Sunday, 19 September 2010

Essentials: Gift Shop Love Discovery

As well as coming away from Thetford forest rested, happy and a few pounds heavier, I also took from my trip a new found love of gift shops. Although labelled as ‘gift shops’ under the yellow pages despite each shop actually being its own individual un-franchised boutique, I say ‘interior design accessories’ is a more accurate way of describing the products they offer.

The first time I came across these gorgeous items was actually in a PDSA charity shop in a small, quirky town called Diss (very pretty). They held a small collection of hand-made wooden decorations for the home such as wooden painted photo frames, door hangings reading ‘Home Sweet Home’, cute animal doorstops and trinket boxes to house your most treasured possessions. From this first encounter, I was like a dog seeking out treats (accept I’m a girl and I was seeking ‘interior design accessory’ shops!). And surprisingly there were loads! Granted we did do quite a bit of town hopping in search for them but what can I say, I was on a mission!

( - how the shop displays look - gorgeously cute don't you think?)

These little boutiquey shops are so gorgeous. The way everything is displayed makes for a very wary customer but the stock is amazing and everything is hand-crafted so although there might be a couple of each item, there are all slightly different. I like the thought of having unique items in my bedroom.

So, with a rather large bedroom in Southampton to decorate and a new bedroom at home to kit out (oh by the way, I’m moving house very soon!) I bought a few bits...

For Southampton --

A hand-crafted wooden heart door hanging (£3.99 in PDSA, Diss)

A strawberry flag bunting (£5 in a shop in Diss)

A fairy doorstop (£9.50 in Elveden Estate shops, Thetford)

I’m going for a mish-mash of all colours but all cute items for my new flat room. Anything to brighten it up and make it look homely, which I think these new purchases will do nicely!

For home—

A brass heart hook (£5.95 in Elveden Estate shops, Thetford)

I could have bought so much more for my room but I thought I better wait until we’ve actually moved! Plus they make for lovely presents so I’m hoping to get bits for my birthday. The look that I’m going for is minimal/modern with a brown and cream colour palette. This will be my last room at home I’m guessing so I want to make it very adult. I’m having my first double bed (!!), new wooden furniture (hopefully), and well pretty much new everything and I thought a few little hand-made pieces will give it character and an oh so personal touch. I thought these little ‘gifts’ will make the rooms different and doesn’t involve too much imagination on my front.

I can’t believe I have only just discovered an appreciation for these beautiful shops! And I cannot wait for both rooms to be completed and show them off on here!

What do you think? (Sorry for the looong post today).


  1. Aww, those items are so cute!(:

  2. Such cute little items! You should post some pics when you put up these things and decorate your rooms.

  3. I looooooooove 'gift' shops, especially homewares, I could browse for hours...looking forward to seeing your room when it's all decorated with things like this xxx

  4. Reyna-thank you!

    Girlie blog-thank you very much, i definitely will do don't worry

    Victoria-me tooo! They're amazing. I end up walking really slowly in them so i don't miss anything. There's so many lovely things to find! I will be sharing pictures with you all as soon as it's done



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