Sunday, 24 July 2011

24/7 Week Catch Up

This week has been pretty average as weeks come. Although alongside the usuals which consist of work Monday to Friday, cleaning the house (my other weekend job!) and writing articles when I can, I did get two exciting pieces of news. The first, my results! After a mammoth three day wait after their release I finally received my results on Sunday and was really pleased with them. All the stress and hard work does pay off! 

Secondly, out of the forty-odd people I work with, about fifteen of us were asked to stay on an extra week this week. I’ve been so lucky with this job as it was only supposed to last five weeks but I have now been there two months. So I have another weeks work which means another weeks pay - Yay!!

Also...I dined out twice this week, went on the M11 for the first time by myself, popped to Cambridge to register with yet another job agency, cooked minted lamb kebabs, roasted veg and halloumi for dinner with a friend, and started watching Laguna Beach Series 1 that I got for Christmas but haven’t got round to watching. I have also finally caught up with One Tree Hill and am absolutely loving the new series. A little steamier than usual don’t you think, but I’m not surprised with all the attractive couples that are in it!

Plus, I am an avid follower of Louise’s SprinkleofGlitter blog and youtube and decided to email her this week, and to my surprise she emailed me back which was very exciting! I thought she must get hundreds of emails and wouldn’t have time to get back to me but she did which was lovely.

Hmmm I think that sums me up for the week. Today I am interiors shopping again for my bedroom but more of that another time. Hope you had lovely weekends.

Ps, As I’m writing this there is the prettiest sky outside. The clouds have formed wispy, rolling shapes and are filled with shades of mauve and orangey-pink. It reminds me of those art galleries that have really high ceilings covered in clouds and angels. You know the ones that are super impressive but give you neck ache? I’m sure that’s not the description the artist was hoping for!


I didn't have any pictures for the week so here's a silly one from this week's surplus instead :)

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