Tuesday, 30 October 2012

'Welcome to the team!'

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So you may know that I finished uni this year and have since been looking for a writing job, preferably in the beauty industry (in-between office temp work to fund skincare and make-up products of course!). However knowing how hard both media and beauty is to break into, I was going through the application process with a very open mind, widening my search and taking any opportunity that came my way.

Well the month's of searching, email sending and contributing free work have paid off and I've been offered an internship at a beauty PR company in Covent Garden!! I'm soo excited and cannot wait to start working with the team. My role is to help manage the social media outlets and channels for three of their brands alongside the Social Media Manager - so who knows, I may be chatting with a few of you if you are users of the products...and I'm pretty sure you are!

I'm so happy to finally be working in the industry and to be able to put all my skills and knowledge to use. It's so frustrating when you know you are perfectly capable of doing a job, and doing it well, and not being given the chance to prove that. Well now I have and I'm so grateful!! Where better for a beauty-obsessed writer to be working eh?? And who knows where it may lead...

Do any of you hope to have a career in a similar field? If so, would a 'Tips' or 'Do's and Don'ts' post help at all?


  1. Congratulations! I'm finishing University next year and the prospect of finding a job that I will actually enjoy is a little daunting. It's always nice to read a post like this as it's a little ray of sunshine, haha. Best of luck! x

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

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