Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wardrobe Additions

Another trip to Cambridge on Monday has resulted in another ‘Wardrobe Additions’ post. I love these posts, one because I like to show you my outfits and hear what you think, and two, me having to write this post means I have new goodies to play around with and look forward to wearing!!

I didn’t go with an idea of what I wanted particularly but it was these items that jumped out and came home with me. (Ps the camel colour cardigan is a complete copy of the Topshop version as Lizzie pointed out in her fab blog Quite Quaint. They are literally identical but have a massive £35 price difference!!)

(In order of how they appear - not all items pictured are new, I have only listed the new purchases below)

Bow cotton tights, Primark, £3
Grey cotton tights, Primark, £2
Black bow tights, Primark £2
100 denier black tights, Primark, £2
Khaki peg leg trousers, H&M, £19.99
Maroon baggy t-shirt, Topshop, £15
Purple off the shoulder top, Topshop, £16
Camel scarf, a scarf stall, £3
Camel cardigan, Primark, £7
Grey horse jumper, Primark, £11

Please let me know what you think of my outfits. I’m not the best at piecing clothes together but like to think I keep on-trend.

I have had the busiest week so far and it’s not about to slow down any time soon, stay posted for what I’ve been up to and what is to come during the rest of my week!


  1. Your outfits are cute you could always use that gorgeous tan belt in the first picture and put it around you camel cardigan I always think belted cardis look good xoxo

  2. That's an excellent idea thank you. I did that in my last wardrobe additions post but didn't think of it this time! :) xx

  3. Oh Rebecca you and shopping seem to be happening alot lately :) where are you getting your money from? The money fairy - pass her my way :)

    I love what you bought so perdy :D I like the horse jumper, I want a cute cosy jumper now its cold :D hehe. Looking forward to seeing you :)


  4. im having a love affair with Primark right now, so much I want! x

  5. Totally agreeing with Ellen haha! We need the money fairy to grace us with her presence! We have the same tights (: I love the horse jumper and scarf! xxx

  6. Love those bow tights, they're so cute!

  7. I really like the off the shoulder shirt.

  8. Ellen - I know I know I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been so bad and just used my savings butI can't seem to resist this years a/w collections. I just love everything!! xx

    Cowbiscuits - tell me about it! I'm not usually that successful in finding good things in Primark but there's a huge new one in Cambridge that is just fabulous! It's the best one I've ever been to and they have so many great bargains at the mo x

    Michelle - Haha if only there was one! I know I saw your outfit post with them yesterday, that's the trouble with Primark you end up having the same as everyone else and I hate that. Thank you! xx

    Porcelain Complexion - Thank you , I couldn't resist them!

    The Girlie Blog - Thank you, I've got it in three colours now! Oops!

  9. lovely blog.
    in need of followers :)

  10. I Love that primark horse jumper! I remember seeing on another blog this adorable skater dress with a horse print... But when I went in to buy it myself... No such luck! Anyways, haha I'm loving that jumper! :) xx

  11. Victoria - Me too! I can never find much in Primark but I found a few good bargains on that trip, including my much loved jumper :) Thank you for following me! I'm such a list person too, I love the satisfaction of ticking it off when things are done. Hope you have a good first day back tommorrow. I'm dreading it!! xx


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