Thursday, 23 September 2010

Essentials: Philosophy's Spiced Apple Cider

I have committed a product crime. We all know it’s a rule to change your mascara every six months, your tooth brush every three and to always use your creams, lotions and potions by their expiry date (or when the little picture of an open lid stating how many months the product lasts for once opened is present).

But I have hoarded one particularly delicious 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash for almost 5 years now!! A sin I know. But I cannot seem to part with it, neither by using it, or throwing it in the bin.

My imprisoned, probably gone-off product is ‘Philosophy’s Spiced Apple Cider’ and it is the most heavenly scent I have ever smelt, washed with or bathed in. A quick flip of the cap instantly transports you to December, with a Christmas tree twinkling in the corner and mince pies baking in the oven...amazing!

It also holds great significance to me for I bought it during my trip to New York when I was sixteen. The four day shopping break was a gift from my mum, the best gift I have ever received believe it or not!! And I picked up this Philosophy beauty in Sephora, another little heaven in its own right.

I started off just using it for occasions when I got home as I wanted to save it, and then it just ended up living in my drawer and never being shared with water. Terrible! But it’s not a product you’ve just picked up in Tescos and are willing to share with the rest of the bathroom users! This is a transatlantic gift to myself all the way from New York, and was the only beauty related item I bought bar an eyeliner!

But I realise now me not using my ‘Spiced Apple Cider’ is like having a dog and not walking it, like owning a Berkin bag and not carrying it on your arm with pride, like being Coco Chanel and not sharing your designs! A complete and utter waste! So I vow now to use it, perhaps not everyday and maybe it’s not to be left unsupervised in the bathroom. In fact I think it would be much safer moving with me to Southampton!

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  1. omg, you've made me want it! do you think it is still on sale? it sounds amazing!

    By the way, I'm your newest follower! Would you mind following back? Also, there's a giveaway in my blog, so good luck if you decide to enter it! :)


  2. Hi Andrea, I know it's amazing, I've had a look for you and they do have it on but it's out of stock at the moment. Hopefully you can manage to find it though! Thank you for following and commenting, I have done the same :) xx


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