Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pretty Paints





I have a new obsession that many girls have crazed over for years. You may think I’m a late bloomer but I have my reasons. I’ve discovered a love for painting my nails (queue your laughing). This may sound silly and of course I have had my nails painted before but never do I do them myself. When I was younger I worked in a beauty salon so I had them done there and when I wasn’t there, my mum is a trained beauty therapist so never have I had to think about doing my own nails.

I never understood how women painted their own so perfectly as I thought it would be near on impossible to do my right hand with my left. But I had a go, managed it and now I’m getting more a bit more creative.

Never before had I branched away from OPI but I have also realised that highstreet cosmetics brands offer great varnishes! There’s one in particular that I heart but I’ll save that for a separate post – keep your eyes peeled.

My current paintwork is OPI’s (I could never turn my back on them altogether) Koala Bear-y to match my toes. To jazz it up a little though, and taking inspiration from Louise at SprinkleofGlitter, I added sparkles! This is great for when your varnish is looking a little tired and really brings it to life again. Instead of layering on my usual OPI topcoat to re-gloss, I used a basic clear glitter varnish and used it on alternate fingers. This looks lovely over any colour and I’ve had so many compliments!

I’ve used it on a coffee cream colour which looked fab but I’m dying to try it over a dark purple black. However not very summery, so maybe I’ll wait until the winter months for that one.

Do you get creative with your nails? Are there any patterns or artwork that you recommend trying?



  1. oo i love this pink colour! I am currently wearing an O.P.I orange on my toes..very summery!
    Models Own do lots of gorgeous glittery shades at the moment..there is a purple that i am trying to convince myself NOT to buy as i have a million nail varnishes! xx

  2. These nail polishes are abs gorgoues, im deffo going to purchase the O.P.I pink one:)xx

  3. This colour is gorgeous!
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