Thursday, 4 October 2012

OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection: I'm all ears


OPI never disappoint with their huge array of shades, not to mention the quirky names. But my gosh have they achieved brilliance this time. My love of hot pink Koala Bear-y has been completely overturned and replaced with this new beauty. Yes The Vintage MinnieMouse Collection has utterly blown me away in a breeze of pretty pinks, classic Minnie reds and heart confetti (CONFETTI!!).

At the moment I only own I’m all ears, but after falling head over heels for the magenta pink – a shade that has the finest, most subtle flecks of blue and purple glitter, reminding me of sparkly pink cupcakes and fairies every time I look at my nails - I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want need the whole set.

The varnish in all its pretty glory is quite transparent, and weak in pigment. But where it lacks in colour strength, it makes up for in sparkles! This is not a negative in my opinion as it just means you have to ensure two coats are applied, perhaps even three. But the formula glides on beautifully and dries very quickly for an OPI polish.

Each colour retails at £11 but I cheekily got mine at the airport and therefore paid a VAT free price of £9.25. I so should have got more shouldn’t I?!

Have you tried anything from Minnie Mouse’s gorgeous collection? 


  1. Such a nice shade of pink! it looks very cute with the little gem as well. xx

  2. This looks so gorgeous on your nails, I have been lusting after this collection since it came out. This shade will look amazing with the heart confetti one over the top. Lovely post sweets xx

  3. Suzie - Thankyou, I can't resist adding diamontes! x x

    Cherry - I think it's my favourite! x x

    Danielle - Ahhh thanks hun :) oooh what a good idea! I may just have to try that x x


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