Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Essentials: I MUST feed my shopping need!!

I apologise for being an absent blogger of late. I have been rather busy which made a nice change for me but there is no true excuse for leaving my lovely followers without a daily RUE fix (thank you to all those who have commented or followed me recently, I truly appreciate it ♥).

So back to normal...I have so much to tell you but I’m going to start with a new discovery of mine. Now I obviously knew shopping is a must and was aware of how much pleasure you get from walking out of a shop with a bag full of new items, however until my weekend of shopping in Cambridge and London Westfields, I didn’t realise that much like if you ignore your chocolate craving for a period of time and when you finally give in, oops the whole Dairy Milk bar has disappeared (!) if you hold back on your need to shop, when you finally do, a greedy, addictive monster sprouts from your inner shopping core!

This is what became of me when I shopped to my heart’s content on Saturday in Cambridge (my fav place ever – highly recommended) after suppressing my new clothes desire for almost four excruciating months now! I know what you’re thinking...I don’t know how I did it either but unfortunately uni savings had to come first. However I bought a fair old bit but on the Park-and-Ride home I had a horrible, overwhelming feeling of greed and dissatisfaction. Usually with new purchases you feel on a high, similar to that of the Christmas spirit or your birthday but all I could think of was ‘I really want those tan sherling boots, those wedge heels, some jeans, some tights, some tops...’ you get the picture. Pure and utter GREED! I know it’s shameful.

(I am in the process of creating a mood board style post with all my lovely new purchases on and what I think I’ll wear with them but here’s a quick peek at what I flashed my cash at)

Who knew you could walk through the door arms full of lovely a/w essentials and still feel the need to spend more. I must say it was a horrible feeling. But the trouble is, and I know my best friend relates to this too, when you see something you want, it won’t leave your mind until it’s in your possession and is listed on your next statement. It is an unsavoury form of addiction.

So I have learnt that suppressing your inner shopping desires can only lead to unleashing a greedy, ungrateful monster who wants more and more and more. And you know what they say...people who say ‘want’ don’t girls all together now, I-would-like please...

Ps, another apology will be in order as I am away this weekend at my grandparents which also means the land of no internet so blog posts won’t be updated after tomorrow until Sunday night hopefully anyway – unless any of you lovelies know how to set up a timer if there’s such a thing for posts to update??

Also check out my new Formsprings gadget and ask away...


  1. I do like those pretty brown shoes standing on top of that polka dot box. May I ask where they are from?

  2. Hi Lauren, thank you. I will be doing a post displaying each item that I bought and where it's from but yes course you can, they're from River Island and are £26.99. They come in a dark brown too x

  3. Love everything you bought! Are those leather shorts I spy?

  4. thank you me too! :) Yes they are, I wasn't too sure about this trend but they are amazing on, I love them! Keep checking as I will be posting about each item I bought, where it's from and how much it was if you're interested x

  5. Oooh I have that bag too ;) We are probably going to end up matching at some point haha! I'm tempted by the leather shorts as well now (: xx

  6. Thank you Nura, I just had a browse at your blog and love the camel colour H&M dress :)

    Oh no michelle we definately will haha!! I know I wasn't really sure if I could pull them off but they actually look so nice on :) xxx

  7. Wow, that must have been so much fun! Loving your new goodies.
    Don't be too hard on yourself, you're a women, we like to shop, it's normal :)
    I'm your newest follower xo

  8. Haha, wow! I saw the first picture and thought, "that's not too bad!" and then scrolled down some more and woah, you went shopping, girl! I am so jealous of your purchases x

  9. Porcelain Complexion - It really was, that's what happens when I resist temptation for so long! :) Thank you for following and commenting. I love love love the big bows in these pics xx

    Emma - haha I know I did treat myself to quite a lot, I have a few more items I bought too but they were in the wash. Look out for my post on all the things I bought including those not pictured on Monday though. Thank you for commenting :) xx


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