Friday, 20 August 2010

Recommendations: Katie Price's Celebrity Lifestyle Novels

I know I must be thinking ‘Why on earth is she posting about her?’, the woman’s become very unpopular since her split from poor ex Peter Andre and for marrying (well let’s not beat around the bush here) the biggest Z lister idiot to have walked through those heinous Big Brother doors since Ziggy. But, I LOVE her books!! Not the children’s or equestrian ranges of course but the celebrity lifestyle novels that revolve around models, singers, actresses, and WAGs, who go by the glamour star sounding names of Crystal, Angel, and Sapphire.

If you enjoy reading girly fiction about celeb lives, paparazzi, fashion, scandal and sex, you’ll no doubt love these books. There are now five in the series – all separate stories but sometimes the main characters intertwine. The newest and most recent purchase of mine is ‘Paradise’ which I picked up from Tescos at a lovely £7! Excellent considering the RRP is £14.99 (what’s with the price increase Pricey?).

Anyway, here’s a snippet of each book and the order they were released in:

‘Angel’ – ‘When Angel is discovered by a model agent, her life changes forever...very quickly the glitzy world of celebrity fame becomes her new home. But then she meets Mickey, the lead singer of a boy band...and Angel realises that a rising star can just as quickly fall...’

‘Crystal’ – ‘All her life Crystal has dreamed of making it as a singer. After years of trying...her chance finally comes when her girl band enters a TV reality show contest. But Crystal has a secret. She’s fallen for the wrong man and this one mistake could cost her everything...’

‘Angel Uncovered’ (a sequel to Angel) – ‘Angel Summer looks as if she has found her happy ever after. She’s married to the love of her life, sexy footballer Cal, they have a beautiful baby girl and Angel is Britain’s top glamour model. But when Cal is transferred to AC Milan Angel feels isolated. Her worst nightmares come to life when an old flame of Cal’s comes back on the scene and suddenly Angel is fighting to save her marriage and herself...’

‘Sapphire’ – ‘Sapphire Jones doesn’t believe in relationships anymore – not since she caught her husband in bed with another woman. She puts all her passion into running her own business – a high-end lingerie and hen weekend company. But things go wrong at the hen party she has planned for a soap star and tabloid darling. Suddenly her business is in jeopardy, her well-controlled private life falling apart and Sapphire realises that she is not immune to love after all, but has she left it too late?’


‘Paradise’ (a third in the Angel trilogy) – I won’t quote from the blurb on this book as it will give away what happens in the two previous books but basically Angel is now in California and is very much in love. However when her dad falls ill, she is thrown back into her previous life and has some very difficult decisions to make...

The storylines may sound shallow and mirror the life of Katie herself which many of you understandably don’t want to hear about but if you’re looking for a read that gives a fun, exaggerated look into the life of celebs and WAGs mixed with passion and romance, then these are the books for you. I haven’t yet read ‘Paradise’ as I’m saving it for a possible holiday read (they’re great, easy reads for sunbathing) but I will review it once I’ve read it. Mine sit shamelessly next to my copies of Hardy, Wilde and Shakespeare, but at least the boys will be entertained!

Just because they're linked with Mrs Reid, don’t knock them till you’ve tried them. I used to love her when she was with Peter and even though I think she’s a wally now (Team Peter all the way!) I wouldn’t deprive myself of her reads because of that.

And if your still not convinced, just keep this in mind...she doesn’t actually write them. A ghost-writer is the author so don’t worry, not every page is about sex, botox or getting Reid-inated...ewwwww!


  1. this seems pretty interesting! i'm gonna go read it. haha. I love romance books! ahaha.

    i am now your newest follower. Come and check out my blog. and follow me too? thank you!


  2. Hi Carrie thank you for commenting on my blog. You won't be sorry they're a great read! Ah thank you but I don't think you've come up as a follower of mine. And I've beat you to it, I'm already a follower of your blog...I commented on the harry potter post :-) I really enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by! xx


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