Friday, 24 September 2010

Recommendation: To-Do Lists

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I am a bit of an organisational freak I must confess. Everything must have its place, work must always be done slightly ahead of schedule and I must always have a plan. Some may say neurotic, I say plain old prepared. It’s just necessary to have structure for me and something that I couldn’t live without is a to-do list.

In theory I don’t like having one because it means I’ve got so much to do at that time that I actually had the need to write it all down! But the satisfaction I get from ticking off (or as I like to, scribble it out) each job as it’s completed, is half the reason I have one in the first place.

Currently I have four lists on the go (!). One with things to do before I go back to uni, one with article ideas, one with blog ideas and one with ideas for my MRH writing commitments. Usually they’re written in my little pink (not black!) book but it’s slightly too small and getting a bit fiddley to jot things down in. So I grabbed the next best thing...a print out of information I received when last visiting the doctors! I must not lose it!!

However when I’m back at uni I have a gorgeously cute cupcake white board to write all my uni work down on and it can be wiped off when it’s competed! Fabulous! This was a Christmas present from my mum last year and is from New Look.

I have had so much going on this week and sadly I’ve had to bump things off my list that were to be done before Sunday  and will therefore not be completed in time which makes me feel rubbish actually (I like finishing what I’ve set out to do, again some may say controlling, I say sensible!).

Here’s what my to-do list was like in preparation for returning to uni:

Mon – Blog, Write Agony Aunt Post
Tues – Blog, Write an Article, Think of Article Ideas For a Publication
Wed – Blog, Think of Article Ideas For Another Publication, Submit Ideas
Thurs – Blog, Write Next Week’s Tips and Tricks Post, Write & Schedule Friday’s Blog, Pack For Weekend
Fri – Away in Thetford
Sat – Away in Thetford
Sun – Blog, Write and Schedule Monday’s Blog, Do Collage, Ring Uni
Mon – Shopping all day in Cambridge
Tues – Blog, Hair Cut, Write Agony Aunt Post for Next Week, Start Packing Room into Boxes, Ring Uni
Wed – Blog, Write Press Release for MRH, Write Article for MRH, Ring Car Insurance
Thurs – Blog, Pack Room Up, Pack for Uni, Write Press Release for MRH, Cancel Car Insurance
Fri – Blog, Write Article, Finish Packing Up Room, Pack for Uni
Sat – Pack for Uni, Out for Afternoon and Evening
Sun – Moving in Day!!!!

Busy busy bee. And there’s also having a social life around all these tasks...but I’ve nearly got there minus a few things.

I wouldn’t have got through this mound of tasks without my trustee lists so I highly recommend you try them when you’re next faced with a mountain of to-do’s!

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