shops under one ‘e-roof’ (and not just clothes shops). Basically girls, the malls have come to you!!

‘The beauty of this site is that not only does it bring together the best names on the high street, it also enables shoppers to login once, check out once and pay once - irrespective of how many online stores they shop at.' (Quote from MRH’s Facebook page)

What more could you ask for? Well a MRH magazine perhaps?? **Ta da**!! Your wish has been granted. Not only have we now been graced with the beauty of an online shopping mall, they’ve only gone and given us an online magazine as well crammed with the latest fashion trends, news and events, beauty tips and tricks, reviews, travel destinations and even an agony aunt page!

And I am proud to say that I am their weekly ‘agony aunt’ and ‘beauty tips and tricks’ guest writer! I love having the weekly commitment, knowing that someone is relying on me to write a piece for them, and seeing work published with your name attached is the BEST feeling!! (Perhaps even better than the feeling of entering a shopping centre can give you, dare I say!)

So please have a browse of their website
here, and their magazine here. My weekly published posts can be found on the ‘Aunt Lou’ and ‘Tips and Tricks’ sections of the magazine but also on my ‘Writing Portfolio’ page right here on my blog...

Such a simple yet original idea huh? Why didn’t I think of that?!


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    Good luck with the followers and good luck on becoming a writer for magazines like Elle.



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