Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Essentials: University Survival Kit

Due to the nature of my week and the return to lecture theatres, library nights and hefty reading, I thought I would provide you with the key essentials for being at university.

The Book Bag – You can’t carry everything you need without one! This year I’ve gone for the popular tan satchel (Primark £9). It fits everything in neatly and can be worn over the shoulder or simply carried. Some students come to lectures with teeny tiny handbags and carry and plastic bag with their book in. Would you not rather carry everything in one lovely bag girls?

The Pencil Case – Not essential as you could probably get away with just using a pen at uni but for organised people like myself, to put it all in one cute case just makes life easier (opposed to delving into the bottom of your bag for a biro!). Mine is the same one I used for my first year but I loved the little cupcakes on it too much to get a new one (Next, £5).

The Pukka Pad – Now paper is VITAL for obvious reasons, but a pukka is not. They just work best for me as, despite being very heavy, they have section dividers (5 to be exact) and guess how many modules I have...5!!! So this works perfectly for me as all the work for each subject can all stay together (G&Ts in Dorset, £1.99 but you can buy them in any stationers or Tescos).

The Jumper/Coat – Always be prepared with layers. You never know if a lecture theatre is going to be boiling hot or freezing cold so if you have layers, you can accommodate either. And if you’re in an unpredictable area of the country like me, an umbrella is advisable. I was caught out today and so after learning my lesson, bought a raincoat to take shelter in as it drizzles (Topshop, £28).

The Post-it-notes – this colourful jems are my lifeline at uni. You will need them for marking pages, writing to-do’s and to brighten up your books when it comes to revision. Perhaps maybe put a to-do on a post-it, stick it up, make a collection and as you complete them, feel the satisfaction of taking it down and throwing it in the bin! (A present from my Dad).

The Laptop – number one on your list of things to invest in. You WILL use it everyday, without fail. Not necessarily at uni like I thought before I started but with the amount of research, Googling and essays you have to write, a lappy-top (preferably a pretty coloured one to make the worse seem less horrendous) is essential.

There are many many other essentials needed for university but these six are my top items for an ordinary day of lectures, seminars and homework. Having these won’t make the work less stressful or your deadlines longer, but they certainly help!

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  1. Aww, cute! Love how organised you are, hehe. =) x

  2. Heyy I just found your blog :) It's really great. You're uni essentials are exactly the same as what Mine were last year (I miss uni:( ) Following now :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  3. you can't forget alcohol!!! :)
    x x x

  4. i love your bag! i haven't yet found the perfect school bag that would go with almost every outfit so i am changing bags according to what i'm wearing. haha. i definitely agree with having a pencil case, i have one too! :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. I start my first year at uni on monday and I'm soooo nervous lol
    At least I can feel a bit better that I have everything you have mentioned!
    Thanks for sharing =]


  6. Renu - I am all about being organised :-) probably a bit too much so but that's just me.

    Half dressed - ahh thank you, I'll scoot on over and check out yours.

    Lorna - very true, an absolute definite for students. Hope Austria is treating you well x x

    Girly blog - thank you!

    Mimi - Thank you, I like changing bags but with uni I'd rather just have everything in one and one that goes with everything! So much easier and one less hassle :)

    Rochelle - Ooh good luck, I'm sure you'll love it! You're very welcome, thanks for commenting.

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