Thursday, 27 September 2012

MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick





I’ve been meaning to blog about this beauty for a while you may remember me mentioning a fair few months back, I was super eager to get my hands on MAC’s Watch Me Simmer lipstick from the S.H.O.P MAC collection. Well after checking the site daily and wishing and hoping, it came back in stock!!

What better way to introduce myself to MAC’s lipsticks than with this gorgeous coral with pink undertones?! It’s actually much brighter than it seems upon application – I’d almost describe it as a fluoro-neon shade, so one slick achieves a strong coral-pink colour on my lips (I have quite naturally dark lips and I think the red in them brought out the pink in the lipstick moreso than the coral). Although different to what I expected, I’m so impressed with the quality. I love the slick, black packaging that MAC houses its lipsticks in, and the scent of the product is gorgeous! As a newbie to them, I’m not sure if all of their lipsticks share the same formula and therefore scent, but if they do I’m definitely investing in some more!

The smooth texture reminds me of a butter lip balm – with an added pop of colour – and the staying power out-does any of my previously bought drugstore lippies.

Every lip shade will take differently to each wearer so for some, it will come out as the perfect pink-coral (sans brightness!). Perhaps I will try basing my lips with a little foundation to combat the natural colour altering Watch Me Simmer’s loveliness.  

I can’t wait to try more. **Both birthday and Christmas are fast approaching** hmmmm.....

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