Friday, 17 September 2010

Update: Guess what??!

Just a quick post before I'm off to the land of trees and deer! Guess who I'm going to see next February in Bournemouth...??

(Images from

Have you guessed yet?? : ) Have a nice weekend...x


  1. Have a lovely weekend away hun! We're missing you and Grace at the flat ): And aww I'm a bit jealous! xx

  2. I am also uber jealous, just discovered your blog and i really like it :) You have such a good writing style!

    Stacey xx

  3. Um...I am not sure where "trees and deer" is? Guess I'll have to wait for your next post :O)

  4. im so jealous! theyre stunning ladies, love their music too.
    oh and i love julie and julia, i saw u recommended it below :) x

  5. Michelle - Thank you very much, I had a lovely time and can't wait to see you both and the flat in a week!

    Stacey - thank you for your lovely comment it was so nice to read, I'm going to check out yours now!

    The Girlie Blog - oh sorry if that didn't make sense! :) I mentioned in my previous 'Weekend Breaks' post that I was going away for a night to thetford forest, so that's what I meant by 'trees and deer'.

    QuiteQuaint - I know I'm probably gonna be singing and dancing away with a green face of envy when I see them! haha thank you for commenting!



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