Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Jewelled Candyfloss


I love painting my nails...there’s something about having perfectly polished, glossy talons that makes you feel girly and well presented – and it can say a lot about your personality, mood or even the season. Depending on the latter two points, I often opt for pinks, reds, browns or purples, usually from the depths of the OPI colour ranges and Barry M’s cheap but wonderful offerings! All finished beautifully with Nails Inc’s base and topcoat.

But as you can see from previous posts, I can’t say no to embellished nails! Whether it’s using a glitter polish, a pearl glaze overlay or even creating patterns with alternate colours, I love a bit of nail art.

So when I came across this wheel of nail gems in Topshop with twelve different designs and over 500 diamontés (£3.50...what a bargain!), I couldn’t resist. The colours and shapes allow for an endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your nails, and combined with different polishes, you could create a new look each time.

I created a simple, ultra feminine look combining Barry M’s ‘Bright Pink’ with fushia and pastel pink gems, and here’s how...


1. Shake out a few diamontés of each colour (approx 10) and spread them out, ensuring they are sparkly side up!
2. Apply basecoat (I use Nails Inc)
3. Apply two coats of your colour of choice (I used Barry M’s ‘Bright Pink’)
4. Allow for nails to go slightly tacky for a few minutes - *in the mean time, prepare your diamonté applicator. You will need a thin stick that will be easy to hold, and some Bluetack. I created mine with an eyeliner pencil topped with a blob of Bluetack!*
5. Select your gem and lightly tap it with the ‘applicator’ so it picks it up
6. Do one nail at a time. Hover over the area you wish to place the gem and gently press down so that it transfers from Bluetack to nail. To create my design, place one fuschia pink gem at the centre base of each alternate nail, and accompany it with two pastel pinks either side (only two fit on my little finger so I used one of each)
7. If the gem falls slightly out of place when applying it, gently tease it to the correct position with your tool. Once it is in the desired place, press firmly to ensure it stays put
8. Once all gems have been applied, coat them thoroughly in top coat to secure them


 And there you have a sparkly, candyfloss inspired look! You can add your own personal touch to this (I considered glitter on mine but thought it may be a little much?). Although can you really OTT on sparkle?

What are your favourite ways to decorate your nails?

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