Monday, 27 September 2010

Updates: Meet My New Southampton Family!

Well after the impossible amount of packing, the lugging, and the fights with many coat hangers, I made it! I am officially back in Southampton and settled into my lovely new abode.

As my room and the flat itself are still under ‘construction’, I thought as an alternative to introducing you to the house (all in good time!), I will introduce you to my new little family instead. Meet my housemates...

Ellen – Great friend, course mate and a fellow blogger! I met Ellen via facebook actually and would regularly chat to her before we started uni but we finally met after a welcome meeting during fresher’s week. We got on like a house on fire and from then we have been great friends. She is super bubbly, very smiley and is always always talking! I have never lived with her before but am so excited to be only two doors away.

Michelle – Another fellow Writing Fashion and Culture girl and creator of the fab blog Daisybutter. I haven’t known Michelle as long as either of my other housemates but am excited to get to know her more. She is so easy to get on with, is a hard worker (like me!) and has the most beautiful skin. She is also very creative and actually helped with the design and layout of my blog. It’s fabulous to have two course mates under the same roof as me for help, inspiration and someone to cry to when it all becomes too stressful!

And last but not least...Grace – She is my bestest buddy from home and was my neighbour throughout the first year of uni so it’s only right (and essential!) that she’s my neighbour for the second year too! We have been friends for almost 8 years now and I wouldn’t be without her. I’m afraid Grace is the odd one out in our flat as she’s studying criminal psychology, and is not a blogger! But we love her all the same!

And coincidently, as well as us all being fashion lovers, food-ies, and complete
girly girls, we’re all from Hertfordshire! There’s only a maximum of forty minutes between us all at home and a metre stride in the Herts House!

Keep your eyes out for interior pictures of the flat and my boudoir. I can’t wait for the finishing touches to be made to show you all!

Have any of you also started back at uni yet? How are you getting on?

Ps, I have introduced a response option at the end of each of my blogs. This will allow me to see which style posts are popular and which are not so much so I know what my readers enjoy seeing. If you could click on a response to a post to tell me what you think, it would be hugely appreciated! Thank you!


  1. why choose such a minging photo? :( i thought you liked me ... haha! Such a cute post though :) xxx

  2. Sounds like you have a good group of girls in your flat :) will be nice to see how you've decorated it!

  3. Aww so nice of you to give your girls a tribute! Except for one person, all my bridesmaids were friends I met from university.

  4. N'awh this was so cute :) I love our living room, it smells gorgeous even without burning the candles! I am going to follow Ellen with the photo thing though haha, windswept in Paris wasn't a good look ;) xxx

  5. Ellen and Michelle - Sorry girls, I think they're nice pictures of you both :) x x

    Sequin This - I do! :) I'm looking forward to showing you all and getting feedback on how we've decorated it.

    The Girlie Blog - ahh that's lovely, you were very lucky to have that, they say though that you make friends for life at uni.

  6. Awwww what a cute post, it's nice to 'meet' your friends!! :)

    I'm holding a giveaway over on my blog, make sure you check it out if you haven't already

    Have a great week! xxx

  7. thanks Victoria. Ok I'll go and check it out. And you! xx


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