Sunday, 5 September 2010

Update: Welcome To My New Uni Flat...

(View from our panaramic living room windows)

As a student you can sometimes feel like your life is in a suitcase, continually - for the three year period which can be somewhat unsettling. What with moving into halls, then into private accommodation for second year and possibly again for final year, not to mention the weekends at home, plus the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays...for me I felt last year that I was constantly packing then unpacking, packing then unpacking.

And of course it helps to make wherever you stay feel homely so that you look forward to going back there. I can safely say a 3x5m box room was not my idea of home. was moving day!! And it’s safe to say that my little four bedroom flat is definitely a higher star rating, a comfier and more homely atmosphere than room 703 (it sounds like a prison cell doesn’t it?!) and somewhere I can really call home.

As well as having a living room, which is such a luxury after not having one last year, a cute kitchen and floor to ceiling windows with a beautiful view of the docks, I have three lovely flatmates to share it all with. I’m so excited to live with them and have girly nights in with takeaways and ice cream, pre-drinks at the flat before nights out and living with all girls means there’s always someone to talk to and plenty of clothes to share! Plus...we all have our own en-suite bathrooms so getting ready will never be a problem!

These snaps take you on a little tour of the flat (I couldn’t show the other girls rooms though as they moved in on a different day to me)...

This is just the first stage of making my room my own but we have yet to take a trip to Ikea to pad out our pad (!) with cushions, candles, posters, fairy lights and anything else to make it look pretty, and the same goes for my bedroom. Not to mention the masses of photos I need to develop to brighten up the walls and provide me with a hit of nostalgia every time I look at them.

I will update you of the progress when I actually move in for good at the end of this month. But in the mean time do you have any quirky or pretty interior design ideas that I could use to brighten up my room? I was thinking of doing a collage of pictures and magazine cuttings but my creative eye is a bit lazy when it comes to, well anything that involves visual imagination actually. Give me an article to write anytime but tell me to design a room or an outfit and you’d laugh at the result!

Please keep your comments coming – what do you think of the flat? And do kindly share with me any of your interior creative thoughts, you must take pity on us less artistic thinkers!

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  1. I totally forgot to take pictures when I was there! The view from my bedroom is so pretty with the yachts and river (: I'm so excited! xo

  2. oh i love this post :) i am so excited to have girly nights too :D xx

  3. Mine is too! I'm so pleased with my bedroom, I completely underestimated the size of it and completely overestimated the living room size!! Haha xx

  4. I think it's a very very nice flat. I especially love the large windows. I've always had a soft spot for glasses so that sunshine can fill the room. And the bedroom is pretty cute as well. Hope you had fantastic years as a student! Good day, Rebecca!

  5. Thank you fe, I love the windows too, it's such a pretty view but I bet it's gonna get so warm in there during the summer. It's all pretty bare at the moment and will look better with a few personal touches which I will post on here so keep a look out :) Thank you for commenting x

  6. Oh wow, your flat looks so lovely especially for a student flat, it definitely doesn't look cramped or dingy like most student digs do, and I'm sure it will look amazing once you've all added your personal touches. Good Luck on your proper move day xxx

  7. Thank you that's really lovely of you, I can't wait to get it all kitted out with cushions and fairy lights to make it look more homely. Am following my-favourite-fashion, I find it amazing how you find all the little treasures you do for such bargain prices! I bet your friends love going shopping with you :) xx


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