Thursday, 2 September 2010

Recommendation: The Saturdays new 24/7 reality tv show

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Not many people know this about me as it’s only a recent decision I have made...I WANT TO BE A SATURDAY!!

And from watching their new documentary reality show on ITV2 last week (and on again tonight!), I want to be a member even more! A girl can dream right, but they don’t know what they’re missing, I’m as musically gifted as they come...honestly.

I know that many of you will cringe at my secret because they are a typical, girl pop band with mediocre singing abilities but I love them! I recently picked up their second album for £4 (thanks Tescos!) and again I was impressed. You know when you have a cd you could just play over and over, well their first album was stuck in my car for 6 months poor thing and now the new one will be too.

Not only am I a fan of their songs *sings* ‘you need to have a sit down with your ego’*...but I love their style. Don’t you think they’re the prettiest band around? As much as I’d love to be a part of their fun gang, I’d hate to be in a room with them as they’re all sickeningly gorgeous. And their clothes are A-Mazing!

(I actually have that exact skirt from Topshop!)

Molly is always so immaculately dressed and I love that she wears heels 24/7, I couldn’t manage that but I’d love too. And Frankie is stunning, no wonder she was voted one of FHM’s most sexiest women...although they might have altered that decision if they watched the show as she didn’t seem too sexy when she sang out of her bottom whilst massaging Rochelle’s back!! Haha! I love how quirky and daring she is with her fashion though and she always manages to stay on top of trends.

If you watch the show, which I highly recommend (even if you’re not a fan it’s just entertaining and gives you an insight into the mad yet enviably exciting world of fame) you’ll probably be as surprised as I was to learn that Rochelle is actually the loudest Saturday of the five. I don’t know why but I always thought she was a quieter one. And then you have Vanessa, the baby and only singleton so you see her helplessly flirting with The Wanted boys and other unimaginabley good-looking celebs. Not forgetting Una, the eldest and she’s Irish! As we all know I have a thing for Irish accents so I love listening to her...and her rugby star boyfriend is very easy on the eye!

So turn on your tvs or hit the record button at 9pm ITV2 to see The Saturdays at work doing photoshoots, interviews, relaxing on days off, with their famous boyfriends and generally just messing around and having a laugh. I can assure you it will make you think “why can’t I be famous?” Enjoy!!

Ps, I hope everyone has lovely weekends. I’m off to the seaside in a bit until
Sunday but I’ve got some exciting news to share with you when I’m back along with snaps so keep an eye out! Thank you for all your lovely comments and new followings, they really make me smile and I enjoy blogging even more knowing readers are liking what they see...x


  1. i actually love this show.molly is so funny hehe!:)xx

  2. I know she's actually hilarious! I liked her head spinning dance off with Diversity :) xx


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