Friday, 10 September 2010

My Exciting Blog Giveaway...!!

Just a quick post today to remind you lovely visitors of my blog giveaway which is to be revealed once I hit 50 followers. I am currently 13 away from the unveiling so please help my existing dedicated followers by also following (sorry for the repitition of that word there!) so that they can see what's instore for them to win.

Once I reach 50 I will reveal my bag of goodies that I have in mind but don't let that stop you following as the giveaway entries will open up once I reach the big 100.

I love seeing a new face pop up on my dashboard and appreciate everyone of you liking my posts enough to follow but it would be incredible to increase my readers just a tad into three figures.

So please, if you pass by and have a browse, 'click' on follow if you like what you see and help to bring my giveaway prize nearer...

Also please join my blog facebook page by clicking the 'like' button. Thank you all so much for the support, you've helped to make blogging a true passion of mine :) ♥♥♥♥

Ps, don't forget if you have any questions for me, ask away on formsprings...and recommend me if you wish, THANK YOU x


  1. I also wanrto study periodism and specialized myself in fashion but... I dont know how to do it yet!XPP
    WOw... I've read your work!
    Where are you studing it??

  2. Hi Malu, thank you for your comment. I'm sure there are lots of courses you could do in that subject, it sounds really interesting! I'm studying at uni in Southampton in England. I just had a browse of your blog and love all the pictures from your travels. It's also interesting to see the trends from Spain and to read about fashion from a spainish viewpoint xx

  3. Love your blog real interesting posts hope you reach 50 soon xoxo

  4. thank you very much for your comment on my blog and for following. It's lovely to read things like that :) I love your leather shorts, I bought some recently and they're so versatile don't you think? They look great with everything! xx

  5. wow! youre so beautiful! i like your blog! i`ll follow! would like to follow mine! i post really great jobs in there! you may like it :

  6. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog Gabriela :) and also for recommending your blog to me. You're very creative and I really like your art make-up posts. Am now following!


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