Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Update: The Saturdays New Video Release!

Wahooo!! It's here! As a dedicated viewer of The Saturday's 24/7 reality tv show I've been waiting almost a week now to see the full video for their new song 'Higher'. After hearing an exclusive perfomance of it on their show about three weeks ago, I fell in love with it. And last weeks final episode showed the filming of 'Higher' so I couldn't wait to see the finished version. And as of yesterday, it's here!

Fellow 24/7 followers will know the ins and outs of the filming of 'Higher' but for the rest of you here's a few sneaky secrets...

-The video was filmed at Fox Studios in LA and was the The Sats biggest video yet
-They wanted the New York set to be a cross between Fame and Sex and the City
-Frankie had dyed her hair two days previous to shooting and here her new blonde locks are revealed for the first time
-This was the first time that the girls danced (partly) freestyle, not everything was choreographed
-They were all blown away by the set, the amount of people that were there for them and the fact they were filming a music video in the Fox Studios in LA, as Molly described it, 'It's so surreal!'

I love love love this song and think the girls look amazing in the video. I can't wait to hear them sing this in February! Oh the excitement!! Any other fans?

Ps, does Molly remind you of anyone? A slight alikeness to Will Young at all?? I think it's the way she talks and her mouth reminds me of him too. No, just me? By the way I don't mean that in a bad way, she's one of the prettiest members...x

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