Sunday, 28 August 2011

My week ~ 4

Consisted of...

♥ A nightmare of a Monday morning ♥ a SATC sleepover night ♥ countless bitesize treats (dangerously delicious cookies and brownies) ♥ a very wet shopping trip to Cambridge ♥ a tongue-less drunk ♥ pretty new purchases ♥ the loss of my lash curler virginity ♥ a wee bus (and not in the little sense of the word!!) ♥ popped to Prezzos and LOL’d at The Inbetweeners ♥ participated in a DIY Come Dine With Me (despite never having watched it) ♥ saw One Day with my bff (yes two cinema trips in a week!) ♥ and a movie night in with ze mother ♥

As I mentioned beforehand my brother was off to France this Monday leaving moi on me todd. To cut a long story short taxi was booked for 4.15am, taxi didn’t show after waiting 30 mins, “Rebecca, my taxi’s not here”, leapt out of bed, pulled on a hoody, raced to the airport with an hour before the gate closed, arrived at 5.50am, gate closed at 5.55am, waited and waited and waited some more to hear if he’d made it before driving back home in pj’s, flip flops and bed hair, 6.24am “I’ve literally just made it, they let me on!”, plane due to depart at 6.25am. Don’t ask how he did it but he is one very lucky passenger – not so lucky for those whose taxis got them there on time. To say it was stressful is putting it lightly.


However my evening brightened up with a Sex and the City dvd night with my bff (four episodes in a three hour period just cos we kept nattering but the foursome are coming away with us to the spa). The following day we went to Cambridge – I have quuuiite a few new bits to show you from the past few months, I was thinking maybe a haul video would be easier, what do you think? I’m not too sure on the idea yet though – lunched in Nero’s, shopped everywhere and finished off with my poor friend sitting in something damp and unpleasant on the Park and Ride bus...(queue my fits of giggles)

Now The Inbetweeners, I love the series, I love the characters and I liked the film but it wasn’t as fabulously funny as I thought it would be. Is it just me or did it seem as though they were trying really hard when usually the comedy seems very natural? And I know the boys and crude jokes come hand-in-hand (that’s what makes them so funny usually) but I thought they pushed it a little too far – one dance floor scene is what I’m basing it on – and seemed almost a little desperate. Does anyone agree? I think I’m in a minority with this though.

I think I’ll post up a review of One Day in the week (based on me not having read the book), would you be interested it that at all? Tonight consists of (hopefully) a takeaway of some sort and watching Going the Distance with mum – I super love that film!

Ps, here’s a picture of my trip to Epping Forest on a rare sunny day last week – come’on weather, it’s August not November!


  1. I adore the Maxi Dress!
    Oo, I really want to see One Day, but I want to read the book first, apparently its REALLY good! :)
    Adorable blog you have here, by the way!

  2. Ahh thanks love, it's a Primark special :)


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