Thursday, 12 August 2010

Essentials: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

I’m so excited about starting my new three blog topics, and these are just some of my daily Essentials that I'll be sharing with you (don't worry it's not just products that I have on my agenda). So that leads me on to my very first Essentials post.

It was through QVC that my mum actually discovered the Isle of Wight born Liz Earle and her (then) small array of naturally active skincare products...thank god for the creation of boring shopping channels on sky! After a phone call, an order and a prettily wrapped delivery, I was introduced to my friend ‘Cleanse and Polish-Hot Cloth Cleanser’. At the time I was a spotty little teenager so my mum thought the natural ingredients of Rosemary, Chamomile, Cocoa butter and Eucalyptus oils would be good for my skin. I’m now twenty and this unique cleanser has never left my product shelf.

It comes in a pump form and has quite a thick texture but is easily applicable to the face, even in a hurry. Once applied, you warm the provided muslin cloth in warm/hot water (I use hot personally as I feel it open my pores and cleanses more deeply) and gently remove the product from your face. Then simply splash with cold water to seal those pores back up again and prevent dirt from seeping in.

I use this in the morning and before bed once I have removed my make-up, although if you don’t mind dirtying the muslin cloth, this can also be used to remove make-up. It leaves your skin feeling fresh, soft and smoother as the removal with a cloth gently exfoliates too. A three-in-one hey girls! It is great for the skin too and for me, it really helps when I have break-outs or blemishes.

At £13.00 with two muslin cloths included, this beauty is a bargain! And you can always find it in double packs or on offer at QVC. A 100ml bottle lasts me about two months too if used twice daily.

To compliment this product use Liz Earle ‘Instant Boost Skin Tonic’ (it smells delicious!) and the ‘Skin Repair Moisturiser’ which comes in two types. Liz Earle is now avaiable at John Lewis for those that would rather shop instore opposed to online. If you would like me to post about these, just leave me a comment and I will be happy to!

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