Tuesday, 11 September 2012

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle





After watching some of Louise from SprinkleofGlitter’s old videos a few weeks ago, and seeing how glowing her skin was from using MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle, I thought ‘I must get me one of those!’. And so...I did!

And what a well spent £21.50. The domed-palette is so pretty, I almost didn’t want to use it! But as well as that being just...well silly, curiosity overcame me and I applied the golden coloured powder, flecked with glitter to my cheeks. Oh me-oh my how gorgeous it is!

The colour is subtle with a very fine pigmentation therefore it works perfectly as a highlighter. I apply it to my cheek bones over MAC’s Golden Frosted Bronzing Powder to create a warm glow. Despite the glistening ribbons that run through the product, the glitter is very delicate, not too obvious, giving a healthy, radiant, glossy effect – all positive qualities in my eyes!

It does wear off after about six hours but I find most cheek powders/blushers/bronzers do when used on oily-combination skin. You also only need a little amount of product to create the desired effect, therefore it lasts for ages!

It is beautifully light and smooth to apply too, gliding on with ease and complementary to any blush colour. I think it would look great with a tan too...I’ll test that theory next week when on holiday!

As each month goes by, I seem to be accumulating more and more MAC products – does anyone else have the same problem?! I just can’t resist! Next on my list is the Heavenly Creature Limited Edition Mineralize Blushers, but I think they’ve all sold out :(


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