Sunday, 31 July 2011

Bye Bye July Catch up

Ok so this week and me involved work (blah, blah, blah), another extension until next Friday (wahoooo!), a loss of a fair few pounds in exchange for some pretty clothes, getting lost, three takeaways, a ‘fake orgasm’ (!), two weddings, one rubbish movie and the birth of a floral headband obsession.

After the monotonous 9-5 I went for a drink with my work buddies on Friday in a little village near Cambridge. On the way back my friend’s sat nav promptly failed us and we ended up, well just lost, I’m not entirely sure where but it meant me back on the M11. Second time in two weeks (she says proudly).

In the evening our new neighbours were having a get together so I had a nose around their perfect show-room of a home and discovered my new fav drink – apparently it’s called a fake orgasm so you can only imagine the jokes that came with it – but it was amaretto mixed with Baileys and ice. Needless to say it was a glass full of creamy, deliciousness, and my neighbours weren’t shy with their amounts so very strong!

Saturday was spent in Cambridge shopping (my purchases are up and coming in other posts) followed by a Chinese takeaway and a really crap film. WARNING: Don’t watch Nights in Rodanthe! Wedding songs also accompanied our film watching as a party celebrated in a field near our house. I have a church on my doorstep (literally) and we’ve had two weddings held their recently followed by receptions in tepee tents. So mum and I watched from the kitchen window and were probably in some of the pictures we’re that close – much to the photographers delight I’m sure!

Then I finished the weekend with a pub meal, an article submission and FINALLY the ordering of my bedroom furniture that has been out of stock for weeks!! Ooh and the floral headband obsession, well you’ll just have to wait and see for that one...

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

Ps, I apologise to anyone that has left me comments lately. I haven't replied because blogger won't let me comment! Is anyone else finding this and do you know how to fix it? It is soo annoying!

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