Saturday, 23 July 2011

Pallazzo Pants



I wouldn’t normally do an outfit of the day as I really don’t like myself in photos – I don’t suppose headless OOTDs would be acceptable? – but on this occasion I made an exception. In spite of my unphotogenic self, the purpose of these photos is to show you my lovely new palazzo trousers. I have been on the hunt for a perfect patterned pair (alliteration non intentional) for an absolute age and I finally found them last weekend. Promptly teaming them with a white vest, tan belt and a cardi to protect me from the fierce air-con in the office, I wore this to work on Monday.

Where did I find them? Does F+F mean anything to you? That’s right...Tescos! For the bargainous price of £16. They have an elasticated waistband and sans belt, would sit on my hips but I love the high-waisted palazzo look so encouraged mine to sit higher up with the help of my trusty belt. The fit is lovely and they are seriously THE comfiest trousers I own! Yes comfier than my pj’s, if that is possible. Now if only they had belt loops.

This week I have been wearing OPI’s Koala Beary on my toots and have just extended this to my fingers tonight. I’ve been a fan of this brand for years and thought the hot pink would compliment my bronzed (albeit fading) tan courtesy of my holiday.

I’ll be back with an end of week catch up post and also have some make-up and book reviews lined up for you. Are these the kind of things you would like to read?




  1. how cute are those pants!!! aahhh, i'd never be able to pull that off.


  2. Oh I'm sure you would Carrie! Anyone can with a pair of pretty heels :)


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