Wednesday, 10 October 2012

DKNY Rose Gold Watch

Having finished my degree and achieved the grade I hoped for all along, my dad treated me to this gorgeous DKNY rose gold watch with a stone trimmed round dial and bezel bracelet. Isn't it puurdy?

I've never had a watch before and thought it would be the perfect graduation present - something I can use everyday, keep (hopefully!) forever, and it has a special meaning.

I originally wanted the Marc Jacobs watch, but although it was super lovely, it looked quite chunky on my wrist and I wanted something a little daintier. I had my heart set on one with a rose gold finish though as I think it's slightly different, elegant, and it goes with everything. So when I spotted my little beauty in the cabinet display, I was sold! A shopping trip that I thought would last hours was over in just one, and I skipped away pleased as punch with my new toy.

The shine on this thing is pretty impressive! As well as the diamontés that rim both the clock and dial, the face is pearlised opposed to plain white which I love. In the light, not only do the strap and little stones shine bright, but the face gives off pink and blue tones that give it a slight antique-effect. It really is a beautiful present.

It's a fabulous 'first' and I'd highly recommend it if any of you are hoping to unwrap a watch this Christmas. That's right, I mentioned the October! Don't hate me :)


  1. Its gorgeous! I have a Micheal Korrs one so I can't really justify buying another watch :( congratulations btw x

  2. Ahh thankyou! The Michael Korrs ones are sooo pretty...lucky girl! :) x


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