Sunday, 7 October 2012

This week I'm {reading}...Lindsey Kelk

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Welcome to a new feature on my blog! Every Sunday I will post a This week I'm...{and will then insert the appropriate word for whatever it is I want to share with you}. This could be reading, loving, hating, feeling, enjoying, wanting, wishing, missing, dreaming, wearing etc etc - I'm sure you get the picture. I hope you like them :)

So this week I'm reading Lindsey Kelk. CORRECTION: actually I've read (past tense) Lindsey Kelk. Yes this week, after a year long love affair I finished her fabulous I series which saw me through the stress of my third year at uni, accompanied me on two trips abroad and is responsible for furthering my desire to hop ship and live in New York even more! Trust me, once you've read them, you'll do an Angela (main character), grab your passport and jet off to Manhattan before your ex realises you've tiddled in his wash bag. Oh yeah, maybe not the last bit - I'm making you want to read it non?

Anyway, the final installment of the five-book series is I heart...London. I bought it a week ago and finished it on Friday because, despite not wanting to ever reach the end of the Angela/Alex saga, I could not put the thing down! But where am I going to get my I-haven't-got-the-guts-to-move-to-New-York-by-myself-so-I'll-live-vicariously-through-Angela's-adventures-instead fix?? Maybe I'll actually have to move there. For real...

Alternatively I'll have to beg Lindsey (we're on first name basis, as you know, she tweeted me?!?*) to write another book in the series. That shouldn't be too hard, should it?

What books have you been reading this week? Any great recommendations out there?

*No joke, she - as in one of my favourite writers - did actually tweet me back the other day...much to my excitement as you can imagine!!! But the first name basis thing is a joke, obvs...


  1. I love this book and the whole 'I Heart' series! This week I've started reading 'The Perks of being a Wallflower'.

  2. Oooh I've heard that's good! You'll have to let me know your thoughts...


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