Sunday, 10 February 2013

New Beauty Loves

2013-02-10 13.55.05_Sophia_Cyborg
Working in London has been keeping me busier than ever. If I'm not commuting, refuelling in Starbucks or attending after-work events, then I'm sleeeeeping, running (yes, I!) or trying to stay awake during catch ups with friends. Oh and freelancing when I can! So sadly blogging has taken a back-seat in life. But I really miss my little space on the internet for head-thoughts, notes and all things beauty, so even if it means sacrificing Sunday sofa time I WILL blog more...

Starting with the products that have made their way into my beauty drawers at home and are now part of my daily routine - here are my new favourites: 2013-02-10 13.58.37_Sophia
#1 No7 Fanomenal Lash Serum - After eight weeks of applying nightly, this lash serum promises longer, thicker and darker lashes - just what I'm after! I haven't used this religiously every night I must say, but I have definitely noticed a difference in length. Albeit more so on one eye?! Isn't it so annoying that one set of lashes behaves oh so well and the other has a mind of it's own. Oh for lashes that did as they're told! 2013-02-10 13.55.32_Sophia
#2 Shu Uemura Lash Curlers - After hearing amazing things about these curlers, and tiring of having defiant lashes that refuse to form any curved shape whatsoever, I thought I'd give these a whirl! I'm still getting used to them but they are now part of my daily make-up routine and I think I'm on the way to perfecting my technique! 2013-02-10 13.57.36_Sophia
#3 Fudge Texture Styling Dust - My new hair saviour! If you struggle to achieve a voluminous look and no amount of hairspray, rollers or back-combing makes the slightest difference, then this is for you (if you don't mind a slightly sticky feel to your roots and a matte finish). Enough said! 2013-02-10 13.59.22_Sophia
#4 Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple - These little cocoa buttery, glossy, delicious sticks of colour are simply marvellous! I've tried several shades but Candy Apple is my newest discovery! A deep red-orange, this nourishing lip colorburst is the perfect pop of colour to cheer up these ever-lasting miserable winter days. 2013-02-10 13.53.33_Sophia
#5 St.Tropez Dark Bronzing Mousse - I've always been a gradual-tan lover. Perhaps I was a little scared to try a tan formula with guide-colour and no professional to apply it for me. But I've since broken that bad habit and braved a stronger tanning product. I even jumped straight in at the deep end and opted for St.Tropez's Dark range! With mousse and mitt in hand I began applying and found a new love! The end result was a gorgeous golden glow that made me feel fabulous. Sun-kissed skin has the power to make you feel so much better, right? 2013-02-10 13.56.32_Sophia
#6 Revlon Gold Glitter Polish - You all know I can't resist adding a touch of sparkle to my nails and this glittery beauty was at the bottom of my stocking - how did Santa know?! The varnish has a mixture of fine and chunky glitter bits, and is really dense in application. Just one coat achieves a gorgeous sparkling effect that will rival any diamond! (It's just a buggar to get off!).

What products have you discovered lately, whether they are new releases or just new to you?


  1. Adore the gold polish. Revlon polishes are fantastic:)xx

  2. I've been using Shu Umera curler for a long time. It works. However, I don't like how it comes with only 2 pads.
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